What Wix Templates Are and How To Use Them

In our last tutorial, we gave you a general tour of how to use Wix.  Now, as promised, we're going to go a bit more into detail about everything that you need to know about templates on Wix.  After all, not all of us are creative geniuses who can dream up a website design and transfer it perfectly to a computer screen.  So, we'll show you how to get the most out of their templates.

What are Wix templates?

Templates on Wix are pre-made website designs that were made by Wix.  You can use them to provide a starting point to add and edit elements and create your own unique website, instead of designing a website right from scratch.  The platform has numerous free templates for all kinds of different websites that you can use.

How to select a Wix template

Currently, it is not possible to change a template that you have already selected for a website, nor is it possible to use two different templates on the same website.  If you want to select a new template anyway, you will need to create a new website.  We'll show you how to do that in this tutorial.

  1. Go to www.wix.com in your web browser and log in.  (See our how to Use Wix tutorial for help with that.)

  2. From your main screen, click the My Sites menu, and then click Create a New Site.

    Create a new Wix site

  3. You will now see the templates interface on your screen.

    Wix templates to choose from

    On the left-hand side, you can click the options under "View By" to see New templates, the Most Popular templates, or Blank Templates (i.e. minimalist ones without a lot of content already on them).

    Under "Categories", you can click a category to see templates listed as that category.  If you click a category (or the arrow icon beside it), you may be able to see sub-categories that will help you narrow down what type of template you're looking for.  Or, you can just click See All Templates to see all available templates.

    You can also click the line beside the magnifying glass and type in a keyword (or more), and it will search for templates that contain those keywords.

  4. When you move your mouse cursor over a template on the right-hand side of the screen, the view will switch from a desktop-centric view to a mobile-centric view of the template.  Here, you can see what kind of subscription package you need in order to publish a website with this template (see our How Much Does Wix Cost article). You can also click Info to see a short description of this template, as well as what kind of website or job it is best suited for. (Click the "X" to close the info window.)

    Switch from desktop to mobile view

    Click View in order to look at a preview of what the template looks like, or click Edit if this is the template that you want to use for your website.

  5. If you click View, a sample version of the website template will appear in a new browser window or tab.  From here, you can interact with the template as if it were an actual website.  You can also click the desktop monitor icon or smart phone icon to switch between seeing a desktop-centric view of the website and a mobile-oriented view of the website, respectively.

    Preview your website

    If this is the template that you wish to use, click Edit This Site.


That's a bit more information on templates on Wix and how to use them!  We hope you're able to find one that helps your website get off the ground!

How to Use Wix

Now that we're done with the introductory articles for our Wix course, it's time for us to show you how Wix actually works!  This lesson will show you the basics of creating a website on Wix, from signing up for an account to picking a template for your website to putting it together, all the way to publishing it!

To create a website with Wix, you first have to sign up.  Then, you have to select what kind of website you want to build, and choose a template for it.  Then, you have to put the actual elements of your website together.  You can come back to finish your website later, and publish it when it's done!

That's probably clear as mud to you, right, so we'll show you some pictures of what everything looks like so that you can get a better idea of what to do.

How to use the Wix website builder

Signing up for Wix

  1. Go to www.wix.com in your web browser and click Sign In in the top-right corner.

    Wix sign in form

  2. On the sign-in screen, beside "New to Wix?", click Sign Up.

    Sign up for a Wix account

  3. When the sign-up screen appears, click on each of the text lines that appear and type in:

    – Your email address
    – A copy of your email address
    – A password to protect your account with
    – A copy of the password that you picked

    Wix sign up form

    You can also click the two buttons beside "Or Sign Up With" and log into your Facebook or Google account (such as Gmail), respectively, and use your information from the respective account to sign up.  Otherwise, when you're done filling in your information, click Sign Up.

Logging into Wix

  1. Go to www.wix.com in your web browser and click Sign In in the top-right corner.

    Sign in to your new Wix account

  2. When the sign-in screen for Wix appears, click on the line labelled "Email" and type in the email address that you used to sign up for Wix.  Then, click on the line labelled "Password" and type in the password that you chose to protect your Wix account.

