How to Sign up for IMDb

Why Create an IMDb Account?

IMDb is a great website, mainly because you don’t have to worry about logging in each time you visit. It’s not necessary to have an account with IMDb unless you wish to partake in certain things. Writing a review or giving a rating are two things that require you to be a registered user with the website. 

Signing up for IMDb

  1. Go to and find the Log In button on the right side of the header. Next to that is a triangle symbol for a drop-down menu. Click it, and then select Register. Once you’ve registered once, you’ll only need to select Log In and will not have to use the dropdown menu again.


  2. Enter your information in the blanks, and when you’re done, select Register.


  3. You’ll be redirected back to IMDb's homepage, where a notice at the top will let you know to check your email and confirm your registration. 

Now you can take full advantage of what IMDb has to offer — participate in group discussions, rate and review movies, and more. 

IMDb Review

IMDb is a great resource for finding a movie, or a song on a soundtrack. It can be used to find many different things relating to movies, shows and video games. Take a look at our review of IMDb to see if this database is right for you. 


  • You don’t need an account – Unlike most websites, IMDb doesn’t force you to make an account to access its content. That makes it faster to search from anywhere.

  • Read up on movies and shows before watching – A trailer on the TV doesn’t always give you the full story. IMDb gives you the full plotline (without spoilers) and allows you to quickly see the rating – or if you have a little more time, read critic and consumer reviews.

  • Largest database of movies and shows – With nearly 3 million titles, IMDb is the largest and most popular database of movies and shows. Whether the show only ran for a handful of episodes or the movie had a $5,000 budget, IMDb has it all.

  • Find movie times – Now IMDb goes even further! Find a theatre near you and look up movie times. Now it really all is in one place: movie trailers, plot info, reviews and movie times!


  • Sometimes lacking info – IMDb can’t possibly keep up with it all. Sometimes, a little known actor and actress may have nothing more than their filmography. They may be missing a picture or a bio – but it’s hard to get information when none is available online.

  • Hard to navigate the forums for pleasant conversation – IMDb has forums where you can speak on a specific topic, but sometimes there are cyber-bullies spammers trying to redirect traffic to their websites (since IMDb can be anonymous). It’s best to take the forums with a grain of salt, as they are not the main part of IMDb. 

The Bottom Line: 9.5 out of 10

There are few cons to using IMDb. You don’t need an account (unless you want to make a review), it's easy to navigate, and it’s completely free to use. The cons are only cons if you happen to be looking for lesser known actors/actresses or movies/shows and if you regularly use their forums. IMDb is a great resource for any moviegoer. 

What is IMDb?

IMDB History

A professional computer programmer launched IMDb, or the Internet Movie Database, in 1990. In 1998, IMDb became a subsidiary of, which was then used as an advertising resource for selling DVDs. 

As of September 2, 2014, IMDb had nearly 3 million titles (including episodes). IMDb catalogues everything from movies, to TV shows (where you can browse individual episodes), actors/actresses and even the production crew. 

Why use IMDB?

What’s that Robert De Niro movie from the late 1980s about Al Capone? Oh, that’s right, it’s The Untouchables.

Who was the main actor in Good Morning, Vietnam?  Of course! Robin Williams!

IMDb allows you to find all movies under the sun, see what your favourite actors have been up to, and even find a particular episode plot. Think of IMDb as the Google Search of multimedia. Look at lists made by other users to get an idea of what to watch (such as “Top ten horror movies of all time” or “Best action movies of the decade”) and watch trailers, interviews or sneak peeks.

For those in the industry, IMDb is a virtual resume – it shows what you’ve worked on or are currently working on, whether you’re an actor, makeup artist, or producer.