Best Amazon Alternatives to Buy Books Online

Amazon book alternatives banner is one of the most popular online shopping websites today, and that’s all thanks to the work they did in the beginning with their website to revolutionize how people buy books. Amazon really started the trend of purchasing books on the Internet, making it incredibly easy for people to find and order books from their favorite authors, often, for much lower prices than what you would have to pay in a traditional book store.

Since then, Amazon has expanded their business to sell a variety of items, and have branched out from books. There are tons of other websites where you can buy books online, so if you’re looking for an alternative that’s more focused on books, we’ve got options for you! We’re going to tell you about the 10 best websites for purchasing books.

10 sites to shop online for books


Audiobooks website


If you’re someone who’s usually pretty busy and doesn’t always have time to sit down and read, might be the place for you! On the Audiobooks website, you can find thousands of audiobooks – audio recordings of people reading books out loud. This way, you can listen to someone read a book to you, without needing a copy of the book in front of you or take the time to read it yourself. You can listen to a book while you’re doing other things like driving, cooking, cleaning, gardening, or whatever else you need to do throughout the day.

With an membership, you can choose one of thousands of audiobooks to enjoy every month, available to listen to whenever you want. The membership costs $14.95/month, but you can sign up for a free trial to get your first audiobook for free.

Why we love it: Makes it easy to listen to your favorite books button


2. Books-A-Million

Books-a-million website


Books-A-Million is one of the most popular book retailers in the United States. With over 260 retail store locations spread across 32 states, as well as an online store, it’s the second largest retailer of books in the U.S. They have a huge selection of books available for purchase, from cookbooks to poetry to sci-fi. They also offer e-books (electronic books) for purchase if you own an e-reader and don’t want to purchase hard copies of books.

In addition to their large selection of books, Books-A-Million also sells toys, games, music, movies, and various tech items. If you register for the Books-A-Million Millionaire’s Club, you can get free shipping on all your online orders, and 10% off any purchases you make in-store. The membership only costs $25/year, so if you purchase books frequently, this is a great way to save some money buying books.

Why we love it: The Millionaire’s Club allows you to save money on shipping costs and in-store purchases

Books-A-Million button


3. Peachpit

Peachpit website


Peachpit is a site offering educational and instructional materials, including books and e-books, for those who want to learn about creative topics like photography, videography, graphic design, Photoshop, and other topics relating to technology. Peachpit is part of the Pearson educational company, which helps institutions in over 70 countries provide the best educational publications to those who are eager to learn. Though Peachpit is more of a “niche” bookstore, it’s a great place to shop for books if you’re looking to learn something new, or want to expand your knowledge of a topic related to technology.

Why we love it: Great for people who want to learn, or want access to educational materials for their curriculum

Peachpit button


4. AbeBooks

Abe Books website


On the AbeBooks website, you’ll find millions of books available for sale, including new titles, out of print books, signed copies, textbooks, and more. Similar to Amazon, AbeBooks has tons of different sellers across the globe selling items through their website. You can shop from book sellers anywhere in the world, all on one website. Have a look at their Featured Sellers page to find out which sellers are being promoted. In addition to their huge variety of books available, you can also purchase various art items and other collectibles.

Why we love it: Connects customers with book sellers worldwide

AbeBooks button


5. Book Depository

Book Depository website


The Book Depository online bookstore is based in Gloucester, United Kingdom, and has over 17 million titles for sale on their website. Book Depository is actually owned by Amazon, but in our opinion, it makes books much more accessible than the Amazon website does. On, you can purchase any book you like and have it shipped anywhere in the world with their free international shipping.

You’ll find tons of new releases, bestselling classics, and more available for purchase on Book Depository, all at great prices. You can even pre-order books before they’re released if you’re excited about a new book that’s coming out soon. Check out the Bargain Shop section to find amazing deals and discounts to buy cheap books.

Why we love it: Free worldwide shipping

BookDepository button


6. Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble website


Barnes & Noble is the largest online book retailer other than Amazon, and has over 600 brick-and-mortar store locations across the United States. With over 1 million titles available for purchase, you’re sure to find whatever kind of book you’re looking for on You can purchase most titles in the form of paperback, hardcover, or e-book – whichever you prefer.

Besides their huge selection of books, Barnes & Noble also offers magazine and newspaper subscriptions, collectibles and hobby items, DVDs, Blu-ray discs, and more. If you want to save money on your purchase from Barnes & Noble, subscribe to their email newsletter to get a discount code for 15% off your order.

Why we love it: Largest selection of titles in a variety of formats

Barnes & Noble button



Thriftbooks website


On, you can find a huge selection of used books at a fraction of the price you’d pay for a brand new copy at most other book stores online. If you’re looking to save some money on the cost of the books you purchase, ThriftBooks is a great place to look. Their mission is to help people read more without having to spend so much money.

You can find tons of different types of books on the ThriftBooks website, including fiction, biographies, young adult, kids, textbooks, and more. They also have a section of rare and collectible books, where you can find titles that are no longer being printed, autographed copies, first editions, and more.

Another great reason to shop with ThriftBooks is that the work they’ve done to help make the world a better place; they’ve donated over a million books to developing countries, where many people may otherwise not have access to literature. They promote the importance of literacy by providing books to those in need, and by partnering with libraries to help raise money. Over 200 million books have been sold through ThriftBooks, so they can be recycled and enjoyed by as many people as possible.

Why we love it: You can buy used books online at affordable prices

ThriftBooks button


8. ValoreBooks

Valore Books website


If textbooks are what you’re on the hunt for, ValoreBooks has you covered. On, you can find millions of textbook titles at a fraction of the price that many other retailers sell them for. You can buy brand new copies, rent books to save some money, or purchase used copies of a textbook if they have them available.

If you have old textbooks you’re looking to get rid of, you can sell your used books to ValoreBooks to make some money to put towards your purchase of new textbooks you need. If for some reason you need to return the books you’ve purchased, you can print a free return shipping label and get your money back in full within 30 days of your purchase with the ValoreBooks Guarantee. ValoreBooks will match the price of any other retailer, so you can be sure you’re getting the best price on your books.

Why we love it: Price matching, and the 30-day guarantee

ValoreBooks button


9. Chapters Indigo

Chapters-Indigo website


Started in 1940, Chapters Indigo is one of the oldest bookstore chains, and the largest book retailer in Canada (which is where we at TechBoomers are writing from!). Since 2001, Indigo has been selling books online at, and their website is still going strong. You can purchase thousands of titles of any book genre you could want, and get them shipped to Canada or the U.S.

Indigo also runs a charity called the Indigo Love of Reading Foundation, which provides books and other educational resources to promote literacy and learning in schools of need across Canada. You can count on Indigo to have the best selection for any age group, as they even have sections for babies, kids, and teens. In addition, you can find a great range of stationery and other paper products, electronics, and other cool gifts on the Chapters Indigo website.

Why we love it: A large selection of books, home office supplies, and other great gift ideas

Chapters-Indigo button


10. Powell’s Books

Powell's website


A smaller book retailer is Powell’s Books. Powell’s is run by a rather eclectic group of people with a love of reading and a lot of knowledge about the thousands of books they sell. On the Powell’s website, you can find a wide variety of subjects of books. Browse by categories like bestsellers, new arrivals, and award winners.

Powell’s even sells signed editions of certain books if you like to collect signatures from your favorite authors. If you want to reserve a signed copy of a book for one of Powell’s upcoming in-store author events, you can do so on their site with their options for Signed Pre-orders. Powell’s even sells used books on their website and in stores, so there’s definitely something for everyone.

Why we love it: Signed editions for book collectors

Powell's button


Whether you like paperback, hardcover, audiobooks, or e-books, one of these online book stores will surely have what you’re looking for. To find out about more great websites and apps to shop online, head over to the buying and selling section of our site!

How to Cancel Your Netflix Account

How to cancel your Netflix account might depend on how you signed up. We’ll teach you how to get rid of Netflix, step-by-step, depending on which devices you use.

Cancel button next to Netflix app

Netflix is the most popular online streaming service for TV and movies, but there are plenty of reasons you may want to get rid of it. For one, the monthly cost can be expensive, especially if you have other subscriptions. For another, you may not agree with new features Netflix springs on its users, like these patches for children that encourage binge-watching.

Whatever the reason, if you want to delete your Netflix account and stop paying for your subscription, we can show you how. The method you choose may depend on how you signed up for Netflix, or which device(s) you are currently using it on. In this article, we’ll provide you with all the information you need, including:

After the instructions, we also answer some very important questions about canceling your account:

If you’re ready, we’ll start with the simplest way to cancel Netflix, using your Internet browser on a computer.


Method 1: How to cancel Netflix in any web browser

Pro Tip: If you always leave your Netflix account signed in on your computer, go to to skip down to Step #4.

1. Open your web browser of choice and visit

If you’re using your computer, choose any Internet browser you regularly use, and visit URL in web browser

2. Select your viewing profile.

From the list of available options, select your profile.

Netflix profile icons

3. Click your account icon in the top-right corner, and click Account from the drop-down menu.

To access your profile, click the matching profile icon in the top-right corner. A drop-down menu will appear, and from there, click Account.

Account options menu

4. Click Cancel Membership in the top-left corner.

At the top of the screen, click the grey Cancel Membership button.

Cancel Membership button

5. Click the blue Finish Cancellation button (and nothing else).

This page is meant to confuse you into continuing with your Netflix subscription by giving you multiple options. If you’re sure you want to delete your account, do nothing except click the blue button labelled “Finish Cancellation.”

