Kayak.com Review

Now that you know what Kayak is and how it works, and have read the previous article on how to stay safe while using Kayak, you may be thinking about signing up for an account. Before you do, we'll break down the pros and cons of using this travel comparison and booking website.  Hopefully, they'll help you decide if using Kayak.com to find the lowest prices for your vacation will be worth it for you.


  • Get the best deals, fast – Kayak’s purpose is to help you get the lowest price – period – on your travel accommodations.  They even highlight the lowest price in green, so you always know which travel booking website is the least expensive to book with.  And even if another travel booking website has a lower price than Kayak, they will let you know!  You can compare prices between all of its many partners, and save money on every trip!
  • Track prices over time – Kayak allows you to set up price alerts.  This allows you to track prices of travel accommodations weekly, and see how they change over time. That way, if you’re interested in a hotel or a flight and have time to plan your trip in advance, you can watch price trends to make sure you make a smart booking decision.
  • Use Kayak tools to plan your trip – Kayak has some great resources to help you plan your trip. You can use the Kayak trip planner to save your searches, reservations, and any information you gather over time to keep it all in one place. You can also create itineraries to plan every hour of your trip!


  • Lack of ingenuity – Though Kayak offers you the chance to see the lowest prices for booking travel accommodations, and gives you resources to help you plan your trip, its features are not particularly inventive.  Compared to other travel websites, they have a smaller number of user reviews of accommodations, and do not offer any sort of "lowest price guarantee". Kayak can help you find the lowest prices, but if you’re looking for a more comprehensive travel website, you may want to consider one of Kayak’s competitors.
  • Potential safety concerns – There are some potential risks associated with most travel booking websites, in that you usually need to enter personal and/or financial information. Though Kayak is not more of a safety risk than any other travel website, it is still important to exercise caution when using it.  Only enter your personal information when absolutely necessary, and beware of fraudulent emails.

The Bottom Line: 7.5/10

Kayak has many great features to offer you.  They will always show you the lowest prices on booking travel accommodations, even when those prices aren’t their own. Not only can you get the best deals fast, but you can also set up price alerts to track accommodations price trends over time. You can also utilize the Kayak trip planner to save all of your searches on the website, so you never forget the great hotels or flights you’ve been looking at.

Though Kayak is great for finding the lowest prices on travel accommodations, the website does not offer features that are particularly unique when compared to other travel websites. If you’re looking for a simple, easy-to-use travel comparison website, Kayak is great for you. It also does not pose many potential dangers or risks; however, you should consider checking out our tutorial on how to stay safe while using Kayak to learn tips on how you can stay safe while using the services on Kayak.com


That’s our rundown on Kayak.com! In the rest of our Kayak course, we’ll give you step-by-step tutorials on how to sign up for an account, and how to use it to book travel.

Is Kayak Safe and Reliable?

Now that you know a little bit about what Kayak is, you’re probably wondering how safe and reliable Kayak actually is. Booking travel on websites can be stressful, especially with the rise of online property rental websites like Airbnb, where the property owners sometimes gain access to your personal information. Because Kayak.com has its users book with affiliates and partners, it is safe, and possibly safer, than other travel and booking websites. But exactly how safe is Kayak, and what do you need to worry about when using it?

How safe is Kayak to book travel on?

Kayak is as safe as other travel websites.  It protects your personal and payment information, and does not require you to share it with any additional parties. Because Kayak books through its partners, users never need to actually book with Kayak, nor are they ever required to enter payment information.

What about Kayak's reliability?

Kayak is a reliable travel booking website, as its purpose is to provide users with the lowest price – whether or not Kayak is the website offering you that price. Kayak also allows you to track prices over time, so you always get the lowest price. Once you book, you receive confirmation of your reservation.

4 safety tips for keeping safe with Kayak

1. Never reveal your personal or credit card information (except when necessary for payment).

If you sign up for an account, you can enter your billing information to make bookings faster and more convenient. In addition, you will need to enter billing information on the secure websites that Kayak refers you to. However, if a person ever contacts you and asks you to provide them with your personal or credit card information, never give this out.

2. Beware of fraudulent emails.

If a person claiming to work for Kayak ever contacts you by email and asks you to reveal personal information, never give this information out.  Also, take care to look for differences between emails about promotions from Kayak (which you can enable or disable in your account settings) and fraudulent emails.  The latter are usually full of promises of free vacations, but download viruses onto your computer when you click the links within the email.

If you want to learn more about this, check out our course on Internet safety here.

