Reddit Review

So far, we've explained how Reddit works, as well as how its premium subscription service — Reddit Gold — works.  Now, we'll take a detailed look at Reddit's virtues and flaws.  Hopefully, they'll help you decide if Reddit is the place you want to go to find out and discuss what's happening on the Internet right now… or if you should read somewhere else.


  • Free to use and join — You can see most of what there is to see on Reddit without needing to sign up for an account.  If you feel like getting in on the action, though, registering for an account is fast, doesn't require a lot of personal information (just your email address), and — best of all — it's free!

  • Keeping it simple — Reddit's main interface is pretty sparse, but in some ways, that's a good thing.  Most functions are straightforward once you know how they work, and there aren't a lot of flashy distractions that would cause you to get lost within the website.

  • A hot topic for every occasion — Reddit is a massive website where people can share and discuss almost anything.  Whether you're into animals, technology, sports, politics, jokes, movies, or whatever else, chances are good that there's a "subreddit" where people are talking about what you're interested in!


  • Simplicity comes with constraints — In part because of Reddit's simple design, some of its features are a bit restrictive or technical to use.  For example, you can only post one kind of content (text, picture, or hyperlink) at a time.  Also, you have to use special codes if you want to give your text special effects, or use the search functions to their fullest capability.

  • How free is free speech? — Reddit has a bit of a reputation as an "anything goes" sort of website.  Sure, it has rules and moderators that have been cutting down on deliberately offensive material over the years, but not all material is free of controversy (or "safe for work", as they put it).  Fortunately, you can avoid most of this material through your settings and search parameters.

The bottom line: 7.5/10

Reddit is one of the most popular social networks of its kind, rivalling even the likes of Facebook.  It was built on the principle of giving the power back to Internet users to openly share and discuss what news and stories mattered to them, instead of having content filtered through the editorial boards of mainstream news institutions.  To that end, Reddit's simple design lends itself to quick and easy navigation, search, and posting of content.  This, in turn, has aided Reddit in expanding into a website where you can find a forum on almost any topic to share and discuss news and stories about.  Best of all, Reddit is free, whether you want to contribute stories and comments or just play the part of the interested observer.

Reddit isn't perfect by any means, though.  While its minimalist interface is one of its strengths in some ways, it also makes certain functions (such as searching Reddit) a bit tricky to use without a bit of technical knowledge.  And while Reddit has made an effort to curb deliberately offensive content or comments on its website, it is still committed to principles of free speech, and allows material that some people may find controversial.

Some people may love Reddit, and find it liberating to freely read about and discuss topics that interest them alongside people who share those interests.  There is, after all, a "subreddit" for almost every niche imaginable, from random thoughts to pictures of gorgeous natural environments to news stories that are almost too bizarre to be true.  Other people, however, may find it only mildly interesting, due to its simple design, lack of functionality, and content scheme driven by mostly younger Internet users (i.e. between the ages of 18 and 29).


Maybe the best way to figure out if you'll like Reddit or not, though, is to actually visit it and explore it.  It costs you nothing to do so, and if you like what you see, getting involved in one of the largest social news forums on the Internet doesn't come with a price tag, either!  If you want in on the ground floor of Reddit, we'll walk you through setting up a Reddit account in our next tutorial.

Reddit Gold

So, we've given you a brief introduction to what Reddit is and how it works.  Now, we're going to take a slight detour and talk to you about Reddit Gold, the premium-tier membership option for

So what is Reddit Gold, and what does it do?

Reddit Gold is the premium subscription service for Reddit, and it offers several benefits.  These include the ability to switch off ads, customize the look of Reddit with themes, highlight new comments on a particular thread, track already-clicked links across multiple devices, and more.

For a list of other benefits of a Gold subscription, see this page on Reddit.

How much is Reddit Gold?

Reddit Gold costs about $4 per month if paid for monthly, or about $2.50 per month if paid for annually (about $30 for an annual subscription).  Reddit also has a promotion where, if you send a postcard to their headquarters in San Fransisco, California, U.S.A., you will receive Reddit Gold free for one month.