    Enter email and password to sign into Wix

    If you signed up for Wix with your Facebook or Google account instead, click the respective button beside "Or Log In With" and enter the credentials for your respective account.

    You may also want to click the check box beside "Remember Me" to unmark it if you are using Wix on a computer that someone else might conceivably use.  This helps to make it so that someone else can't easily bypass your account security.  Click Log In when you're done.

Putting your Wix website together

  1. After you log into Wix, the first thing that you're going to have to do is select what kind of website you want.  If you move your mouse cursor over some of the options shown here, you will be shown more options for sub-categories of websites.  Click one to start.  For this example, we're going to make a simple online journal (or "blog") website.

    Select a template for your website

    (NOTE: If you click Other here, you will be taken directly to a list of website templates that you can use as starting points.)

  2. On the next screen, click Get Started to… well, get started putting your website together.  (You may need to log in again.)

    Begin building your website on Wix

  3. Next, you will need to select a template for the kind of website that you are going to create.  We'll go over this in a little more detail in our upcoming Wix templates tutorial, but for now, move your mouse cursor over a template and click View to see samples of what this website looks like, or Edit to choose this template as the one that you want to use for your website.

    View samples of templates and edit them

  4. Once you've picked a template for your Wix website, it's time to start putting it together for real… and there are lots of different ways that you can do it!  For example, click the Background button to set the background for the page.  You can click Color to pick a simple colour for the background, click Image to set a picture as your background, or even Video to give your web page a moving background!  You can also just select a featured background from the list below these buttons.

    Wix customization options

    For pictures and videos, you can use your own from your computer or social media websites, or you can use some provided by Wix.  You can also click Apply to Other Pages to choose which other pages you want to change the background for, and then switch the backgrounds of multiple pages at once!

  5. Now, let's try adding a new element to our web page.  Start by clicking the Add button.  Move your mouse cursor over the category of object that you wish to add to your website, and then click on the specific object that you wish to add.

    Add Wix elements to your page

  6. Presto!  Your new object will appear in the middle of your screen.  You can click and hold the mouse button down in the middle of it, and then move your mouse around to drag the object to wherever you want it to go.  There are other options here, too: you can rotate the object, resize it, change its text or other properties, change the design, animate it, turn it into a hyperlink, and more!

    Wix drag and drop technology

  7.  If you click the Pages menu, you can see all of the pages in your website.  You can type in the name of a web page to search for it, and click on a web page to view it and edit it.

    Wix Pages

    You can also click the three dots beside a page for more options, such as the ability to rename, copy, or delete the page.  You can also click New Page and then Page to add a new web page to your website.  Give it a name, set its background, put objects in it, and away you go!

  8. There are some other important functions that we should mention, too. 

    Additional Wix options

    If you click the magnifying glass icon, you can zoom in or out of the current page.  This can help you get a better view of everything on the page at once, so you can more easily re-order objects.

    If you do something that you didn't want to do, click the Undo button to go back one action.  You can also click the Redo button to go forward one action, if you undo too much stuff and want to keep at least some of the changes that you've made.

    You can also click the mobile phone icon, and then select to view your website as if it were on either a desktop computer or a mobile device.  You can edit your website in either mode.

    Clicking Save will let you save any work that you've done on your website so far, while clicking Preview will let you test your website out as if it were live on the Internet.  Finally, you can click Publish to make your website go live when it's ready!  Not to worry, though: you can still come back and make improvements later!

Well, that's a basic introduction on how to use Wix!  There's a lot more to Wix that we couldn't cover in this short article, though, so be sure to check out some of these other in-depth tutorials for getting the most out of the platform (note that some can only be done with an upgraded account; see our how much does Wix cost article for more information):


Next up, we'll have a bit of an expanded tutorial on Wix templates: what they are and how to work with them.