Upworthy Review

In our last article, we talked a little bit about what Upworthy is.  Now, it's time for our preliminary verdict: will Upworthy be worthy of your praise, or will it get a thumbs-down from you?  Here are some things that we feel are good and bad about Upworthy.


  • Feel good for free — Upworthy doesn't cost any money to use.  You won't have to pay to find stories, view them, or share them with your friends.

  • Lots of different ways to get inspired — Upworthy has many different motivational stories on a variety of topics.  Some are about cool developments in science and technology.  Some are about ways to take better care of your health.  And some are just about how to be a better person for the people around you, especially beyond merely those whom you love and care about.

  • Nobody became poor by giving — Upworthy stories are made to be shared.  You can post links to them on your Facebook or Twitter feeds, or follow the authors on Facebook or Twitter to see what else they're writing about.  Maybe some of your friends can get some inspiration from an Upworthy story that you share with them!


  • Simple… but overly so? — Upworthy is a simple website to use, mainly because there isn't a whole lot that you can do on it.  While this is advantageous in some ways, there are other parts of the website that might benefit from a bit more functionality, such as the interfaces for browsing and searching for stories (which are the core of Upworthy).

  • Quit playing games with my heart —  Many feel that the titles of stories on Upworthy are purposely designed merely to pique the curiosity of potential readers, rather than give an accurate representation of what the story is about (and the website's founders don't deny this, either).  In addition, the stories themselves have been criticized as too heavily embodying liberal-progressive (i.e. left-wing) political values, and appealing to emotions instead of providing factual analyses of all sides of complex issues.  In other words, it's a website full of stories, but it's not really a professional news website.

The bottom line: 7.0/10

Upworthy is tricky to rate because its value depends on how closely you are able to identify with the content matter.  On a general level, the pros of the website are that it's free to use, offers inspirational stories on various topics, and makes it easy to share its content with your friends.  However, the interface is a bit overly simple.  The biggest criticism of Upworthy by far, though, is that its content is alleged to be too sensationalist and politically biased (especially with respect to its cliff-hanger headlines), and doesn't cover all of the facts and angles of a story (like professional journalism would or should).

Upworthy's motto is "Things that matter".  However, what matters to the people who run Upworthy — or at least the angle with which they cover it — may or may not matter too much to you.  You may have to do a bit of work to bypass the overly-political stuff and get to the stories that everyone can feel good about.


Sometimes, though, the best way to know whether you'll like something or not is to try it out.  Our next tutorial will show you how to get around on the Upworthy website.

What is Upworthy?

A significant number of people these days don't like following the news.  And we don't blame them.  It seems that regardless of whether it's on TV, on the radio, in the newspaper, or online, the news is full of stories of death, destruction, greed, hatred, and despair.  Wouldn't it be better if there was someone covering stories that were more uplifting and inspirational?  Wouldn't it be nice if there was someone collecting stories that could inflame your passions and motivate you to make a positive change in the world?  Well, that's the idea behind Upworthy.com.

So what exactly is Upworthy?

Upworthy is a website that shares and produces inspirational and motivational stories on various topics. Issues include identity, citizenship, health and wellness, popular culture, and work and money.  It is free to access, and you can share the stories that you find over social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

How Upworthy works, in four simple steps

1. Get on Upworthy, and browse for a story concerning a topic that you're interested in.

Upworthy has stories on various issues that can restore your faith in humanity, or inspire you to take action.  Want to be a better person to those around you?  Want to become a more politically-engaged citizen?  Want to do something towards taking better care of yourself?  Upworthy has a story that will light a fire inside you.

Browsing a category of Upworthy stories

2. Search Upworthy for a story that includes keywords that you care about.

If you're looking for a story on Upworthy and you're not sure what category it would fit into, you can use its Google-powered search tool instead to find a story that contains specific words or phrases.  Most of the little tricks that work in Google Search are useable in Upworthy's search tool as well, and you can skip back and forth between pages of results until you find a story worth scoping out.

Searching Upworthy for specific stories

3. Enjoy the stories that you find on Upworthy, and then pass them along when you're done.

Sure, an Upworthy story can motivate you, but it's even better when it can motivate your friends as well!  Once you've read a story on Upworthy, if you think that some of your friends could use a bit of inspiration, you can post a link to the story easily through Facebook or Twitter!

Sharing a story on Upworthy through Facebook or Twitter

4. Get more positivity daily by following Upworthy and its writers.

You can also check out what Upworthy's authors are up to when they're not writing articles for Upworthy, for perhaps even more inspirational and motivational stories.  Plus, you can even follow Upworthy on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or your email client, so you'll be the first to know when more empowering content from Upworthy is available!

Following Upworthy on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or email


Well, that's a quick look at what Upworthy is, and what it does!  Next, we'll go into detail about what makes Upworthy great and not-so-great in our review article.