Finish Cancellation button

If you want to stay up-to-date on what Netflix is offering, click the check box above the button labelled “Yes, please email me about newly added TV shows & movies and Netflix offers.”

Option to receive Netflix updates

If you don’t pay for the basic plan and you want to consider downgrading your subscription, click the blue button on the right side of the screen labelled “Downgrade My Plan.”

Option to downgrade Netflix plan

And you’re done! If you want to do this on mobile, the next method will explain the few minor differences.


Method 2: How to cancel Netflix through the app (iOS/Android)

  1. Open the Netflix app on your mobile device.

Netflix app icon

  1. In the bottom menu, tap More on the right.

Netflix app menu options

  1. Tap Account.

Netflix app account settings

  1. Scroll down and tap the grey Cancel Membership

Cancel Membership button (app)

  1. Tap Finish Cancellation (and nothing else). Do not tap the check box unless you want email notifications.

Finish Cancellation button (app)

Like with the desktop, you will have the option to downgrade your plan at this point. If you don’t already have the “Basic Plan” with Netflix, you can tap Downgrade My Plan to pay less, or you can tap Compare All Plans to see what your options are.

If you used iTunes to sign up for Netflix, how you cancel your account may be different, even if you are using an iPhone or iPad to do it. Below is how you can make that happen with iOS.


Method 3: How to cancel Netflix on iTunes/AppleTV

If you use iTunes billing to pay for your Netflix, you will need to access your iTunes account to cancel the subscription. Follow these basic steps for the fastest way to cancel your Netflix subscription through iTunes:

  1. Open the Netflix app.
  2. Tap More in the bottom menu.
  3. Tap Account.
  4. Scroll down and tap the Cancel Membership
  5. You will be re-directed to iTunes, where you will need to sign into your account.
  6. Select Netflix from your list of subscriptions.
  7. Tap Cancel Subscription.
  8. Tap Confirm.

If you need more help, or want another way to cancel your iTunes Netflix subscription, check out this Netflix help article.


If I cancel, can I still keep watching for the rest of this month?

Netflix allows you to keep using it until the end of your billing cycle, so you can continue to watch until the day before your next payment would have occurred. For example, if you cancel your subscription on March 1st, but your next payment would occur on March 18th, you will be able to continue using Netflix until March 17th.


What happens to my Viewing Activity when I cancel?

Your viewing activity will be saved for 10 months after you cancel your account – this is because Netflix believes you will be inclined to re-activate your account in that time. That way, if you re-start your membership, you can pick up with the shows and movies right where you left off with them.

After the 10 months is over, your information will be deleted, so you will need to create a new account, and start your binge-watching from scratch.


2 other things to know about cancelling your Netflix account

1. What happens to the gift card or promotional balance on my account?

If you have remaining balances on your account, including any gift cards, you can continue to use Netflix until that balance runs out, no matter when you cancel your account. For example, if your Netflix is pre-paid for 3 months because of gift cards, you can still cancel today and continue to watch for three additional months.

2. What happens if I sign back into Netflix?

If you still have remaining days on your prepaid billing period – You can continue to use Netflix like normal until your next payment would be due.

If you cancelled within 10 months – You will be prompted to sign up again, and your viewing activity and preferences will all be accessible.

If you cancelled more than 10 months ago – You will be unable to sign in and will need to create a new account.


Best alternatives to Netflix for streaming TV and movies

Netflix may not be for you, but there are some great Netflix alternatives out there that you may want to consider:

  • Amazon Prime Video – The streaming service brought to you by Amazon Prime – included in the price of Prime, and offers great original content.
    Price: $99/year (included with an Amazon Prime subscription)
  • Hulu – Offers a large library of TV shows and movies to choose from for a lower price than Netflix.
    Price: $7.99/month
  • HBO Now – Gain access to amazing HBO TV shows and movies, as well as HBO-exclusive content you can’t get anywhere else, all for one low monthly price.
    Price: $14.99/month

If you want to learn more about these and 5 other great sites and apps for streaming, check out our article on the best sites like Netflix.


That’s all you need to know (and probably a lot more) about cancelling Netflix. If your problem with Netflix is that you no longer have a credit card, we can teach you how to get Netflix without a credit card here. If you want to learn more about the best streaming services online, check out our articles on watching TV and movies online.


Convenient Apps to Get Home on St. Patty’s Day

Rideshare on smartphone, green clover background

St. Patrick’s Day is always a popular night for people to go out with their friends, have fun, and maybe have a few drinks too. At the end of the night, it can sometimes be a hassle to figure out how you’re going to get home, and convincing one of your friends to be the designated driver or trying to hail a cab on a busy street isn’t so easy. Luckily, there are some apps you can install on your smart phone that will help you get a safe ride home at the end of the night.

You don’t want to Below are our top recommendations for the best 6 apps to get you home safely this St. Patrick’s Day. If you’re interested, we’ve also got 6 tips for getting home safe on St. Patrick’s Day below.

1. Lyft

Lyft logo


Lyft is a taxi service that hires everyday people using their own vehicles to drive customers around. Customers can use the app to request a ride to wherever it is they want to go – you can be picked up and dropped off pretty much anywhere. Passengers pay their driver through the app, so you don’t have to worry about having cash or cards to pay for your ride.

Lyft has gained a lot of popularity over its main competitor Uber, thanks to the #deleteuber movement. It’s also great because they have strict standards for their drivers, and require background checks, as well as in-person vehicle safety checks before a driver can take passengers, which ensures the safety of passengers. Lyft also has 24/7 customer support in case you have any issues – which is why it’s a great option for this year’s St. Patty’s Day shenanigans.

Download It Now: iOS | Android

To learn more about Lyft and how to use it, check out our free Lyft course. If you want to know if Lyft is available in your city, search for your city here.

Lyft button


2. Uber

Uber logo


Uber is another independent taxi service, similar to Lyft. It’s available around the world, and is one of the most popular apps of its kind. You can choose the type of Uber you need (UberX, UberPOOL, UberXL, etc.), and get an estimate of how much it will cost and how long it will take to get to your destination. Add your credit card or link your PayPal account to your Uber account to pay for your ride. Once you’ve arrived, you can rate your experience to let Uber know how your driver did.

Download It Now: iOS | Android devices.

If you’d like to learn more about Uber, head over to our free Uber course. If it’s the fees you’re concerned with, jump right to our article on how much Uber costs.

Uber button


3. Curb

Curb logo


Curb is another app you can use to get a ride home this St. Patrick’s Day. Curb only works with licensed, professional taxi drivers, rather than everyday drivers. It is partnered with over 90 taxi companies with a total fleet of over 50,000 cars, and is available in cities all over the U.S. Like Lyft and Uber, you can add your credit card information to your account and pay your driver through the app, and Curb also allows customers to pay their driver by cash if they wish.

Download It Now: iOS | Android

Curb button



4. Gett

Gett logo


Gett is an independent taxi service that originated in Israel. Gett has their own fleet of drivers who are licensed and insured to drive a taxi. Gett never increases their rates based on demand, bad weather, or heavy traffic, so you’ll always pay the same rate – which can save you a lot of money over apps like Lyft and Uber. Gett’s service is available in the U.S., the United Kingdom, Israel, and Russia.

Download It Now: iOS| Android

Gett button


5. Easy Taxi

Easy Taxi logo


Easy Taxi is similar to Uber and Lyft, where you request a ride and a nearby driver will be assigned to pick you up and take you to your destination. Easy Taxi drivers have to go through training and background checks, so you can feel safe getting a ride with them. The Easy Taxi service is available in 30 different countries, including many southern parts of the globe that other taxi apps don’t cover.

Download It Now: iOS | Android

EasyTaxi button


6. Flywheel

FLyWheel logo


Flywheel is another app that allows users to request a ride from a professional taxi driver (just like Curb). Flywheel charges based on standard taxi rates, so you won’t get charged extra during times of high demand. Once you’ve requested a ride, you can track your cab to see how long it’ll take to get to you.

Download It Now: iOS | Android

FlyWheel button

Now that we’ve covered the best apps to use to get a ride home on St. Patrick’s Day, we’re going to give you a few tips to help you make sure you get home safely.


6 tips for getting home safe on St. Patrick’s Day

1. Plan your ride in advance.

Decide which service you plan on using to get home beforehand. Make sure that service operates in the area you’ll be in, and at the time you’ll be heading home. Consider having a backup plan in case your first choice doesn’t work out.

2. Download the apps ahead of time so they’re ready.

Before you head out for the night, download these apps to your smart phone so you’ll already have them all set to use. If you haven’t signed up for the service already, make an account before you head out as well – just to save yourself the hassle later when you want to head home. You’ll likely need to have your credit card set up, so you’ll want to do that at home rather than while on-the-go.

3. Choose safe places for pick-up and drop-off.

Be careful choosing where you want to be picked up and dropped off. Stay in a safe, well-lit area, or inside a building while waiting for your ride to save yourself from any potential unsafe situations. It’s also generally better to choose at least a semi-crowded area than a deserted one.

Crowded city corner

4. Make sure you have the correct car/driver before getting in a vehicle.

Before you get into a vehicle, make sure it’s the correct car and driver. Some of these apps will give you information like the make and model of the vehicle, the licence plate number, and the driver’s name once you request your ride. Double check that you have the correct vehicle and driver before getting in with them.

Some apps like Uber now have signage that drivers can put in their car (as some places are required to do by law) so that can help you identify a vehicle as well.

Uber "U" sign

5. Let someone know what your plans are and where you’ll be.

Make sure someone else knows where you are and how you plan on getting home. You want to ensure you have someone who can help you out in case of emergency.

