Angie’s List Review

Now that we've introduced what Angie's List is and given you an overview of its costs, let's tackle the big question: should you add Angie's List to your own personal list of information tools, or cross it off instead?  Here are some points to consider, in order to help you decide.


  • Find all kinds of help in your area — Angie's List has listings for all kinds of different local service businesses, such as plumbers, veterinarians, painters, dentists, massage therapists, car repairers, and more!

  • Comprehensive reviews written by real people — Forget anonymous, polarized reviews that could have been written by company shills or competitors with a grudge.  All reviews are written by paying subscribers or verified outside parties who have hired those companies before, and include in-depth ratings of a business in five key categories of service.

  • Hire help right from Angie's List… sometimes at a discount! — Some businesses on Angie's List will allow you to purchase their services right from their company page.  You can also check out the "Big Deals" section to see who is offering services in your area; if you're an Angie's List subscriber, many of these services come at discounts of up to 70%!


  • You have to pay to get on the list — Though you can set up a business profile on Angie's List and browse the "Big Deals" section for free, if you want access to the directory of businesses and reviews for them, you have to buy a subscription.

  • Large gaps between subscription tiers — On top of the fact that you have to pay just to use it, Angie's List has three different subscription tiers that offer significantly different features.  For example, if you go with just the basic-tier plan, you won't be able to look at healthcare-related businesses and their reviews, you will have limited customer service options, and you won't be able to look for businesses or reviews outside of the local area that you indicated when you signed up.

  • Made for the U.S.A. — Most businesses found on Angie's List are from the United States, and it is difficult (if not impossible) to create an account if you don't live in America.  This is because Angie's List requires ZIP codes for many of its functions, and often won't accept other types of mailing codes.

The bottom line: 7/10

Angie's List is a difficult website to rate because, while it's good at what it does, whether you will find it useful or not depends largely on your social circumstances.  The fact that all reviews are comprehensive and non-anonymous lets you get a better sense of what companies that you find on Angie's List are like, as opposed to a generic star-rating and either a few lines of praise or a long-winded angry rant.  Plus, the ability to hire companies right from Angie's List — and often get a huge discount when doing so — is pretty nice.  This is especially because you don't have to wait for other people to buy the same service before you get the discount, unlike on many other deal-of-the-day websites.

On the other hand, the fact that you have to pay just to use Angie's List can be a turn-off (although they are allegedly looking at revising this policy), especially when there are quality free websites like Angie's List, such as HomeAdvisor (for home improvement), out there.  Also, the basic-tier services are pretty limited compared to what you get in plus-tier and premium-tier accounts, which cost significantly more money ($4-$21 for basic accounts, $30-$66 for plus accounts, and $60-$120 for premium accounts).  And unless you live in the United States, you aren't going to find many local businesses on Angie's List, if you can even get an account on the website at all.  If you live in Canada like us, for example, you may want to look into to solve this dilemma (assuming that you need help with home renovation or repair, which these sites specialize in).

Overall, if you have a small social circle that doesn't include many people or companies (or people who know people or companies) that you can rely on to do work that you need done, then Angie's List can save you a lot of time, money, and frustration.  However, if you already have a core group of local businesses and acquaintances that you trust to deliver when you need a service performed, then Angie's List might not be worth the price of admission.


Of course, that's just our opinion.  If you'd like to see how Angie's List works for yourself before you make a decision, then carry on with our course by learning how to sign up for Angie's List in our next tutorial.

How Much Does Angie’s List Cost?

We started by introducing Angie's List to you, and now we're going to talk about how much it costs.  Yes, Angie's List ( is different from similar other review websites in that some of its functions cost money to use.  This article will outline what is free and what isn't, and how much you will have to pay for the non-free parts.

Is Angie's List free?

For the most part, Angie's List is not free to use.  You can register your business for free, and look for deals from local businesses  for free.  However, using Angie's List to view information and ratings for local businesses, and write company reviews yourself, will cost you money. If you're looking for websites where you can review and hire companies to help you with home improvement without paying extra money, give a try.

How much does it cost to join Angie's List?

The amount of money that you have to pay to join Angie's List depends on two things.  The first is how long you want your subscription to last.  The second is the tier of service that you want.  Angie's List has three tiers of service — Basic, Plus, and Premium — each offering a different suite of features.

Angie's List pricing plans

1. Basic

A basic plan gets you access to reviews and ratings for local consumer and automotive services, exclusive discounts when shopping for Angie's List Big Deals, and a guarantee that you'll get a fair price from any business that you look up a review for.

1 Month: $3.75
1 Year: $10
2 Years: $16
3 Years: $21

2. Plus

A plus-tier account expands the reviews and ratings that you can see to include health and wellness businesses.  In addition to the features that the basic plan offers, you also get priority customer service over the phone, the ability to see reviews of business outside of your local area, a guarantee that any company that you hire through Angie's List will do the job right.  You also get a $15 discount off of your first purchase on Angie's List Big Deals.

