Now that you know a little bit about and how it works, we’re going to outline the pros and cons of to help you decide if it’s a social media website you would like to begin using. 


  • Socializing through the asking and answering of questions – is built on the idea that the best way to get to know people through social media is by asking them questions, or answering questions they ask you. Try meeting new people by asking questions and learning more about them. And don’t forget to build your profile and increase your followers by answering questions that others ask you.
  • Connect to users with similar interests – Add “hashtags” to your profile to find and follow other users who have the same interests as you. Chances are you’ll find something to break the ice with! Check out our tutorial on how to use to learn how you can add hashtags to your profile and start expanding your network.
  • Asking questions anonymously – allows its users the ability to ask questions to other users anonymously. Have you ever had a crush on someone, but were too afraid to ask how they felt? Have you ever really wanted to know something, but been too shy to ask? allows you to do these things, and learn as much as you can about others by asking them questions.


  • Lack of functions – Though is unique with its question/answer model, it doesn’t offer its users much else to do. There are only minor ways you can update your profile, but the majority of your time will be spent asking and answering questions. If you don’t already have many friends using, it will probably lose its appeal quickly, unless you grow your friend network.
  • Beware of anonymous users – Though this was listed as a pro, it can also be a con. Not knowing who asked you questions or who is commenting on your profile can be frustrating.  Sometimes, depending on what has been said, it can also be very upsetting. With anonymity, users can sometimes act more negatively and harshly than they would without the ability to hide their identity. Be cautious when using, and report any users who act in suspicious or inappropriate ways.

The Bottom Line: 7/10 has a unique function that was founded based on a question-and-answer model.  This can be a really fun way to get to know others and make new friends online. You can easily find others who are interested in the same things you are, and hopefully, make connections based on learning about them through questions. also allows anonymity for its users by hiding the identity of those who follow you, and those who ask you questions. This can be good for some reasons, but bad and even dangerous for other reasons. Exercising caution when using can lead to a fun and fulfilling social media experience!


That’s our review of! If you like what you’ve read about it, consider reading our next tutorial on how to use, including how you can sign up for a free account. But before you do, make sure you’ve first read our article on how to stay safe while using

Is Safe? + 6 Safety Tips for Users and Parents

Now that you know a little bit about what is and how it works, the most important thing you need to consider before deciding to use it is whether or not it is safe to use.   It is also helpful to consider what you need to do to protect yourself from the potential dangers of this social media website. Exactly how safe is it to use is as safe as other social media websites, and has approximately the same risks, which are typically identity fraud and cyber bullying. Because of its anonymity feature however, can be even more dangerous than other social media websites that make the identities of its users more obvious.

6 safety tips for users and parents

1. Use caution when selecting “ask anonymously” allows its users to pose questions to other users anonymously. Though this can be a fun way to interact, it poses many possible dangers. The website requires users to enter very little personal information about themselves, so it is very possible that you will interact with total strangers on this website. Often, you have no idea who you are interacting with, or who is interested in this information.

In addition, when people use the Internet anonymously, they sometimes act in a way they normally wouldn’t because the anonymity of the Internet protects them from reprisal. Some will act more openly or less shy than they would in person, and others will sometimes act violently or inappropriately due to a lack of consequences.

2. Don’t follow users you don’t know

Try to use’s social functions to find your friends based on the ones you have from other social media websites, where it is easier to know who you are interacting with. Avoid following strangers, because this is most likely where you will run into trouble with dangerous or inappropriate users, or people looking to take advantage of the anonymity of the website.

3.  Report suspicious, dangerous, or inappropriate behavior

If another user is continuously pestering you, you can always block them on the website. Simply visit their profile, and click the Block icon in the bottom-right corner of their profile cover photo.

If you feel more drastic measures need to be taken, you can report the user by clicking the Flag symbol in the bottom-left corner of their profile cover photo. You can then select a reason for why you are reporting them to send a report.

Reporting a user is likely to result in consequences, including permanently disabling their account. If a user is asking for your personal information, that is cause to report them. If they ask any inappropriate questions, or answer questions inappropriately, this would also be a good reason to report them.

