So, we've explained what is and how it works.  Now, it's time to answer the big question: will be your go-to source for booking rental properties for trips, or will it leave you tripping at the starting line for your vacation plans?  Here's our assessment of the website.


  • Choose from over 8 million listings — is partnered with lots of different rental property booking websites, such as HomeAway,, Wimdu, and 9Flats.  That allows them to offer millions of available rental properties at the same time, whereas individual booking websites may only have thousands.

  • Make sure that you get the best price — compares the prices of listings across all of the websites that it's partnered with.  That way, even though a property may be listed on multiple websites, you can make sure that you're booking it from the website with the lowest price.

  • Get the amenities that you want — Are you looking for a property with a certain number of bedrooms or bathrooms?  Or perhaps one that has wireless Internet or is pet-friendly?  Let know, and it will narrow your search to properties that have exactly what you want out of them.

  • Get exclusive discounts — Sign up for the e-mail list for and you can get exclusive promotional codes to save even more money on your bookings.  Plus, will point you in the direction of some of its best-value deals!


  • Bookings and prices not always entirely consistent — Most of the properties on can only be booked through its partner websites.  This means that you have to get used to the interfaces of each one, and that some may have extra booking fees while others do not.  Be sure to check the fee policies of the partner websites before you book with them.

The bottom line: 9/10 is a very useful tool when you're looking for a rental property to book during a trip out of town.  The fact that it's partnered with over 35 rental property booking websites means that you can pick from many more listings than you could on a single one of those websites.  Plus, compares prices between listings on different for you, so you won't need to worry about overpaying for a booking on one website when you could have booked it for less money on another website.  You can even sign up for deal alerts and get daily discounts to save even more money on your bookings!

The main hang-up with is that its booking system isn't very consistent.  There are some properties that can be booked through, but most of them have to be booked through the main website that they're listed on.  This means that you have to figure out how each website works in order to make a booking.  In addition, some partner websites may charge booking fees or other expenses above and beyond the listed rate, so you have to be wary of that, too.


Anyway, that's our take on  If you want to give it a spin yourself and see what it's like, our next tutorial will show you how to search the listings on

What Is + How Works

Booking a rental property instead of a hotel can be a fun way to get a different experience when you're away on vacation, and maybe even save some money.  But there are lots of different booking websites out there, so how do you know what's available or what the prices are like without checking them all out?  Fortunately, that's where comes in.

So what exactly is is a search engine for rental property listings.  It collects listings from affiliated websites, and then compares their prices so that you can get the best one.  It also allows you to search listings for specific amenities, or sign up to receive daily discounts through promotional codes.

Oh, and did we mention that using is 100% free?  Because it is!

How works: 4 reasons why you should use

1. Choose from over 8 million rental properties listed worldwide.

From Berlin to Myrtle Beach, from Rio de Janiero to San Francisco, has partnered with over 35 major rental property booking websites worldwide.  That allows you to search many more listings from all over the globe than you would be able to on an individual booking website.

2. Select the amenities that you're looking for.

Looking for a place within a specific price range?  Or maybe you want it to have a certain number of bedrooms or bathrooms?  Or maybe you're looking for a place with a pool, wireless Internet, or amenities for pets?  Whatever you want in a rental property, just let know, and they'll filter your search results for you!

3. Compare listing prices to make sure that you get the best one.

Sometimes, a rental property will be listed on more than one booking website at a time.  Fortunately, has done the work for you in this regard, as they'll show you the nightly rate for all of the websites that a particular listing is posted on.  From there, just pick the website that you want to book with, and away you go!

4. Get even better prices by signing up for daily deals

All that you need is an email address to get even more out of  Just sign up for their daily deals, and you'll get promotional codes that you can use towards bookings on their partner websites.  They'll even point you in the direction of some of their most popular but best-valued deals!


Our course will show you around the website.  We'll touch on how to search for rental property listings by entering your destination and check-in / check-out dates, how to filter listings by specific location and/or amenities, and how to sign up for more daily deals on  Planning a vacation is a lot of work… but finding the right rental property to stay at won't be with!