Techboomers Categories

At Techboomers, we offer tutorials on a wide variety of websites and Internet-based services.  However, we know that not every one of them will necessarily interest you, so we've tried to group similar kinds of websites together in order to help you narrow down what you're looking for.  You can find these categories at the top of pretty much any page on our website:

Techboomers course categories

Here's a quick rundown of the kinds of websites and services that you'll see tutorials for in each category.


This category contains websites and services that help you connect and communicate with other people… sometimes, even if they're halfway across the world!  These include so-called "social media networks" such as Facebook and Twitter, which let you organize and keep track of the activities of people and things you know and like.  They also include tools for communicating and sending computer files in various ways over the Internet, from electronic mail clients like Gmail to services like Skype that even let you make phone calls or have video chats!  As a final example, they include dating websites like eHarmony and Match, in case you're looking to connect with someone on a more romantic level.


This category contains websites and services that provide information about, or access to, common forms of popular culture.  These include information outlets such as the movie and television data collection at IMDb or celebrity and trend news at Buzzfeed.  These also include services that let you experience movies, television shows, and music right on your computer, such as Netflix, YouTube, and Rdio.  Also expect to see online game and humour collections in this category, including Funny or Die, a comedy website created by famed actor Will Ferrell.


This category contains websites and services that aid you with shopping in real life, or allow you to purchase things on your computer without visiting a store.  These include discount voucher websites like Groupon, where you can print reduced-price tickets or coupons to use on a specific product at a specific store.   These also include online travel booking websites such as Expedia and Airbnb, where you can reserve accommodations without having to visit an actual agent.  You can even find online marketplaces where you can purchase goods from big box stores or third party sellers here, such as Craigslist and Amazon.


This category contains websites and services that provide useful information that promotes education and discovery.  This can include a service like StumbleUpon, a website that allows you to find new content on the Internet based on what you already like.  It can also include information hubs for things like genealogy with, health advice with WebMD, or just general information with Wikipedia.  We've also included databases such as Goodreads (for books), in this category.


This category contains websites and services that can assist you with your everyday living.  These include specialized directories that help you find people or businesses, such as Yelp.  They also include search engines such as Google Search and DuckDuckGo, comprehensive weather information at Wunderground, or file storage services like Dropbox.  As some final examples, they include money-management services such as Google Finance, or accessibility tools like Google Maps.

50+ Adults

This category contains websites and services that are specifically designed with older adults in mind.  These include older adult companionship and dating services such as Stitch, social learning communities for older adults such as Sixty and Me, and information and interest websites such as Senior Planet.

Internet 101

This category isn't actually about websites; rather, it's a general introduction to important Internet concepts.  Our "Introduction to the Internet" course, for example, explains what the Internet is, where it came from, how it differs from the World Wide Web, and what people commonly use it for.  "Internet Safety" covers how to protect yourself against viruses, hackers, and email scams, and contains some general precautions and etiquette for interacting with others online.  "Internet Privacy" explains how your information is tracked and collected on the Internet, and offers some ways that you can keep your online activity to yourself.  Finally, "Passwords" goes over what makes (or doesn't make) a strong password, and offers some tips for keeping the passwords for your Internet accounts organized.

What is Techboomers?

Techboomers is an education and discovery website that provides free tutorials of popular websites and Internet-based services in a manner that is accessible to older adults and other digital technology newcomers.  Steve Black, our CEO, came up with the idea one day when he was teaching his parents how to use Facebook, and was amazed to find that there were very few tutorials on the Internet that were both easy-to-understand and up-to-date for even the most basic functions of a website as widely-used as Facebook.  Not one to pass up an entrepreneurial opportunity, Steve set out to assemble a team of technology experts who could help him fill the need that he had found… and here we are today!

Techboomers has courses on all types of websites, from social networks such as Facebook and Twitter to online shopping at Amazon and Expedia to general tools for living like Google Search and Weather Underground (Wunderground).  We also have both text-and-picture and video tutorials, so how you want to learn is up to you. 