Postcards can be mailed to Reddit at the address below:

P.O. Box 7775
San Francisco, CA
94120 – 7775

Is Reddit Gold worth it?

Obviously, Reddit Gold will be most worth it for you if you browse and post content frequently.  However, in a larger sense, Reddit Gold is most worth it if you like the way Reddit runs: independently, and with minimal advertising.  Buying a Reddit Gold subscription helps keep Reddit that way.


Anyway, that's a bit of information about Reddit Gold.  In our next tutorial, we'll look at the pros and cons of Reddit.

What Is Reddit and How Does It Work?

There are many different outlets for news and stories on the Internet today, from professional journalistic institutions to independent investigative reporters to the odd conspiracy theorist.  But what if there was a news website where all of its content was selected — or even created — by the people that used it?  What if the website gave its users almost full control over what stories were worth talking about, from world-shaking current events right down to the little moments that make life enjoyable?  Well, you'd have a website that looked an awful lot like Reddit.

Reddit is a social news and media aggregation website, as well as a online discussion forum.  Users can visit various topic categories (called "subreddits") and post links, pictures, or stories.  Other users can then respond to posts or other comments, and vote on the popularity of posts and comments.

How Reddit works: 6 cool things to do on Reddit

1. Join a vast community of Internet users on Reddit… for free!

Reddit has over 200 million registered users, and becoming a part of that community won't cost you a cent!  Just pick a username and a password, and then enter and verify your email address.  That's it!  You are officially a "Redditor"!

Signing up for a Reddit account

2. Share stories on Reddit that are important to you.

Is there a breaking news story that you want to draw people's attention to?  A funny picture that you think will leave others in stitches?  A personal life experience that you'd like some advice or input on?  Whatever you want to share on Reddit, just write your thoughts down, upload an image, or type in a hyperlink.  Then, give your post a title, pick which subreddit you want it to appear in, and then submit it.

Posting a picture or hyperlink on Reddit

3. Have your say about what you see on Reddit.

If you enjoy something that you find on Reddit, you can "upvote" it; you can also "downvote" it instead if it rubs you the wrong way.  Or, if you encounter something thought-provoking, you can leave a comment on a post or another user’s comment.  Who knows… other people may show their appreciation for what you have to share by "upvoting" your submissions!

Responding to a comment on a Reddit post

4. Use Reddit's search functions to pinpoint content that you want to find.

Reddit is a vast website, but that doesn't mean that you have to spend hours browsing it if there's something that you're looking to find immediately.  Just type in a few key words, and Reddit will search for subreddits, posts, and comments that contain your search terms.  You can sort your results in various ways, or limit them to those posted within a certain time frame.  There are also special search modifiers that you can use to search for posts by title, author, subreddit, type, and more!

Searching Reddit using advanced search parameters

5. Indulge your curiosity with the popular "ask me anything" (A.M.A.) subreddits.

Some of the most popular subreddits on Reddit are what are known as A.M.A.s, or "ask me anythings".   These are where Reddit users introduce themselves based on something interesting about who they are or what they've done, and other users get to ask them any questions that they want.  Some are about mundane life experiences, while others are about people who have done exceptional things (such as achieving a rare sporting feat or surviving a dangerous situation).  And still others are thought-provoking conversations with celebrity guests, including athletes, scientists, politicians, and more!

6. Buy a Gold subscription to get even more features and keep Reddit independent.

If you want even more out of Reddit, consider getting a subscription to Reddit's premier membership service, Reddit Gold.  With a subscription, you can do all sorts of neat things, like block all advertisements, customize your experience with themed interfaces, automatically tell what's new on any particular post, and more!  Plus, by subscribing to Reddit Gold, you're helping it remain an independent company and rely less on advertising revenue to keep functioning.


That's a brief introduction to what Reddit is and does!  In the rest of our Reddit course, we'll go over topics such as how to create an account, how to post various types of content, how to search Reddit, and how its famous "ask me anything" subreddits work.  If you want to get a finger on the pulse of what the Internet is talking about, Reddit is a good place to go.