6. Fully charge your phone before heading out.

You don’t want to end up getting stuck somewhere without the ability to request a ride just because your phone’s battery died. Fully charge your device before you go out, and/or bring a portable charger with you for backup.


That’s it for our recommendations for apps to help you get home safe this St. Patrick’s Day (or any other day, for that matter). We hope one of them works out for you! We’ve also got a useful article on how to get around in an unfamiliar city if you’re going out of town. If you’re interested in learning more about these apps, or anything else that might be useful to you, check out our articles on other helpful apps that could be game changers for you.

Best 9 Websites Like StubHub for Cheap Tickets

Tired of StubHub‘s high prices and lack of ticket verification? These 9 alternatives offer concert tickets, sports tickets, or admission to your other favorite events, with better customer service, cheaper tickets, or better ways to verify the sale.

Logos for StubHub competitors is one of the world’s largest secondary ticket marketplaces. For buyers, it’s an easy and convenient way to get tickets without making a trip to a physical box office, and it’s great for getting tickets to events that may be sold out anyway. All tickets are backed by guarantees, too. For sellers, it’s an easy and fast way to get a bit of money out of tickets that they can’t (or don’t want to) use anymore. They can choose a convenient method of getting paid for their unwanted tickets, or even donate their proceeds to charity!

The main issues with it are that anyone can become a seller, so they can list tickets for pretty much any price that they want, and some tickets have to be delivered by email or courier service, possibly because the seller doesn’t even have them yet; this cuts down on StubHub’s reliability a bit, despite their guarantees to protect you.

If you’re looking for sports tickets or concert ticket marketplace sites like StubHub that emphasize low prices (or at least value for money), try,, or If your top concern is the validity and reliability of your tickets, try,, or If you need a bit more information to help you decide, we can teach you about the following things:

If you’re ready, here are the 9 best sites like StubHub that might cater to whatever your priorities are when buying live concert tickets, sport tickets, or other tickets for your event.


9 alternatives to StubHub for cheap tickets

1. SeatGeek

SeatGeek website is one of the more interesting StubHub alternatives in that the tickets and prices that it lists are mainly from other online ticket vendors (like the ones in this list), as it acts like a ticket search engine for you. Its “DealScore” algorithm gives each ticket listing a rating based on its price versus its popularity and seat quality. This helps you to make sure that you’re getting value for your money when you buy your tickets. SeatGeek has also introduced a system that lets users re-sell their tickets on the website.

SeatGeek button


2. eBay

eBay Tickets website actually owns StubHub, but it can be used as an alternative to StubHub anyway, since it allows for the buying and selling of tickets (among other things). One of the main reasons that you might want to use eBay for buying tickets is that you can bid on items in auctions, or submit price offers for them. This means that you are able to get your tickets at discounted prices, instead of having to pay the face value. However, you may not be able to get tickets electronically as frequently; this may mean that you have to wait for a seller to email them to you or send them to you by courier, which may be less reliable.

For a tour of how to use eBay to buy, bid for, or haggle over tickets and more, visit our eBay course!

eBay button


3. Ticketmaster

Ticketmaster website is one of the largest event ticket distributors in North America (if not the world), and is such one of the biggest StubHub competitors. It sells tickets made available directly by event venues, and so it avoids artificial mark-up from people looking to re-sell tickets to popular events (like they may do on StubHub). However, Ticketmaster has been criticized for adding its own large mark-ups to ticket prices through numerous selling fees.

Ticketmaster button


4. TicketNetwork

TicketNetwork website is the parent company of Ticket Liquidator, so it operates in a similar manner as a StubHub competitor. However, only qualified and vetted sellers (from the U.S.) can operate on TicketNetwork, but that means that you’ll usually get tickets reliably and at a good price. Like Ticket Liquidator, TicketNetwork is so confident that you’ll have the right tickets at the right time that they’ll refund you if something doesn’t go right with your purchase.

TicketNetwork button


5. Ticket Liquidator

TicketLiquidator website is a StubHub alternative that runs on a bit of a unique setup. As opposed to other similar websites, Ticket Liquidator doesn’t operate as a broker between you and ticket sellers. Instead, it provides ticket sellers with all of the tools necessary to directly connect with you and negotiate a ticket sale. 

One of the downsides of this system is that it’s tough to become a seller on Ticket Liquidator, as it comes with a stringent set of checks and balances.  On the upside, though, as a buyer, Ticket Liquidator can often get you cheaper prices, and is fairly reliable. In fact, it’s so confident that your tickets will be on time, valid, and correct that it will give you a 100% refund (or more) if something’s not right!

TicketLiquidator button


6. Razorgator

Razorgator website

Another ticket resale website like StubHub, has a similar selling guarantee. Your tickets bought on Razorgator will always be on time, get you entry into the event, and will be the same or better as they were listed, or your money back. Razorgator takes your security very seriously, and is very upfront about how its website – and the secondary ticket market in general – works. This has earned it an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, as well as many news outlets.

Razorgator button


7. Seatwave

Seatwave website is a TicketMaster subsidiary and one of the most popular secondary ticket marketplaces in Europe. It’s fairly reliable to buy from due to guarantees similar to those on StubHub and other websites like it. That is, your tickets will be on time for an event, valid for the event, and the same as (or better than) what you ordered, or else you will get replacement tickets or a refund. This guarantee also applies if your event is cancelled and not rescheduled.

Seatwave button


8. TicketsNow

TicketsNow website, another Ticketmaster sub-site, this alternative to StubHub relies on Ticketmaster’s patented verification technology to make sure that your tickets are genuine. When you buy certain tickets from TicketsNow, they will verify the existing bar code for the ticket, and then replace it with a new bar code that is also valid. This system allows you to be absolutely sure that your tickets are legitimate. And, like other websites like StubHub, they will refund your money if your tickets are late, invalid, or significantly different than listed, or if the event that they are for is cancelled and not rescheduled.

TicketsNow button


9. Vivid Seats

VividSeats website is another online secondary ticket marketplace that is similar to StubHub. Like Razorgator, it has a very good reputation with both the ticket sale industry and buyers who have needed help from their customer service department. A recent study put it head-to-head with StubHub, and while Vivid Seats isn’t quite as easy-to-use as StubHub, it has comparable buyer protection, and its prices tend to be a bit cheaper.

VividSeats button


Competitor comparison table: best feature, verified sales, and more

WebsiteBest featureVerified?Cheap?Customer service
SeatGeek logoGets you the lowest price with a search engine
Read More
eBay logoAllows bidding on tickets to pay what you want
Read More
Ticketmaster logoLicensed tickets - no fraud possible
Read More
Accepts multiple forms of payment for tickets
Read More
TicketLiquidator logoWebsite is easy to use and forward with added fees
Read More
Razorgator logoIs known for listing "hard-to-get" tickets
Read More
SeatWave logoVerified by Ticketmaster so fraud is impossible
Read More
TicketsNow logoVerified by Ticketmaster so fraud is impossible
Read More
VividSeats logo100% Buyer Guarantee
Read More

*Verified means the tickets are verified using a barcode – some websites do this while others simply guarantee you a refund if your tickets are not legitimate and on time. Most websites that don’t verify still offer a money-back guarantee, including all listed in this article.


How do I tell if I’m getting ripped off?

With ticket sale and resale sites, you need to determine how the website verifies its sellers, and how they gain access to real, legitimate tickets. If you’re using a website with unverified users as sellers, you need to see an image of the tickets to ensure they are the real deal.

Some of the best tips you can use to make sure you don’t get ripped off with ticket sale sites are:

  • Look for the guarantees – Use sites that offer guarantees for your money. If they don’t, choose another site that has verification methods for its tickets and sellers.
  • Check for a better price – Make sure you look at a few other websites selling tickets in the same seating area for the same event; that way you can tell if the person is trying to rip you off – even at the last minute.
  • Look for a photo of the tickets – If you’re buying from an unlicensed seller, make sure you see proof of what you’re buying – otherwise you might be paying for nothing.
  • Don’t wait until the last minute – You are far more likely to have to pay astronomical prices if you wait until hours before the event – the sellers know you are desperate, so it’s a sellers’ market.

If you want to learn more about determining if your tickets are legitimate, check out this helpful guide from SeatGeek.


What’s the difference between P2P resale, scalpers, and secondary ticket websites?

Ticket sale site, P2P sale, scalper

Websites that sell tickets vary in their format, but typically fall into four categories: licensed sale on websites (or in box office), P2P (person-to-person), secondary tickets resale websites and aggregators, and scalpers. Each method has it merits, but here is the gist about each:

1. Licensed sale on websites

These websites are licensed and approved by the venues promoting the event, and sell tickets directly from the venue to the person making the purchase.

Pros: The tickets are always guaranteed and verified.
Cons: They are usually far more expensive than any other method of buying tickets.
Example sites: Ticketmaster, SeatGeek

2. P2P sales

“Person-to-person,” meaning one person who already bought the ticket in a legitimate way, is selling it to someone else, typically because they can no longer attend the event themselves.

Pros: Prices are typically fair, as the person is looking to get back the amount they paid in the first place.
Cons: The person may not have ever actually possessed a legitimate ticket, so their listing for a sale could be fraudulent.
Example sites: eBay, TicketLiquidator, TicketNetwork, SeatGeek

3. Secondary ticket resale websites

These websites don’t purchase tickets directly from the venue, but instead, facilitate the re-sale of tickets acquired in various ways, by its users – usually with an emphasis on sold-out events, or to facilitate incredible deals.

