Wunderlist Pricing

Is Wunderlist free?

Wunderlist is free to download and use, but some of its features are limited unless you get a paid subscription.  For instance, you can only upload files of a certain memory size to Wunderlist, delegate a limited number of tasks in a shared list, and break an objective down into a limited number of sub-tasks.

Wunderlist pricing

Wunderlist Free

Cost: free!

File size limit: 5 megabytes per file

Delegation limit: 25 "to-dos" per shared list

Sub-task limit: 25 sub-tasks per "to-do"

Background limit: 20 wallpapers for customizing Wunderlist

Wunderlist Pro / Wunderlist Business*

Cost: $4.99 per month, or $49.99 per year (save about 20%)

File size limit: none

Delegation limit: none

Sub-task limit: none

Background limit: 30 wallpapers for customizing Wunderlist

*Wunderlist Business offers basically the same features as Wunderlist Pro.  However, it allows you to group the subscription costs for each employee in your business who uses Wunderlist into a single invoice (instead of each employee having to pay for their own subscription).  It also allows you to add or remove team members as necessary, and downgrade the subscriptions of all employees to Wunderlist Free at once, if your team or its needs change (respectively).


That's a breakdown of the costs associated with using Wunderlist!