Audible Review

So, we've covered what Audible is and how it works, as well as how much Audible costs.  Now, if you'll lend us your ear (or perhaps your eyes) for just a little bit longer, we'll evaluate Audible for you based on what we feel are its biggest pros and cons.


  • Signing up costs you nothing — It's free to create an account on Audible.  In fact, if you have an account with Amazon, you can just copy it over and use it as your Audible account, too!

  • A large library of audiobooks — Audible has over 150,000 audiobooks for you to find, purchase, and enjoy.  Some are timeless classics, while others are hot off the press.  Science fiction, romance, mysteries, self-help, biographies… there's something for everyone.

  • Listen where you want, when you want — You can listen to audiobooks right on Audible's website, or you can download an app for your desktop computer or mobile device and listen to your own personal library of audiobooks from there.

  • Get even more with a membership — If you subscribe to a membership with Audible, you can buy audiobooks at reduced cost, and even get a few of them for free!


  • Everything has a price — You will have to buy the audiobooks that you want to listen to before you can enjoy them.  You can occasionally get free audiobooks, but you need a membership to Audible to do so, and that costs money, too.

  • Not entirely "free" listening — Audiobooks purchased from Audible can only be listened to on Audible itself, or on Audible-authorized apps.  They can't be moved around on your computer, or listened to any other way (with a few exceptions, such as iTunes).

  • Can't put a good book down — Your Audible account and Amazon account are interchangeable, so if you want to completely delete your Audible account, you will have do so by completely deleting your Amazon account.

The bottom line: 8/10

Audible is one of the more popular audiobook portals on the Internet, and with good reason.  They have a larger library than most of their competitors, allow for listening to audiobooks on multiple different platforms through their apps, and have a relatively fair pricing structure.  Audible's main downsides are that you have to pay for pretty much anything that you want to listen to (including if you want a membership in order to reduce costs), that there are few places not associated with Audible where you can actually listen to Audible books, and that it's really hard to completely get rid of your Audible account.

Is Audible worth it?

Overall, whether or not Audible is worth the money that you pay for it will depend on a few things.  These include how often you buy audiobooks, as well as how expensive said books are.  It will also depend on whether or not you purchase a membership subscription, and what level of subscription you get.

For example, a Gold Monthly membership to Audible costs about $15 per month.  Along with that, you get one free book a month.  So if you use your credit each month to buy a book that would otherwise be worth $15, then you've already broken even.

And don't forget that you also get 30% off any books that you buy without using your book credits.  So, let's say that you buy an additional four books or so, each regularly priced at $20.  The prices will break down like so:

Without membership: $20 book + $20 book + $20 book + $20 book = $80

With membership: $15 membership fee + $14 book + $14 book + $14 book + $14 book = $71

So, with a Gold Monthly membership (and not factoring in the free book that you get per month), if you buy at least three books per month, you'll be saving $3 versus if you didn't have the membership.  And you'll be saving an additional $6 per book bought after that!


Perhaps the best barometer of whether or not Audible will be worth it or not for you is… you!  So if you want to see for yourself what Audible is all about, our next tutorial will give you a brief tour of how to use Audible!

How Much Does Audible Cost?

Now that we've introduced you to Audible, what it is, and how it works, it's time to talk about how much Audible costs.  After all, it is basically an online bookstore (though for audiobooks, not for actual paper books), so you're going to have to pay to use it.  How much you have to pay, however, depends on how often you plan on using it.  We'll explain further in this lesson.

Is Audible free?

Audible itself is free to use, but the books that are available for listening on Audible are not free.  You must purchase each audiobook that you wish to listen to from Audible before you can listen to it.  You can also purchase a membership to Audible, but this is not necessary in order to use Audible.

How much is Audible?

Audible costs $14.95 US per month for the least expensive membership fee, though you can get a 30-day free trial of it.  The prices of audiobooks on Audible depend on several factors, such as the length of the book and the seller's decisions.  Some can be as low as $2.99, while others cost $20 or more.

However, being an Audible member gives you certain perks, like the ability to purchase one free book per month, as well as to take 30% off of the price of any other book that you purchase on Audible.  You can also get complimentary subscriptions to the Wall Street Journal and New York Times.  To see how, visit this help article on Audible.