Pros: Prices are cheaper while safety is somewhat regulated by the website.
Cons: Listings for sales can be fraudulent, and typically slightly more expensive than standard P2P sales.
Example sites: StubHub, RazorGator, TicketsNow, VividSeats, SeatWave, SeatGeek

4. Scalpers

“Scalpers” are an alternative to online ticket shopping, where people offer last-minute tickets to events while physically standing outside or near the venue, only hours before the event begins.

Pros: If you wait long enough, you can get very low prices for the tickets.
Cons: You have absolutely no control over the set price, not quantity of available seats, or seating together – you simply get to choose from what is available.


Other important FAQs about ticket resale marketplaces

Which sites are best for concert tickets?

  • SeatGeek
  • Ticketmaster
  • TicketLiquidator
  • Razorgator
  • Seatwave
  • eBay

Which sites are best for sporting event tickets?

  • SeatGeek
  • VividSeats
  • TicketsNow
  • TicketNetwork
  • eBay

Are ticket resale sites ever safe to use?

Ticket resale sites are safe to use if you practice basic diligence against common scams. Don’t ever release payment for something when there is no proof that it exists, and it’s always safer to work with a website that guarantees your tickets, and refunds you if you fall victim to fraud on their site.


Other great articles about tickets and watching sporting events

That’s all you need to know about the best sites like StubHub and what they can offer you. If you’re interested in any of these websites, or want to learn more about saying safe while buying resale items online, check out some of the other helpful resources below:

Social Media Sites and Apps You Need to Manage for Your Business

Social media app icons around a storefront

If you own your own business, you simply can’t avoid getting with the times, and promoting yourself on social media. Regardless of your technological skill level, you will be missing out on too much potential business and marketing if you don’t promote your brand online. Most people do basic Internet searches to find information about a business, and in addition to your company website, you need to be using social media to target specific demographics of potential business.

The premise is simple enough: get your business on social media. Following through is not nearly as simple however. Joining every social site and setting up a page for your business on every social media platform, and then managing these profiles poorly is not the right way to go about it. You need to choose the right sites for your business, and you need to learn how to manage them. There’s no point in wasting time with sites that won’t really make an impact in your industry – and that’s where we come in.

In this article, we’re going to tell you about:

It’s unlikely that you need to be on all 9 platforms, but we’ll explain what types of businesses they will benefit, and how each site can help your business. We’ll also explain how often you should be on the site managing it, and what kinds of things you’ll be sharing using the site. Read on to start expanding the read of your business!


9 of the best social media sites and apps for your business

1. Facebook

Facebook logo

Facebook is a no-brainer. It is, and has been for a long time, the most widely-used social media website in the world, and has more users than any other online social media application by far. There’s no surprise why: Facebook allows you to do so many things, including sharing words, articles, links, photos, videos, and more, as well as recommending things, buying things, and of course, viewing official pages for prominent people and companies. Because so many people use Facebook on a daily basis, it makes sense for many businesses to establish a presence on Facebook.

You need this if: You want to reach more people, or advertise for low prices.
How it will best help your business:
The potential reach to increase your client base will not be bigger on any other social media site. You can reach more people than ever!
What you should share:
Information about your business, stories about what happens, frequent updates, images, and a showcasing of what it is you do.
How often you need to be on it:
Depending on how much interaction you get, the range could be from a couple of times each day to about once per week.

Try It Out: Facebook Website | Android App | iOS App


2. LinkedIn

LinkedIn logo

LinkedIn is one of the best social media sites to link up with if you run a business, because it’s intended for professionalism. It’s an online resume producer, social professional networking platform, facilitates job hunting, and so much more. You can set your business up with a LinkedIn Company Page, and even post jobs or recruit potential future employees right from the website. You can instantly connect with other professionals in your industry, and read up on cutting-edge business practices and other success stories. If you want a way to make your business seem very legitimate, without having to put too much effort in, LinkedIn is for you.

You need this if: You want to do some professional networking or hiring for your business.
How it will best help your business:
Finding potential employees and talent to help your business grow.
What you should share:
Information about your business, job postings, and your success story.
How often you need to be on it:
Very rarely – more when you need it for hiring or recruiting.

Try It Out: LinkedIn Website | Android App | iOS App


3. Twitter

Twitter logo

Twitter is another great social media site, and it’s been around for quite awhile. In 280 characters or less, you can share your thoughts, and/or an image, and all of your followers will see it, can “like” it, and can comment on it. Twitter is a very common place for conversations to get started, and the people who “follow” you will likely see all of the updates you post, meaning you can really focus on maintaining customer loyalty, and informing your followers all about what’s going on with your business.

You need this if: You have frequent updates on what your business is going and how things are going.
How it will best help your business:
Increase brand awareness and maintain customer loyalty through the quick spread of information and updates.
What you should share:
Short, concise updates with captivating or pertinent information about your business.
How often you need to be on it:
Every day or every other day.

Try It Out: Twitter Website | Android App | iOS App


4. Instagram

Instagram logo

Instagram is the photo-centric social media platform to be on, if what you need to share is often of the visual persuasion. If you’re an artist, own a restaurant or bakery, are in fashion, develop digital media, or do any number of things that are better represented through photo imagery, then Instagram is probably for you. Post pictures of what’s going on with your business, and get more and more followers every week who can appreciate what you do. You can also follow other like-minded business and appreciate their work – and hopefully, they’ll follow you back. The more you can show off what it is you do, the more people you will reach, and ideally, form a genuine connection with.

You need this if: What you want to show off is better displayed through pictures, rather than with words or longer videos.
How it will best help your business:
Many people appreciate unique things on Instagram, and followers who see what you can do can easily become customers.
What you should share:
Regularly, either every day, three times a week, or once a week.
How often you need to be on it:
You should probably scroll through the Instagram feed every day to see what your competitors are up to, and check on which of your photos gets the most appreciation. As little as once per week is fine though.

Try It Out: Instagram Website | Android App | iOS App


5. Google My Business

Google My Business logo

Google My Business (previously known as Google Places), a feature of Google Maps, allows people searching for locations or businesses in their area to find information about that business easily. You simply need to register your business and include some basic information such as what you do, your hours of operation, when you’re closed, and a few other things, and you’ll all set for Google to feature you when people are searching for your type of business. Even a few keywords about what you do can help you get featured at the top of Google’s search results when someone is looking in your area for a similar service to what you provide.

You need this if: You have a physical location for your business.
How it will best help your business:
More people will be able to see what you do, and learn about your business when they’re searching for information.
What you should share:
Basic information about your business.
How often you need to be on it:
Just once to sign up, and then again whenever you need to update the information you included.

Try It Out: Google My Business Website


6. Yelp

Yelp logo

Yelp is especially good for restaurants, or other businesses within the service industry, but essentially, it allows users to review your business, and share the experience they had with you. One advantage to getting on Yelp is that you can ask loyal clients and people you know who love your brand to write reviews on Yelp for you. But be warned – you do have little control over what people will say about you, so make sure you’re always leaving your customers satisfied before they head home and jump online.

You need this if: You offer a service that people are more likely to use after reading a positive review.
How it will best help your business:
When people read good reviews, they are far more likely to use your business for the service they are looking for.
What you should share:
Information about your products and services.
How often you need to be on it:
It does not require regular posting, but you will want to monitor comments and reviews and mediate them frequently.

Try It Out: Yelp Website | Android App | iOS App


7. Pinterest

Pinterest logo

Pinterest is a unique type of social media, and essentially revolves around helping people find answers and solutions to their every day problems and queries. It contains a lot of helpful hints, recipes, DIY instructions, and other useful information, all concisely presented within one image and title. Many things online can be turned into a “pin,” including entire web pages. Pinterest is also learning towards selling products directly on its site in the future, so you may be able to even make money directly off of the site! In general, if you have helpful information to share with people that you want to become future clients or customers, Pinterest is a great way to do it.

You need this if: You have useful information, or a unique product you can showcase.
How it will best help your business:
Pinterest is essentially a free advertising space for you to show off what you do.
What you should share:
Images or helpful articles related to your business and products, and how they can help everyday people.
How often you need to be on it:
About once per week.

Try It Out: Pinterest Website | Android App | iOS App


8. YouTube

YouTube logo

The percentage of online content that appears online grows more and more everyday, and there’s no better place to put videos you want people to see online than YouTube. There are millions and millions of videos online, and they are easily integrated into other platforms such as your company website, or other social media sites. If you have something to show your followers that words just don’t do justice to, then YouTube is the place for you.

You need this if: You make videos, or have things to demonstrate that can’t be well-represented with only words or pictures.
How it will best help your business:
People love watching videos online, and may come back week-by-week if you regularly post videos. It can also help you showcase products so that people see them in use before buying them.
What you should share:
Exclusively video content.
How often you need to be on it:
Posting once every week is a good standard.

Try It Out: YouTube Website | Android App | iOS App


9. Snapchat

Snapchat logo

Snapchat is unique as well, as you can only share images or videos of up to 10 seconds. This may not seem like it’s incredibly useful, but if your business or brand has a lot going on, or tends to hold a lot of events, this kind of marketing can be a very effective way of giving your customers, clients, and followers, a detailed look into the life of your company. By creating a daily “story” (which refreshes every 24 hours), you can share pictures or videos of what’s going on. Your followers will get a really good feel and first-person perspective on what it’s like to be a part of your company, and what exactly it is that you do. Chances are, everyone is going to have a lot of fun along the way as well.

You need this if: You have a lot of visual information you can share – frequently.
How it will best help your business:
Gives potential customers and clients an in-depth look into your business, and will attract future business, and enhance current customer loyalty.
What you should share:
Pictures and videos under 10 seconds long.
How often you need to be on it:
Every day.

