Yik Yak Review

Last updated: November 2, 2016 - 3:58pm EDT

Now that you know what Yik Yak is, and you’ve learned some of what it can do for you, you’re probably wondering if it will be the social media app for you. In this article, we’ll review Yik Yak, and lay out its pros and cons.  Hopefully, they'll help you decide if Yik Yak will aid you in finding lots of local opportunity and connections, or if it will leave you scrolling through nonsense all day long!


  • Can help you find information – fast! – If you ask a question on Yik Yak, other users can answer you almost instantly. If you’re looking for something close by or the best place in your city to find something, other users can help you and give you advice -- all you have to do is ask.

  • Become more familiar with your local area – By checking Yik Yak, you can learn more about your area, including where to do or find things that interest you. You can always find the best restaurants, or learn what’s going on this weekend. Yik Yak can help you find a great place to take a date or an out-of-town guest, or learn more about a city that you’ve just moved to -- you'll feel at home right away!

  • Make connections with popular locals – With Yik Yak, not only can you see posts from the same users whenever you like, but you can actually chat with other users ("Yakkers") directly.  From them, you can learn more about your city and the great things going on around you. Follow other users who post things you like, and message them to learn more about what’s happening!


  • Anyone can sign up, and post virtually anything – To sign up for Yik Yak, you do not need to provide any personal information. All you need is a verified phone number and a user name of your choosing. Anyone can sign up appearing as whoever they would like, and there are absolutely no other identify verification systems in place. Exercise caution when interacting with others on Yik Yak, as it is incredibly easy for its users to deliberately misrepresent themselves.

  • Beware of scams and spam – Because it is so easy to remain anonymous on Yik Yak, it is common for scams or spam to appear in your news feed. People will post links to their own websites, or post comments that seem like opportunities but are fraudulent. Make sure you report any user who does this, as it is against the rules and policy of the app.  Also remember that any post that has a rating of -5 or lower will automatically be removed from the app.

  • It has strayed from its original purpose – It’s unfortunate when you begin using a website or an app that you love, but over time, it seems to change drastically. This is what has happened with Yik Yak, as it was originally formed for college campuses as a way to help students find information fast, expand their local knowledge, and make more meaningful social connections. Currently, many users on Yik Yak simply express their random thoughts and ideas, which often don’t help any one user.

The Bottom Line: 7/10

Yik Yak is a social media app that can help you make local connections better than many other social media apps on the market. You can learn information instantly about your local area, and become more familiar with popular places and events. You can also chat with users, who can help you find something you really need in a pinch!

The unfortunate thing is that Yik Yak has strayed from its original purpose, so you may see a lot of posts from users that you aren’t interested in.  And because anyone can join Yik Yak by entering very little information, it’s likely that you will encounter spam and even fraudulent activity. Make sure to report users who abuse Yik Yak's rules, and try to put out only positive posts when you’re on Yik Yak. It can be a great tool to help people, and have them help you!


Now that you’ve read our review of Yik Yak, you may be considering downloading YIk Yak and signing up. After you do that, check out our tutorial on how to use Yik Yak to learn how to get the most out of this social media app.


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