1 Year: $30
2 Years: $45

3 Years: $58.50
4 Years: $66

3. Premium

A premium-tier account offers all of the main features of basic-tier and plus-tier accounts.  In addition, you can get Angie's List customer service to step in if a dispute arises between you and a business that you hired through Angie's List.  You also get a digital subscription to the Angie's List magazine, which includes the highlights (and lowlights) of businesses in your area, consumer protection advice, and a few do-it-yourself tips.  Finally, you can take $50 off of your first purchase through Angie's List Big Deals.

1 Year: $60
2 Years: $84

3 Years: $108
4 Years: $120

Is Angie's List worth it?

Whether or not Angie's List is "worth it" is very subjective.  For the most part, it will depend on how many people you know (or who know other people) who are recommended for getting done the work that you need done.  It will also depend on how many good or bad experiences you've had when hiring local help.

If you have a small personal social network that doesn't include many handypeople whom you know or can be recommended by friends, the Angie's List ( might be worth it in order to find someone trustworthy to do the job you need done.  It may also be worth it if you haven't had many good experiences with hiring local help in the past, possibly because you weren't aware of a business's reputation before you hired them.


That's the skinny on what Angie's List costs (or doesn't cost)!  In our next tutorial, we'll review its pros and cons before showing you how to use it.

What is Angie’s List and How Does It Work?

Sometimes, it's hard to find good help.  You may not have a personal relationship with people or companies in your neighbourhood who can do work that you need done (or at least people who know reliable people or companies).  Or maybe you're just wary because you've had a couple of hires in the past that haven't turned out so great.  The Internet is a great resource for looking up the help you need in your local area, but the question remains: who can you trust?

Enter Angie's List, the professional business directory and review portal created by Angie Hicks.  What sets Angie's List apart from other review and directory websites, such as Yelp, is that users have to pay for memberships to Angie's List.  The trade-off, though, is that all business reviews on Angie's List are written by invested users or verified outside parties, instead of just anonymous passerby.  That way, you can trust that a review of a business is from someone who has actually hired them before, and not just a random person trying to cause trouble or play out a grudge, an employee of a company trying to make them look good, or a competitor's employee looking to run a smear job.

The other cool thing about Angie's List is that if you find a business that you like, you can often hire them on the spot through Angie's List.  You might even be able to get a discount on their services!

So what exactly is Angie's List?

Angie's List ( is a paid-for business directory and review portal.  Users can search for information on various types of businesses in their area, view ratings and reviews, and write reviews themselves.  Users can also hire companies through Angie's List, often at discounted rates.

There are some websites like Angie's List, such as, that also allow users to directly hire the companies listed in their information and review portals.  Though, as you might guess from their names, these two sites specialize in businesses that help with home repair and renovation.

How Angie's List works: 4 ways to get started

1. Search for different types of businesses in your local area.

Once you sign up for an account and purchase a membership, you'll have access to its business directory.  In addition to looking for companies by name or type, you can also sort and filter them based on how high their ratings are, how far away they are from you, or whether or not you can hire them right away!

The search page on Angie's List

(Source: Young Adult Money)

2. View comprehensive information about a business, including reviews and ratings.

When you find a company on Angie's List, you won't just see its contact information (including a general description) and a bunch of generic reviews.  You'll see things like how the company ranks in different categories of service, how many users have reviewed the company, and how many disputes have arisen between the company and an user.  Plus, you can take an in-depth look at a user's review to see just what was good or bad about their experience with a company.

Viewing the contact details, ratings, and reviews of a business on Angie's List

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3. Write your own in-depth review on a company that you've dealt with before.

Have you hired a business listed on Angie's List before?  Have your say!  Give them a ranking from "A" (best) to "F" (worst) for their overall work, as well as in five key service categories: price, quality, responsiveness, punctuality, and professionalism.  But why stop there?  Be even more thorough!  Did they even do the work that you asked for?  What did they specifically do (or not do)?  Would you hire them again?  All of this adds up to a more comprehensive review and rating that more concisely tells the tale of your business relationship with a company, instead of one-dimensional star ratings and long-winded angry rants.

Writing a review of a business on Angie's List

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4. Hire recommended businesses right through Angie's List… sometimes at a discount!

Whether or not you're an Angie's List member, you can make use of the "Big Deals" section to find and hire local businesses in your area right through Angie's List.  Plus, if you do have a membership, you can often get huge discounts on services that you find in the "Big Deals" section… sometimes as high as 70% off!  Plus, unlike other deal-of-the-day websites like Groupon, you don't have to wait for a bunch of other people to buy the same service… you can book your appointment shortly after you purchase a deal!

Hiring a business for a service through Angie's List


Our course on Angie's List will show you how to sign up for an account, how to search for local businesses and view or write ratings and reviews for them, and hire businesses through Angie's List from the "Big Deals" section. Follow along with us here at Techboomers as we show you how to use Angie's List to find the right help at the right price!