Try It Out: Snapchat Website | Android App | iOS App


Benefits of using social media for business – the right way

  • Gain valuable customer insight – with how much people interact with social media online, you can learn valuable market information and learn about what you customers want, without putting in any additional effort or spending any money.
  • It’s free marketing – though some social media sites have paid services, everything we’ve listed here can be used for free, effectively – even for a business.
  • Reach more people – with social media, you can advertise your brand all over the globe, and reach more people than you ever could with traditional marketing techniques.
  • Attract customers that wouldn’t otherwise have known about you – similarly, many people may not live in your area and have seen your building – or maybe you don’t even have a building! That makes it harder for people to find out about you, however, if you’re on social media, you can inform these people about your business.
  • Reduce customer service hours with online information – if you post about things such as when you’re open, what services you offer, and answer questions online, you can save valuable time otherwise spent taking customer service calls.
  • Run targeted ads – you can often spend small amounts of money to run advertisement campaigns for short periods of time, or to advertise to users who live in particular areas. These often cost far less than hiring a marketing company, or spending money on marketing or advertising campaign materials.
  • Increase your site authority and Google ranking – being active on social media increases your page authority when Google decides who to promote in search results. Answering people’s questions and responding to comments also increases your authority within the social site itself, which may also promote you when people search for things.
  • Keep tabs on your competition – getting yourself on social media also means that you can check out what your primary competitors are doing. It may inspire you to improve your own business!
  • Share important information fast – social media is one of the best ways to put out information quickly to your followers. Need to close down early? Throwing together an event soon? This kind of information is best shared through social media to reach the greatest number of people the fastest.


Tips for making good use of social media for business

1. Think carefully about what you post, and always make sure it can’t be construed as offensive.

‘Think before you share’ is no new tip. It’s always been rule number one when it comes to social media sharing. Once you put it out in the world, someone is going to see it, and you can never take it back. This tip is as simple as checking for spelling errors, and making sure your information is always correct (for example, don’t post that you’re selling off your inventory for a 100% discount when you meant 10%!).

It’s also a little more serious than that. Always think about the audience of social media; it isn’t just your followers, but is literally every person that has an account with that service. Anyone can read what you write, so always think about how they might respond to it. Even something you think is an obvious joke may not be so funny to some people. Think about how your words, images, videos, and other content might affect anyone who reads it, and if you think there’s even a chance it could be offensive or derogatory, then you probably shouldn’t share it.

2. Stay professional, but remember to have fun.

Professionals playing games in a conference room

Never forget – this is your business; that doesn’t change just because you put your presence online. However, social media is meant to be a fun space – that’s why people spend so many hours using it every day. Keep your image professional, and always remember that you’re on there to engage with your followers and keep them interested in what you do. But don’t forget to make your content fun, and post things that your followers want to see. Things that keep them thinking about your business, while also having a laugh, seeing something amazing and unique, or learning something helpful and interesting.

3. Choose the right employee to manage your accounts, if you can’t take care of it yourself.

If your business is a little bigger, or your role in it is simply too involved for you to spend time taking care of the social media, you should select someone (or hire someone) to do it for you. Many people will do this kind of thing for an hourly rate for only a couple of hours a week, and depending on your employee’s responsibilities, someone may be able to take it on without it affecting their job performance.

It’s usually a good idea to have one person managing your social media, as over time, your brand will develop a bit of an online persona of its own. It’s better for one person’s voice to come through, so your followers can learn to know and love your brand. It’s also better in terms of keeping track of statistics, because if one person is constantly watching how many “likes” you get on your content, or how many people are engaging with it, it will be easier to develop strategies that help you make your online brand even better in the future.

4. Always answer comments and queries right away.

Responding to comments on social media

Answering comments people make on your social media pages is absolutely key. Not only does it help improve customer loyalty, and make your customers happier, but it has a serious impact on your page authority. The social media site will increase your ranking when people search for things related to what you do, if you answer people’s comments and questions right away. It shows them that you are active, and interested in making their users as happy as possible.

It’s also important to always monitor and mediate comments, because some users will “spam” as many pages as possible promoting their own brand, writing hurtful comments, or doing otherwise negative things that can make your page look bad if you tolerate them. Keeping track of all comments quickly and showing you care about what your followers have to say is a very important step to obtaining success online.


Now you know how best to promote your business through social media. We hope it helps you reach more potential customers, engage more people with your brand, and overall, make you more money! If you’re interested in learning more, check out our articles that have great tips for integrating more technology into your business. We also have many articles and step-by-step tutorials on using the best social media sites! You can always do more to grow your business – so start today!

How to Set Up and Use Google Chromecast in 4 Easy Steps

How to Set Up Chromecast banner

Have you ever wanted to look at something from your smart phone, tablet, or computer on your big TV screen? With the many cool apps and features offered for mobile devices, sometimes the only downside is that we’re left wishing the screen was larger. This could allow you to share things from your small device with your family and friends, so you don’t have to all crowd around a small screen to see photos, videos, games, or whatever else you like to do on your device.

Luckily, Google manufactures devices to help with this issue. Along with their line of smart home and entertainment devices like Google Home, comes Google Chromecast. If you’re looking to connect your mobile device or computer to your TV screen, Chromecast can help you do it. And if you’re looking to learn how to set up and use a Chromecast device, we can help you out! Here’s what we’ll be covering with you in this tutorial:

Let’s begin by going over all of the basic information you may want to know about Chromecast. We’ll cover what exactly Chromecast is, how the devices work, and how much they usually cost.


What is Google Chromecast? How does it work? How much does it cost?

Chromecast is a device made by Google that plugs into the HDMI port on your TV, allowing you to connect your smart phone or computer to your TV and watch shows and movies from your favorite services like Netflix and Hulu. You can also use it to show a page in the Chrome browser on your TV screen.

Various Google Chromecast devices

There are a few different Chromecast devices to choose from, including Chromecast, Chromecast Audio, and Chromecast Ultra. You can buy these devices from stores like BestBuy or Amazon, or directly from the Google Store.


Chromecast devices and what/who they are good for:

DeviceCostFeaturesRecommended forPhoto
Chromecast$35Stream shows and movies from iOS, Android, PC or Mac through HDMI port in TVEnjoying movies/shows on TVChromecast Original
$35Stream music, audiobooks, podcasts, and more from your mobile device or computer over Wi-FiMusic loversChromecast Audio
$70Same as Chromecast + smoother streaming and 4K HD video qualityGetting the best-quality videoChromecast Ultra

Using a Chromecast device, you can screen mirror your device’s screen on your TV screen. You can wirelessly pair Chromecast with your laptop, iPhone or iPad, or Android smart phone or tablet. This way, you’ll be able to view pictures, videos, movies, shows, music, games, and more on your TV screen.

Want to get your new Chromecast device set up in your home? We’ll tell you all about the Google Chromecast setup process and show you how to connect to Chromecast next.


How to set up Google Chromecast

1. Plug your Chromecast device into your TV’s HDMI port, then plug it into a source of power.

Once you take your Chromecast device out of the box, you should see one cord that has an HDMI adapter on the end of it, and one cord that plugs into a power outlet. Plug the HDMI adapter into the HDMI port on your TV. This can usually be found either on the side or at the back of your television. Then, plug the power cord into an open power outlet. Make sure you have your TV’s input/source set to the HDMI setting as well.

Hand plugging Chromecast device into an HDMI port

2. Install the Google Home app on your mobile device, or the extension for your computer.

On your mobile device, open up the app store and download the free Google Home app to your device. The app is available for iOS and Android devices.

Download Google Home: iOS | Android

Google Home Chromecast app

If you’re trying to connect your computer to Chromecast, open the Chrome web browser, then go to to pair the device with your computer.

Google Chromecast app on computer

3. Connect Chromecast to the same Wi-Fi network as your mobile device or computer.

When you open the Google Home app or are on the Chromecast setup page on your computer, your Chromecast device should automatically be detected, and instructions to pair it with your mobile device or computer will come up on your screen. These instructions vary slightly based on the device you’re pairing with.

Part of these instructions will involve connecting your Chromecast device to a Wi-Fi network. Make sure that you select the same Wi-Fi network as your mobile device or computer is already connected to. Chromecast needs to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network in order for you to be able to cast content to your TV screen.

Chromecast set up screen

4. Enjoy casting to your TV screen.

Once you have completed the process of setting up your Chromecast device with your TV and casting device of choice, you should be able to see the content from your device on your TV screen.

Chromecast is ready to cast

Now that you’re done setting up Chromecast, you’re ready to start using it. Keep on reading to learn how to use Chromecast for entertainment and more.


How to use Google Chromecast

1. Check out Chromecast-enabled apps and download them to your device.

To make it super easy for you to know which apps are compatible with Chromecast and can be broadcasted from your mobile device to your TV screen, check out this list from Google outlining the apps that are compatible with Chromecast devices. The list includes favorites like Netflix and Spotify.

Chromecast-enabled apps

2. Visit Chromecast-optimized websites.

If you’re visiting a website on your Chrome browser, you can cast a tab from your browser to make it appear on your TV screen. However, to get a better-quality picture that’s optimized for Chromecast, you might want to stick to using Chromecast-enabled sites. Along with the better-quality casting, there are also other benefits like using less battery power, and being able to play independently, meaning you can close your computer and keep casting, unlike just casting a tab where you need to keep your computer open and running. Read more about this on Google’s support page here.

Casting optimized sites

3. Tap the Cast button to view the app or website on your TV screen through the Chromecast receiver.

If you’re using an app that’s optimized for use with Chromecast, you should see the Cast icon appear somewhere on your screen. Tap Cast to view the app on your TV.