What are Audible credits, and how do they work?

Audible credits are basically vouchers for free books on Audible.  They allow you to purchase books on Audible without paying money.  You receive a certain number of credits per month or per year if you purchase an Audible membership, some of which you can save if you wish to use them at a later time.

You can only store a certain number of unused credits across each billing period.  In addition, some books have multiple parts and may cost you more than one credit.  However, you can purchase additional credits as long as you meet three criteria:

  • You must have been enrolled in your current Audible membership for at least three months.  This time resets if you cancel your membership, or switch the type of membership that you have.

  • You must have no more than one credit in your account.

  • If you are enrolled in an annual membership, you must be at least 30 days away from your membership renewal date.

The cost of an extra 3-credit pack differs depending on what type of membership you have to Audible.

How to buy Audible credits

  1. Go to in your web browser and log in.

  2. Beside where it says "[X] Credits Available" in the top-right corner of the screen, click Buy 3 Extra Credits.

    How to purchase three extra credits for your Audible account
    Source: Audible —,3133

  3. On the next screen, click Buy Now.

    Confirming the purchase of extra credits for your Audible account
    Source: Audible —,3133

Your account will be charged immediately, and your credits will become available as soon as you refresh the page.

Full breakdown of Audible pricing

Gold Monthly

COST: $14.95 monthly ($179.40 per year)

BOOK CREDITS: 1 per month

CREDITS ROLLOVER: maximum of 6 per billing period

EXTRA CREDIT COST: $35.88 ($11.96 per credit)

Gold Annually

COST: $149.50 annually ($12.46 per month)

BOOK CREDITS: 12 per year

CREDITS ROLLOVER: maximum of 6 per billing period

EXTRA CREDIT COST: $29.90 ($9.97 per credit)

Platinum Monthly

COST: $22.95 monthly ($275.40 per year)

BOOK CREDITS: 2 per month

CREDITS ROLLOVER: maximum of 12 per billing period

EXTRA CREDIT COST: $34.41 ($11.47 per credit)

Platinum Annually

COST: $229.50 annually ($19.13 per month)

BOOK CREDITS: 24 per year

CREDITS ROLLOVER: maximum of 6 per billing period

EXTRA CREDIT COST: $28.68 ($9.56 per credit)


That's about all that we can tell you about how much Audible costs, including how its credits system works!

What is Audible? + How Audible Works

Sometimes, it's nice to just kick back, relax, and read a good book.  However, not everyone is the biggest fan of reading, and there are times where you don't have time to sit down and pick up a book.  For people like that, there are audiobooks, books in the form of sound files that you can have narrated to you anytime, anywhere.  And one of the prime places to get these is Audible.

So what exactly is Audible? is an online portal for purchasing, downloading, and listening to audiobooks.  It allows you to search for or browse a large collection of audiobooks, which you can buy using money or membership credits.  You can then listen to those books right on Audible, or download them to your device of choice.

How does Audible work:  3 reasons to try it out

1. One of the largest audiobook libraries out there

Audible has over 150,000 audiobooks for you to discover, buy, download, and enjoy!  From mysteries to history, from romance to science fiction, from self-help to comedy, Audible is sure to have a book that you'll love listening to.

A sample of the books available on Audible

2. Audiobooks available where and when you want them

You can listen to audiobooks from Audible right on the Audible website, using the built-in audio player.  Or, you can download an app for your mobile device or desktop computer, download your audiobooks, and listen to them on the go.

Downloading a book from Audible

3. Join the club and get extra benefits

If you buy a premium membership to Audible, you'll get extra goodies like one or more free books every month.  Plus, you can take 30% off the price of any books that you buy with cash!  There's also a 30-day free trial option available!

Your membership status on Audible

What can I listen to on Audible?

Audible contains audio versions of some of the best-loved timeless classics, as well as newer books that are hot off the printing press.  Here's a sample of some of the best-selling books on Audible:

Overall best sellers

Mystery and thriller best sellers

Romance best sellers

Comedy best sellers


Well, that's a brief introduction to Audible and how it works.  The rest of our Audible course will focus on how to buy, download, and listen to books from Audible, including how to create or delete an account.  For the moment, though, we'll take a quick look at the costs associated with Audible in our next tutorial.