Wunderlist Review

Now that we've told you what Wunderlist is and how it works, and told you about how Wunderlist's subscription pricing is set up, it's time to have an in-depth look at the strong and weak points of Wunderlist.  Will it be your miracle app for keeping yourself organized?  Or will it leave you wondering why you ever thought it would be useful?  We'll break down a preview of it below.


  • Free gets you far — Most of Wunderlist's features can be used with a free account.  This is opposed to some of its alternatives, where entire functions (such as the ability to upload files to tasks or create subtasks) can be locked unless you have a paid subscription.

  • Very accessible — The Wunderlist interface is pretty clutter-free and easy to figure out.  In addition, Wunderlist can be used in many different places — the website itself, on your desktop computer, or on your tablet computer or smart phone.  And, unlike some of its competitors, your information synchronizes seamlessly between all of your Wunderlist apps whenever you need it, without needing a paid subscription!

  • Collaboration is a cinch — You can use Wunderlist just for yourself, but it's great for small groups, too!  Wunderlist is rather flexible when it comes to using it with multiple people, offering more functionality for free than some of its rivals.


  • The filing system is largely do-it-yourself — Though one of Wunderlist's strengths is its simplicity, it doesn't have some of the rich organizational features of certain other apps like it.  In particular, its searching and sorting capabilities are rather weak.

  • Get more, pay more — Although Wunderlist gives you a lot of features for free, if you need to remove the limits on those features, its subscription fees are rather expensive compared to similar apps.

The bottom line: 8/10

Wunderlist is a relatively easy-to-use task management tool that gives you quite a bit of functionality without you having to pay any money.  While other apps like Wunderlist require you to pay subscription fees to upload files to tasks, create sub-tasks within tasks, comment on tasks, or share lists and tasks with others, Wunderlist lets you use all of that without paying a dime.  It's also available pretty much wherever you need to get at it, whether that's the Wunderlist website, your desktop computer, or your mobile device.

Wunderlist has some shortcomings, though.  The first is that its internal task search and organization functions aren't that great compared to some of its competitors, which have rich features based on real-world workflow theories.  So, you're going to have to work out a filing system on your own.  The second is that Wunderlist's few limitations are expensive to remove, costing you upwards of $50 a year for a subscription.

Overall, Wunderlist is a simple, effective, and functional task management tool that is good for individuals or small work teams.  If you're looking for an organization app that's more suited for a larger business, though, you should probably look at some of Wunderlist's alternatives.


That's our verdict on Wunderlist, so now it's time to make your own!  Our next lesson will show you how to use the basic functions of Wunderlist.