Cast button in Chromecast app

If you’re not sure whether the app you’re using is compatible with Chromecast, check your screen for the Chromecast icon (pictured below). If you see this icon anywhere on your screen, you can easily broadcast the app to your TV through your Chromecast receiver.

Cast icon

4. Enjoy shows, movies, videos, pictures, games, music, and more on your television screen.

Once you’ve paired your device with Chromecast and have successfully begun broadcasting content on to your TV screen, all that’s left to do is enjoy your broadcasted content and share it with your family and friends. No more crowding around a small screen!


That’s all it takes to set up and use your Chromecast device. If you have any issues, you can head over to the Chromecast Help Center for assistance and helpful tips. If you’re interested in learning about some cool websites and apps you might want to stream through your Chromecast receiver, check out our TV and Movies category.

Best 8 Sites Like Airbnb to Book Your Vacation

Airbnb became the most popular online vacation rental site, but does that mean it’s the best? These 8 competitors can offer you features that are an improvement on Airbnb’s service – both for saving money, and for safety.

Airbnb Alternatives banner is one of the major innovators of online vacation property renting, and its strengths lie in its community-based approach. Hosts and renters verify their identity information, tools are provided for guests to contact hosts and other users, and both hosts and guests can rate each other. This makes it tough for scammers to get a foot in the door, or stay for any amount of time if they do.

(You can book this secluded in-town treehouse here on Airbnb)Airbnb in-town treehouse listing

However, the extra security measures on Airbnb can make booking a hassle, and Airbnb doesn’t seem to have strong protections for your payment after you book, so the responsibility is on you to weed out (the rare) dishonest hosts before they make off with your money.

So how do you figure out which property rental site is best? The truth is, there is no one “best” property rental site. But there are some great alternatives to Airbnb out there that might better suit your travelling style. For example, if you care about finding the cheapest possible listing, is probably a better option for you. But if it’s safety and protection to your dollar that you care more about, an alternative like or is likely the answer.

If you need to know more about each of these sites, we’ve compiled a list of their qualities and features, so you can find the perfect property rental site. We’ll help you compare your options, and teach you about property rental sites work, covering:

If you’re ready, jump right in to learn which Airbnb competitor has got what you need.

Airbnb alternatives comparison: coverage, guest protection, and more

Website/AppBest FeatureCoverageGuest ProtectionBiggest Downside
Airbnb logoHas the largest worldwide network of hosts offering propertiesListings: 4m
Countries: 191
Airbnb Cancellation Policies, host verificationPrices are generally higher
VRBO logoHas the largest number of available homes, other than Airbnb
Read More
Listings: 2m
Countries: 190
Elaborate Book with Confidence GuaranteePrices are generally higher
Tripping logoAggregates prices and deals from the most popular vacation companies
Read More
Listings: 10m
Countries: 200+
None - depends on host websiteNo customer service or assistance
HomeAway logoCares about safety and security, and guarantees your stay
Read More
Listings: 1m
Countries: 190
Elaborate Book with Confidence GuaranteeMainly family-driven, homey listings
FlipKey logoPart of the TripAdvisor network, including unparalleled reviews of properties
Read More
Listings: 300,000
Countries: 179
Helpful TripAdvisor Payment ProtectionSome bookings require phone or email direct to host
Vacatia logoAllows you to make payments over time, so you don't have to pay a large sum at once
Read More
Listings: 600
Countries: 7
None - standard customer service onlyOnly operates in North America and the Caribbean for resorts
9flats logoHosts encouraged to make you feel like a local and offer tours around the area
Read More
Listings: 500,000
Countries: 140
Property damage coverageEncourages more contact between host and guest (less private)
Wimdu logoVerifies and photographs select properties to ensure quality
Read More
Listings: 350,000
Countries: 150
Host verification, quality-check of listings, property damage coverageFocusses its attention on Europe
OneFineStay logoIn-person visits of homes means quality units and little chance for fraud
Read More
Listings: 2600
Countries: Europe only
Visits homes in person to verify qualityVery limited number of listings


The definitive list of the top 8 Airbnb alternatives and competitors

VRBO beachfront villa listing image


The world’s property rental website

  • One of the world’s largest property rental websites, offering rentals in multiple countries
  • Has one of the best varieties around with over 2 million properties
  • Offers users the Book with Confidence guarantee so you can’t lose money using it

Check out this beachfront Caribbean villa on VRBO. (Vacation Rentals by Owner) is another website like Airbnb. Owned by HomeAway (which we’ll get to in a minute), it offers over 2 million listings of properties for rent across 190 countries worldwide. It contains a lot of listings for full-size vacation homes and apartments, so it’s a good choice if you want a rental property that’s accessible for your kids, grandkids, or pets.

We can show you how to use this Airbnb rival in our VRBO course!

VRBO button


2. Tripping.comListing in Hawaii on

Collects all available properties around the world – in one place

  • Compiles properties from multiple sites in one place
  • Allows you to find the lowest price easily through filtering
  • Offers exclusive discounts to loyal users

Take a look at the view from this home rental in Hawaii, found on Tripping for as low as $108/night. is less of a rental property booking website than it is a specialized search engine. That is, it lets you search listings on many different travel booking websites at the same time, so you can look at far more properties on it than a single booking website alone. Plus, you can compare prices for listings posted on multiple websites at once, so that you can be sure that you get the best deal. You can even get exclusive discounts, too!

If you prefer a search aggregate like this, we can show you how to use it for free in our course. button


3. HomeAwayScotland cottage listing on HomeAway

Offers a home away from home – for families

  • Book with Confidence guarantee means your investment is protected
  • Has a worldwide reach in almost as many countries as Airbnb
  • Offers immense variety with over 1 million unique listings

Check out this three-acre cozy cottage in Scotland on HomeAway.

In terms of online rental property booking, is one of the largest Airbnb competitors, with over 1 million worldwide listings. It offers many of the same services as Airbnb, helping people find rental properties based on their location and travel dates, as well as several other criteria.  HomeAway offers its own brand of insurance and other protections so that you can rent with confidence. HomeAway also operates several smaller vacation property renting websites, which are often aimed at certain geographical markets. These include VRBO, TravelMob (for renters in Asia), and Check out the full HomeAway family of sites!

Learn more in our free course on how to use HomeAway.

HomeAway button


4. FlipkeyItalian villa listing on FlipKey

Daily book deals with well-reviewed hosts

  • Offers daily deals to get you fresh booking offers
  • Uses TripAdvisor rating system = you get access to the most sophisticated and complex travel review system around
  • Hosts that are well-reviewed or the best deal for that time are always prioritized on this website

You’ll be amazed by this Tuscan villa with gorgeous rooms, a private pool, and because it sleeps 20, works out to only $60/person!

A popular Airbnb alternative, is owned by travel giant TripAdvisor and offers over 300,000 rental listings in over 190 countries from around the world. In addition, all property owners who list their places on FlipKey have to be verified by the website’s staff, so the chance that you’ll book with someone who has dishonest intentions is very low. FlipKey also features over 5000 special booking deals daily, so you can find places to stay for even less! One drawback to FlipKey is that not every listing can be booked directly over the website; some require you to email or phone the property owner – this is due to the fact that FlipKey offers multiple ways to pay for your vacation. 

FlipKey button


5. VacatiaColorado ski lodge resort listing on Vacatia

For booking resorts within the North America

  • Works with North American resorts to get you better deals
  • Offers pay-over-time options, which is rare for property rentals
  • Focuses on a smaller geographic area, leading to better customer service and less legal confusion

This Colorado lodge found on Vacatia will awaken your sense of adventure.

Founded in San Francisco in 2013, is a relative newcomer to the vacation property rental scene. However, its commitment to helping you and your family find a great resort rental unit to stay at during your vacation has earned it rave reviews. With an “A+” accreditation from the Better Business Bureau, Vacatia lets you browse resort units for rent all across North America and the Caribbean. Compare resorts, and view information on things to see and do at your destination. When you’re all set, book your unit instantly – no need to contact the owner, as Vacatia will take care of all the technical stuff for you!

Vacatia button


6. 9flatsParisian apartment listing on 9flats

When you want to experience how the locals live

  • Offers official receipts for your stay, which makes booking great for business
  • Encourage the hosts to show you around, or at least offer you extra information about what you can do in the area
  • Offers more secure payment method options, including Bitcoin

For only $60/night, this modern Parisian apartment for 6 is an unbeatable deal on 9flats. is a European-based Airbnb competitor. They’re relatively small (they have less than 500,000 properties), but they have a few unique features that make them attractive if you’re looking to book rental properties. First, they have multiple secure payment methods, including the anonymous currency Bitcoin. Also, all booking fees are paid by the host, not you. 9flats also offers a “Book Now, Pay Later” option, which allows you to make a small installment to confirm your booking, and then pay the remaining balance to the host when you check in; this allows you to save up some extra cash before you leave for your trip!

9flats button


7. WimduSea-view terrace apartment listing on Wimdu

Quality control for the property rental market

  • Some properties are photographed and verified by Wimdu staff
  • They offer property damage insurance
  • Offers a local feel by selecting prime locations in large, popular cities

On Wimdu, this Croatian sea-view apartment with a terrace is sure to wow you.

Based in Germany, is one of the biggest alternatives to Airbnb in Europe (though it’s now available in the U.S. and beyond). They have over 350,000 listings for properties in over 2000 cities and 140 countries around the globe, though they mainly focus on European destinations. Like Airbnb, they also cover your stay with free insurance policies, and only release your payment to the property manager 24 hours after you’ve checked in, so you can stay with peace of mind. In addition, they verify certain properties, and take the pictures featured on the listing themselves, so you can feel confident about any listing that is “Wimdu Verified.”