Sign up for an account, and you can keep track of your progress learning about the services that you're interested in.  Just pick a course that you want to track, and check off each tutorial in that course when you've completed it.  That way, if you have to take a break in the middle of learning how to use a website, you can come back and pick up right where you left off.  When you mark all of the tutorials in a course, the course will show up in your "Completed Courses" section, so you can be proud and reflect on what you've learned!  Also, signing up for an account lets you get our weekly newsletter, so you can stay up-to-date on the courses and features that we're rolling out next!

We're bringing "technology" and "baby boomers" together … that's why we're called "Techboomers"!  We're here to help you gain confidence with using the Internet to improve your quality of life and expand your social connections.

Who is Techboomers?

Techboomers founder and CEO Steve Black

Steve Black, Founder and C.E.O.

Steve Black is a serial entrepreneur who came up with the idea for Techboomers while looking for an entrepreneurial opportunity that brought purpose into his life.  Having studied software engineering at the University of Waterloo, he specializes in Search Engine Optimization and other online marketing strategies.

Outside of work, he enjoys running with his chocolate lab, Samson, and playing just about any kind of board game.  He also played professional poker for two years, winning over $1.5 million in both online cash games and live World Series of Poker and World Poker Tour tournaments.


Techboomers content writer Corbin Hartwick

Corbin Hartwick, Content Writer

Corbin joined Techboomers in October of 2014 as one of its first full-time team members.  He is responsible for writing all of the lessons on Techboomers, making sure that they are as informative and easy-to-understand as possible.  A graduate of the Master of Arts in Communications and New Media program at McMaster University, Corbin was eager to join the Techboomers team in order to apply his skills in research, writing, and technology.

When not writing for the Techboomers team, Corbin is a video game enthusiast. He also enjoys watching sports, cartoons, and stand-up comedy. When the weather's nice, you can find him riding his bike along the trails of his hometown.


Techboomers marketing specialist Matt Ossachuk

Matt Ossachuk, Marketing and I.T. Specialist

Matt joined the Techboomers team in mid-2015 to help build and maintain partnerships with institutions and organizations that could benefit from what Techboomers does.  A graduate of the Bachelor of Business program at McMaster University, Matt was excited by the idea of connecting with libraries and other technology training institutions and offering to supplement their lessons with Techboomers' free material.

When he's not making business calls, Matt likes to play video games, attend concerts, or watch hockey (especially if his favourite team, the Winnipeg Jets, is playing).  When he's outdoors, you can usually find him rollerblading around the community, or working on his car in his garage.


Techboomers video producer Alyson McLeod

Alyson McLeod, Video Producer

Alyson joined Techboomers in December of 2014.  She came on board to bring the articles to life by creating videos for the most popular tutorials. Another graduate of McMaster University, Alyson has a Bachelor of Arts in English and Multimedia. 

When not behind her computer, she enjoys being behind a microphone. She has presented at student conferences, been a panellist at the Ontario Library Association super conference, and has filled the role of MC for numerous community events.

To unwind, Alyson enjoys a good cup of coffee, organizing brunch among friends, and training to complete her second triathlon.


Techboomers brand ambassador Abby Stokes

Abby Stokes, Brand Ambassador and Digital Literacy Strategist

Abby is one of the foremost authorities in North America on teaching computer skills to older adults and other newcomers to digital technology.  In-person courses, web seminars, visits to libraries and senior centers, consulting with technology training groups… if there's a way to teach technology, Abby has done it.  She's even author of a best-selling digital technology guidebook called Is This Thing On?: A Friendly Guide to Everything Digital for Newbies, Technophobes, and the Kicking & Screaming.

Abby is a firm believer that there is a way for anyone to learn technology… they just have to muster the courage to find it! We are honored to have her as part of the Techboomers team, letting people know about us at her sessions and events.


Techboomers lead tester Linda Black

Linda Black, Tester Extraordinaire

Linda was the main inspiration behind Techboomers. Her desire to learn digital technology was what prompted her son, Steve, to create a website that could teach her and others like her how to use computers and the Internet at their own pace. Now, she provides valuable feedback, insight, and perspective on the courses we offer here at Techboomers. It's thanks to her that we're able to write our tutorials in a language that our users can relate to, regardless of how well they understand digital technology.