4. Never reveal personal information on the website

Because is based on the asking and answering of questions, it may not seem strange that a user asks you a personal question anonymously. However, if a user asks for information such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, addresses, telephone numbers, or similar information, ensure you do not give this information out. would never ask you for information like this, so be sure you do not give this to a user who may appear to work for

5. Monitor your child’s use of the website

If your child is an user, it may be a good idea to monitor how their experience is going. Consider starting a profile of your own and becoming an active follower of their profile. Though it’s not helpful to anonymously interact with your child or try to trick them in any way, following them on would allow you to recognize if your child is being taken advantage of by another user.

6. Make yourself aware of the signs of cyber bullying – and learn to recognize them

Because of the anonymity of, it is very easy for a user to become a victim of cyber bullying. Hurtful comments or hate speech can easily be published on this website, so it is important to report any user who does so, and take some other precautions.

Some suggestions to prevent cyber bullying include:

  • Do not answer questions that make you feel uncomfortable.
  • Try not to engage in ongoing negative conversations or instigate online fights.
  • Report any user who acts in a way that makes you uncomfortable.
  • Never use the anonymity of the Internet to say something that you would feel uncomfortable saying in person.
  • Tell someone such as a parent, teacher, or a close friend that someone is bothering you right away – don’t let the situation escalate to a point where you are being continuously hurt by users on a website.
  • Think carefully about the words you post on the Internet, and think twice about how you might feel if the comment you wrote was directed at you.


Now that you know all about using safely, you may want to consider signing up for an ccount. Consider reading our next tutorial first where we review the pros and cons of

If you’re interested in learning more about Internet safety, we have many courses here at Techboomers to help inform you. Consider checking out our Internet safety course, our Internet privacy course, or our course on computer and Internet passwords. 

What Is and How Does It Work?

Today, there are so many ways to interact with others through online social media websites.  And each website seems to have a unique aspect that distinguishes it from others. Facebook – perhaps the biggest name in social media — was a pioneer of interacting with others on the Internet, and has incredible multi-functionality. Twitter allows you to share your thoughts with the entire world, focussing on short, brief statements. But what about a social media website that has an anonymity factor greater than any other, and is based on the asking and answering of questions?  This is what you get with is an online social media website that is based on the asking and answering of questions between users who “follow” each other.  It allows users to share their thoughts publicly by answering questions. Any question can be asked anonymously, so users can protect their identity when interacting with other users.

How does work? 6 ways to get started

1. Sign up for a free account

In your web browser, visit, and click Sign up. Then fill out some basic information to create an account. profiles are 100% free to use!

Sign up for

2. Add hashtags to your profile to connect with other users

Edit your profile to make it more personal to you, and add “hashtags” with topics that you’re interested in.

Add hashtags to your profile

For example, you can select hashtags such as “music,” “football,” or “Hollywood” to find other users who follow the same topics. This will help you connect with people who are like you, and start getting more followers.

3. Link to your existing social media accounts to find your friends

You can find your friends by linking your account to an existing social media account on Facebook, Twitter, or VK. Just click Friends on the main menu, then click Social, and then select your website. You will be able to see exactly which friends are using, and add them right away!

Add friends to from other social media websites

4. Follow friends, and have them follow you

The way you connect with other users is to “follow” them, and have others “follow” you. Using your hashtags and your friends from other social media websites as a base, start looking at the profiles of other users. When viewing a profile, click Follow under the user’s profile picture to begin following them.

Follow users on

Others can do this as well when they view your profile. Once you have followers and people you follow, you can start asking specific users questions, or ask a question to all of your followers!

5. Ask questions – anonymously or publicly is all about questions – what can you find out about the people you follow? Ask any question to find out something new, or consider asking questions anonymously if you’re a little shy.

Ask other users questions

6. Answer questions your followers have asked you

Make sure you answer the questions that others ask you as well! This will add more information to your profile and feed, and allow other users to get to know you better.

Answer questions


Now that you’ve learned a little about and how it works, consider viewing our entire course, where we’ll explain how to use the social media website review it, and explain following other users works. But first, check out our next article to learn how you can stay safe while using