Wimdu button


8. OneFineStaySwiss ski chalet listing on OneFineStay

In-person visits from all staff + exclusivity in who they select as a host

  • Staff members organize in-person visits of potential host homes to verify they appear as advertised
  • OneFineStay approves only 1 in 10 applications from potential hosts
  • They offer only full, exclusive spaces – never shared spaces

This Swiss ski chalet for 8 on OneFineStay offers incredible views and amenities, including a hot tub! is an alternative to Airbnb with a uniquely personal touch. The rental properties that you can search for and book on OneFineStay are hand-picked by the site’s staff, and you will never have to share a space; you’ll always have the place to yourself! Plus, OneFineStay offers advice direct from locals in popular tourist areas on the best local attractions, from restaurants to specialty shops, from bars and nightclubs to interesting landmarks. One thing to note about OneFineStay is that, since the properties it lists are ones that the site’s staff have personally stayed at and enjoyed, you can only book places in London, Paris, Los Angeles, and New York City, and 7 other cities. The trade-off is that you’ll be booking a quality rental property whose owner has personally earned the trust of the people who run OneFineStay.

OneFineStay button


Are vacation rental sites safe to use?

For the most part, vacation rental sites are safe. However, like with any online service, you need to practice some basic diligence to ensure you don’t fall victim to a scam. Many sites now follow the practice of not releasing payment to the host until the guest has checked in. That way – people trying to run phishing scams have less incentive, as they can’t receive any money for fraudulent listings. Some of the best tips you can practice for property booking safety include:

  • Never give out your personal information to a host on a property rental website – the website verifies your identity for them, so there’s no reason to send them addresses, credit card information, Social Insurance Numbers, or anything else.
  • Let someone trustworthy know where you’re going – tell them where you will be, and what time you are checking in when you book something so they can check in with you to make sure you are safe.
  • Only pay using the secure system on the website – the website is built knowing you need to make a secure payment, so only use the site’s official payment system to pay your host. If they ask you to send them money in any other way, no matter what the reason, choose another host.

For more tips like these, check out our top 5 safety tips for using Airbnb; they may be directed at Airbnb, but they are good practice for all property rental sites!

Is short-term property-rental legal in my area?

The answer to this question depends entirely on the country and city you live in. You will need to check with your local laws to ensure it’s legal to use these services. However, in general, booking them as a guest isn’t an issue – the legality surrounds the person using their home to make income using a property rental service.


Other property rental sites and apps FAQs

How are payments made securely to prevent fraud?

These websites will provide a secure service for processing your payment – so you never have to do this directly with the host. Typically, when you create your profile, you will need to enter your credit card information; this is how you will make payments in the future. If the host ever asks you to send payment in any other form, for any reason at all, you should not give it to them.

How am I protected by property-rental sites?

Some websites take safety very seriously, so you should look into the ways they protect their guests and hosts. Some sites will do things for guests such as:

  • Not releasing payment until check-in – this means the host won’t get your money until you check in safely and confirm everything is alright.
  • Money back guarantees – the company will give you your money back if you aren’t satisfied with the place you are staying, or if it was misrepresented
  • Helping you find a suitable replacement stay – if you had an issue with the place you were supposed to check in to, even if you get your money back, you could be stranded. Some companies will assist in finding you a similar place to stay within a couple of hours

What additional or hidden fees are there?

You’ll want to make sure you check out the terms and conditions of the website, and more important, of the individual host while checking in. Some commonly added fees you might not think about before booking include:

  • Check-in fee – a fee for assisting you with checking into the place you are staying
  • Cleaning fee – some host will charge you to clean the place after you stayed there, sometime regardless of the state you left it in.
  • “Hot tub” or “Pool” fee – a fee for using an item listed in the description of the home, such as a hot tub or pool.
  • Booking fee – a fee to book with a particular host (which the website receives rather than the host)
  • Deposit – some hosts may ask for a deposit, which they will retain if things go missing or are damaged.
  • Taxes – this isn’t so much a “hidden fee” but will generally not appear when you see the “price-per-night” on the listing, so make sure you budget for them.


That’s the scoop on using the best alternatives to Airbnb. Airbnb is great, but as you’ve seen, there are some websites that offer improvements on short-term property rentals. If you want to learn more about how vacation rental sites and apps work, check out our other helpful articles and collections:

10 Best Online Tutoring Services to Help Your Child Learn

Child studying

If you have a child that’s in school or if you’re in school yourself, hiring a tutor might be something you’re interested in. However, tutoring services may be hard to find in your area, or maybe you don’t have time to go in person to see a tutor.

Fortunately, with the help of the Internet, there are many online tutoring services available to you! We’re going to tell you about our top ten picks for online tutoring services. There are many benefits to online tutoring, so if you’d like to learn about those first, jump down to our 5 reasons to get a tutor for your child. If not, let’s get started with the best online tutoring services for children.

Top 10 tutoring services online

1. Sylvan

Sylvan website

One very popular tutoring service we want to mention is Sylvan offers tutoring for children in kindergarten to grade 12, as well as college preparation and standardized test preparation. They have tutoring programs for subjects like writing and math, as well as teaching general studying skills and help with homework and school assignments.

Once your child has been paired with a Sylvan tutor and has started sessions, you can track their progress with the mySylvan site for parents. See how your child is doing, find additional activities and more information.

Sylvan Learning button


2. Chegg Tutors

Chegg Tutors website

Next, we have Chegg Tutors ( Their tutoring services are available 24/7 to help you with subjects like math, science, languages, and engineering, as well as test prep for exams like the SAT or LSAT. Tutoring is available for high school and college level students, and can be accessed online on the Chegg site or on their mobile app for iOS and Android.

Besides their tutoring services, Chegg also offers fun advice, quizzes, and entertainment for students on Chegg Play. They can also help you save money on the cost of your school textbooks with affordable textbook rentals, used textbooks, and eTextbooks.

Chegg Tutors button


3. website is another awesome online tutoring website with help available 24/7. There are 40 different subjects offered for tutoring, including calculus, statistics, chemistry, biology, foreign languages, and other topics related to math, science, social studies, business and more. has a few different membership options, allowing individual students, corporations, and libraries to sign up for the services available. There are even memberships available for free for children of U.S. Military families – see if your family is eligible here. button


4. Growing Stars

Growing Stars website

Our next recommendation is called This site pairs students with an experienced, educated tutor for one-on-one, online tutoring sessions. Your child will be working with the same tutor for every session, unlike some other tutoring services where you will have a session with whatever tutor is available.

Growing Stars tutoring sessions are scheduled for the same time each week, but students can contact their tutor through their instant messaging system if any additional help is needed outside of their regularly scheduled sessions. The tutor will have the same textbook that your child is using in school, to help align the tutoring with lessons taught at school.

GrowingStars button


5. TutorVista

Tutor Vista website is an affordable online tutoring service that has provided millions of students worldwide with the help they need to succeed in their educational endeavours. There are over 2000 tutors working for TutorVista globally, so someone will always be available when your child needs help.

TutorVista sessions allow tutors and students to chat online and draw out problems on a virtual “white board” so they can work through them together. There is also a chat window which allows the student to ask questions and the tutor to give explanations and answer questions.

If you’re looking for other educational resources and practice for your child outside of their tutoring sessions, you can also find great online “worksheets” on the TutorVista site.

TutorVista button


6. HelpHub

HelpHub website

Next up is This site offers instant messaging and calls to connect students with a tutor online to get help with school subjects, homework, and test preparation. HelpHub claims to be able to help students “master any subject” with their online tutors. The services offered by HelpHub have been featured on The Globe and Mail and Global News.

With HelpHub you don’t have to worry about contracts or monthly payments – you can pay as you go without any commitments so you only pay for the tutoring services you actually use. Help is available 24/7 on their website or mobile app for iOS.

HelpHub button



TutorMe website is a website offering personalized, one-on-one tutoring sessions online. During your session, you can have a video chat with your tutor, share your screen, send instant messages, and more. Rate your tutor after your session to let others know how your session went.

You can sign up for a free trial of TutorMe, and once you’ve created your account you can get connected with a tutor in less than 30 seconds, 24/7! TutorMe offers tutoring for over 300 subjects and in all grade levels, so you can get help with whatever subject you want to learn.

TutorMe button


8. Skooli

Skooli website

Our next recommendation for tutoring online is With this site, you can learn from certified educators who have a professional teacher’s licence, master’s degree, or PhD. You can sign up for free and learn at a pace that’s comfortable for you.

You can improve your grades risk free with Skooli’s satisfaction guarantee. You get to choose your tutor from hundreds of options so you can find someone appropriate for the subject you want help with as well as the grade level you’re in. Schedule your session with the tutor of your choice, and learn at home or on the go with the Skooli app.

Skooli button



First Tutors website

If you’re looking for an international service offering online classes with a tutor, is for you! First Tutors works across Canada, The U.K., Australia, New Zealand, and more. You can choose to meet with a tutor online, or connect with someone who can come teach your child in the comfort of your own home.

First Tutors can help your child catch up with a school subject, improve their grades, teach them a new subject outside of the classroom, or challenge them more with subjects they are already good at. Hiring a tutor through First Tutors can help increase motivation, facilitate better learning with different teaching styles, and give your child the confidence boost they need to succeed in their education.

First Tutors button


10. Khan Academy

Khan Academy website

Last but certainly not least is This website offers free tutoring online, and is one of the most popular learning websites out there. You can find educational resources for a wide variety of subjects, like math, computers, science, languages, history, and economics. You can search for resources by subject or by grade.