3. Always do additional research to make sure accommodations are not misrepresented.

Though Kayak may be able to offer you amazing deals at almost unbelievable prices, it is always wise to research hotels, airlines, or car rental companies on other websites.  Specifically, try to find and read customer-submitted reviews. Though Kayak would not intentionally misrepresent accommodations, their information or images could be out of date. Always do as much research as you can prior to booking on any travel website. One of the best websites for travel research is TripAdvisor.com.

4. Always check the status of flights and accommodations before taking your trip.

Before taking your trips, always check the status of your flights and reservations.  In addition, research some basic information about the area you are travelling to. Sometimes, you just never know… natural disasters, bad weather, or dangerous situations could be occurring at your destination. To keep safe, always research what is going on in your destination area, and make sure to take appropriate precautions before you leave.


That’s our safety rundown on Kayak. To learn more about how these safety concerns may affect your Kayak experience, check out our next article, where we review Kayak and reflect on these potential risks. If you’re already convinced, consider reading our step-by-step tutorial on how to sign up for it.

What Kayak Is and How It Works

There are so many travel accommodations booking websites on the Internet today that it’s difficult to know which one will get you the lowest price or has the best selection of properties to choose from. Some of the best resources you can find for travel are websites that show you the prices from many different accommodations booking websites at once.  This lets you choose the lowest price from among several competitors, so you always get the best deals.  One of these websites is Kayak.com.  But what exactly is Kayak?

Kayak is a travel accommodations comparison and booking website that emphasizes finding the lowest possible price for the user. By partnering with other booking websites, Kayak shows you all available booking prices at once, and then lets you book with the website that offers the lowest price.

By searching for flights, hotels, car rentals, vacation packages, and activities to do at your destination, you can find the lowest price to book them at on any of Kayak's partnered websites. In this article, we’ll explain how Kayak works, how it got started, how it can save you money, how safe and reliable it is, and what Kayak’s top competitors can offer you.

How does Kayak work?

Kayak is a travel accommodations comparison website that helps you search for hotels, flights, and car rentals that meet your travel needs. By entering a few details into a search bar, it will find you relevant accommodations.  Then, it shows you competing prices for them, so you can book at the lowest price.

You can also enter details of hotels and flights you are interested in, and track their price trends over time. You can use the Kayak trip planner to save searches and information (including prices) on accommodations you are interested in, and even build itineraries for your trips. 

History of Kayak

Born out of a need for more travel comparison websites, Kayak.com was founded in 2004 in Stamford, Connecticut by Steve Hafner and Paul M. English. It was acquired by the Priceline Group in 2013, becoming a part of a family of travel websites that also includes the likes of Priceline.com and Booking.com.

Kayak has always focused on showing you the lowest prices for your travel accommodations searches, and hasn’t needed to change what it does. However, it has acquired more partners over time, which allows it to offer you even more options for booking your travel accommodations. The company has also recently launched a mobile app, so you can check for deals on travel accommodations while you're on the go.

How Kayak can save you money

Kayak saves you money by always showing you the lowest prices for the travel accommodations that you search for, whether they come from Kayak itself or one of its partner websites. You can also track the prices of accommodations over time, so you can book them when they're at the right price for you.

How safe and reliable is Kayak?

Kayak is as safe and reliable as most other travel booking websites, and perhaps even more so.  It does not require you to enter financial or personal information on the website, unless you decide to book. You also receive confirmations of anything you book, and are guaranteed to get a low price from your search.

When using Kayak, users should beware of potential fraudulent emails from people acting as though they are from Kayak.  They should also be wary of any person that contacts them asking for personal or financial information. To learn more about these potential risks and safety concerns, consider reading our article on Kayak safety.

Kayak competition

There are quite a few websites out there like Kayak, each with its own unique qualities. Priceline allows users to name their price in order to get exclusive booking deals as they negotiate with Priceline's partners. FlipKey is a property rental website with verified property owners and over 5000 daily deals. Orbitz offers discounts with a superior rewards program, so the more you use Orbitz, the more money you save. And Hotwire.com is able to offer such low prices by having the user book before knowing which brand they are booking with. To learn more about these competitors, check out our article on the best websites like Kayak here.


That’s our introduction to Kayak.com! In the rest of our course on Kayak, we’ll break down how to stay safe while using Kayak, and review Kayak so you can decide if it’s going to be the travel website for you. If you’re interested, we can also teach you how to sign up for an account, and how to use it to book travel. Consider reading our other articles so you can become a Kayak.com pro!