Khan Academy also offers support for those preparing for a standardized test like SAT, MCAT, GMAT, etc. You can even get information that will help you with exploring college options, applying to colleges, managing your personal finances, and starting your career! Khan Academy has resources for people of all ages, and can help your child from kindergarten all the way through college, for free!

Khan Academy button


5 reasons to get a tutor for your child

  • Help them with subjects they struggle with – if there is a particular subject you know you or your child has trouble with, using an online tutor may help the learning process.
  • Get in extra learning outside of school – online tutoring is available outside of the normal school-year time. Get a head start on the next grade or get caught up with the previous one.
  • Learn something new – tutoring doesn’t have to be only for subjects already being learned in school. You can also choose new subjects to learn at home! You can learn a new language, or even a new musical instrument!
  • Fits your schedule – having an online tutor makes it easy to work with your own schedule and lifestyle. Have a learning session whenever you want.
  • Prepare for higher-level schooling – it’s never too early to start helping them learn the things they need to know to prepare for the schools they want to attend later in life.

There are so many great reasons to start using an online tutor. Are you convinced? We sure are!

These ten sites are our top favorites to find tutors online and get the educational help we all need sometimes. If you’re interested in online schooling, head over to our article on online college courses. You can also learn about almost any topic through e-learning sites like Udemy and Coursera. Check out our other online learning articles if you’d like to find out about other websites and apps that can teach you new things!

How to Block Audio and Video FaceTime Calls

How to Block on FaceTime

Do you want to block someone from being able to call you on FaceTime on your iPhone or iPad, but aren’t sure how to do it? Luckily for you, in this article we’ll be showing you exactly how to block someone on FaceTime, and give you a few other helpful hints, including:

Read on to learn about blocking on FaceTime, and what it will mean if you do it.


How to block someone on FaceTime:

1. Open the FaceTime app on your iPhone or iPad.

Tap the FaceTime icon to launch the app on your device.

FaceTime app icon

2. In the text box at the top, type in the name, phone number, or email of the person you want to block.

Tap the text box at the top of your screen, and type in the name, email address, or phone number of the person you’re looking to block.

Contact information

3. Tap their name when it appears in the results.

When you see their name appear in the results of your search, tap their name to open their contact details.

Tap name of contact

4. Scroll down to the bottom and tap Block This Caller.

At the bottom of their contact information page, tap where it says “Block this Caller” to move on to the next step.

"Block this caller" button

5. Tap Block Contact to confirm your actions.

Tap the Block Contact button that appears at the bottom of your screen to finalize your decision to block that person from calling you.

"Block Contact" button

That’s all you need to do to block someone on FaceTime. There are a few things you should keep in mind when you block someone though, so let’s go over those things next.


Notes about blocking someone on FaceTime

1. There are many reasons to stop someone from contacting you.

You may want to restrict someone from video calling you if they are constantly trying to reach you, if you don’t know the person, or if you just don’t wish to speak to them. Really though, you can choose to block someone for any reason you see fit.

2. If you block a contact, all contact methods will be blocked on FaceTime.

If you have someone saved as a contact on your device, and you have multiple contact methods attached to their name (e.g. their phone number and email address), any/all contact methods associated with that contact will be blocked.

3. You can view who you’ve previously blocked in your settings.

If you don’t remember who you blocked, or just want to take a look every once in a while, here’s how you see you who blocked on FaceTime:

  1. To view who you’ve blocked on FaceTime, open your device’s settings.

iPhone Settings app icon

  1. Scroll down, and then tap FaceTime.

FaceTime settings menu

  1. On the next page, scroll to the bottom and tap Blocked.

"Blocked" settings

  1. Here, you will be able to see a list of the people, phone numbers, and emails you’ve already blocked.

List of blocked contacts

4. At any time, you can easily unblock someone.

If you decided to block someone, but have since changed your mind, it’s no problem! Unblocking is just as quick and simple as blocking, and here’s how you do it:

  1. To unblock someone, go to the list of people you’ve blocked.
  2. Then tap Edit in the top right corner.

Edit button

  1. Tap the Red Circle Button beside the name/number/email you want to unblock.

Red circle beside blocked contact

  1. Tap Unblock.

Unblock button

5. If someone’s harassing you, take action.

If a situation escalates and a person is really bothering you through FaceTime, you should contact your local authorities. They will be able to help you take control of the situation and stop the harassment from happening.



That’s everything you need to know about blocking video and audio calls on FaceTime. To learn more, check out our step-by-step tutorials with pictures on how to set up and how to use FaceTime.

Best 8 Apps to Build Your Resume

Resume app on a smartphone

Are you trying to get a new job? Want to make your resume look better to potential employers, or get help creating a new one? If you need some help with building a resume or improving on your current one, there are plenty of apps that can assist you. We’re going to introduce you to eight awesome apps for resumes to help you through this process. Before we start telling you about these apps, let’s talk about some ways these apps can help you.

4 benefits of using a resume builder app

  • Easy-to-use templates – takes the guess work out of how to design your resume to look professional
  • Keep your resume up to date – these apps make it easy to update your resume regularly
  • Save yourself some time – just add in your personal information and work experience and the app can do the rest
  • Appeal to potential employers – get tips for how to improve your resume format and use specific words to make you sound more appealing as a candidate for job opportunities


8 apps to help you create a resume and find a new job

1. Resume Designer Pro

Resume Designer logo

First up is the Resume Designer Pro app for iOS. This resume app allows users to design and create their own resumes, or choose from one of their 18 pre-made resume styles. Create multiple resumes with varying styles for each type of position you want to apply for. You can also use it to add a cover letter if you wish.

Resume Designer Pro also gives users tips for ways to improve their resume with proper resume-writing practices. Save your designs within the app so you can easily update them later. Export the documents you create as PDF files, and easily send them to a wireless printer, attach to an email, or add to your Dropbox or Google Drive account.

Download the app: iOS


2. LinkedIn

LinkedIn logo

LinkedIn is an app that allows people to network with other professionals and potential employers. When you create a profile on or within the app, you can add all of your work experience and other relevant information to show off your professional skills. Connect with people you know from work by adding them to your network, follow companies or industries you’re interested in, and keep up with business news.

You can also browse job postings on LinkedIn, and apply for them within the app as well. Join groups to connect with other professionals in your industry who may be able to provide you with helpful information, job opportunities, and more. LinkedIn is a great way to create a publicly visible resume, learn more about different industries, and market yourself to appeal to potential employers.

Download the app: iOS | Android


3. Quick Resume

Quick Resume logo

Next up is Quick Resume. With this resume building app, you can make a resume for free. Create your own resume using one of seven pre-made styles. You can add your own sections and reorder them to customize your resume to your personal preferences. Add a cover letter written specifically for each position you apply for, for a personal touch.

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use resume maker, this app is for you. Quick Resume has a simple interface without tons of extra options that can make things complicated. Once you make a free resume, you can send it out directly from the app through an email, print it to your wireless printer, or export it to Dropbox.

Download the app: iOS | Android


4. Easy Resume Builder

Easy Resume Builder logo

If you’re new to creating resumes, Easy Resume builder can lead you through the process and help you build a resume free in minutes. This app has just one resume style to make it easy for you to have a professional look to your resume. Enter all of your own information and experience to personalize the template resume.

Create multiple resumes for each job you want to apply for and save them as a PDF file to preserve their formatting. Export your resume to other devices by emailing the file to yourself, or email it from the app directly to your potential employers when applying for jobs.

Download the app: iOS | Android


5. Monster Job Search

Monster logo

Another helpful resume app that’s similar to LinkedIn is the Monster Job Search app. The website has been helping people find job opportunities since 1999. While finding and applying for jobs is the main reason many people use the website and app, you can also use it to create a Monster “profile” which is essentially an online resume that potential employers can see.

In the Monster app, you can create a resume with all of your job history, professional skills, and other relevant information about yourself. Save your resume to your Monster profile and use it to apply for jobs through the app as well.

Download the app: iOS | Android


6. CV Builder Pro

CV Builder Pro logo

Next we have CV Builder Pro. This app is another one that’s great for those who are new to the workforce and want to build their first resume. You can add whatever information you want to include in your resume – objectives, skills, work experience, volunteer experience, etc. CV Builder Pro aims to help everyone move themselves forward in their career.

Download the app: iOS | Android


7. Resume Star

Resume Star logo

Another resume app we would recommend is Resume Star. The experts at Resume Star will help you create the best possible resume with templates and professional-looking fonts. Get help creating your resume and cover letter tailored to target specific employers and positions.

Resume Star gives the option to do spelling and grammar checks to ensure you haven’t made any mistakes, and allows you to adjust margins and text sizes to make everything look just how you want it. Customize your resume however you like, and save it as a PDF file to other apps like Dropbox or Google Drive, print it from within the app, or email it to yourself or others.

Download the app: iOS


8. RadResume

Rad Resume logo

Lastly, we have RadResume. This app makes it easy to create a beautifully formatted resume with a professional design that will help you stand out in the crowd of other applicants when you’re trying to get hired. If you already use LinkedIn, you can easily import your information from LinkedIn to RadResume without having to type it all in again.

Use one of RadResume’s templates, then customize it to your liking – add or remove sections, change the theme of the template to include whatever colors appeal to you. Add and personalize a cover letter if you want to, then export, email, or print your resume and cover letter.

Download the app: iOS


All eight of these resume building apps can help you create your own resume and get hired for a new position of employment. Which one will you be using to create your next resume? If you want to start networking to help you find your next job, check out our course on LinkedIn if you’d like to learn more about this site and how it works.