Wix Review

Now that we've outlined how much Wix costs to use, let's review its major strengths and weaknesses. Will Wix make all of your website-building wishes come true, or will it leave you wistful for a better solution?  Here's what you need to know.


  • Mostly free to use — You can use the platform to create a free website with unlimited pages, up to 500 megabytes of storage space for multimedia files, and free hosting… assuming that you don't mind using a default Wix domain name.

  • No code knowledge required — Wix doesn't require you to know anything about how to write computer code.  Its interface works entirely like a desktop publishing program.  Drag and drop elements wherever you want them, and then use simple button-based commands to resize them, edit the text in them, hyperlink them to other pages, and more!

  • Get a head start with templates — Wix won't leave you hanging to build your website completely from scratch.  Pick one of numerous templates to start your website with, based on what you're going to use it for.  Will it be for breaking news?  Food recipes?  Showing off your art portfolio?  Advertising your business?  It's up to you.


  • Limited features, unless you pay — Though you can use the service for free, certain options are locked or otherwise restricted unless you buy a premium subscription.  These include limited storage space and bandwidth for uploading and playing multimedia files, as well as having to see Wix-sponsored advertisements on your website and the inability to use a custom domain name.

  • What you pick is what you get — You can only select one template to use for your website on Wix.  Once you choose that template, you cannot choose another one to use on a different page of your website.  Also, if you want to change your website's template after you've already picked it, you will have to delete your current website and create a new one.

  • Shutting down requires a lot of cleanup — Deleting your Wix account is no simple matter.  You must first cancel your premium subscription (if you have one), move your domain name from Wix (if you have one) to another Wix account or web host, delete all websites connected to Wix, and then submit a request to delete your account to customer service.

The bottom line: 7.5/10

As one of the simpler services for creating your own website, Wix is pretty good at what it does.  Its entire interface is image-based, like a desktop publisher, so all that you need to do to edit your website is drag, drop, and click stuff; no coding is required.  You also get to pick one of a number of nifty templates to help you get the look of your site laid out before you start.  And it gives you a reasonable number of features for free, such as free website hosting, 500 megabytes of storage space to store your media files, and unlimited pages per website.

Wix has a few shortcomings, though.  Without a premium subscription to Wix, your website will be somewhat limited in what it can do.  For example, you will see Wix-sponsored advertisements on your website, and you won't be able to integrate shopping features into your website if you want to use it to sell stuff.  A common annoyance on Wix is that you can't switch your website template without starting a new website and deleting the old one.  Additionally, you can't mix and match templates on different pages within the same website.  And if you want to delete your Wix account, you have to delete and cancel pretty much everything that you've done on Wix before you can even request your account's deletion.

So, is Wix good enough for you?

Overall, Wix is rather middle-of-the-road good when it comes to website creation services.  It offers a good balance of simplicity & ease-of-use and functionality for free (or at least a reasonable price).  If you're looking for sites like Wix that are simpler or more feature-rich, check out the best Wix alternatives in this article


Well, that's what we think of Wix.  If you'd like to take it for a spin yourself and see how our rating measures up, our next tutorial will give you a quick tour of how to use Wix!

Wix Pricing and Premium Plans

Now that we've told you a bit about what Wix is and how it works, we're going to go over how much it costs to use.  We'll break down the benefits of each of the plans the platform offers you, and help you decide if and when they would be right for you. Each pricing plan has its benefits, but depending on your needs, you may not need to pay for Wix at all. Read below to help you decide how much money (if any) you need to invest to get the most for your Wix website.

Is Wix free?

Wix can be used for free. This gives you unlimited web pages, 500 megabytes of memory storage space, and a secure, mobile-friendly website that you can drag and drop elements onto to create. However, Wix has premium plans that give various upgrades, such as more storage space and the ability to remove Wix ads. There are five premium plans to choose from in addition to the free service, each with more added benefits than the last.

How pricing works

The cost of Wix depends on which plan you choose, ranging from free to the VIP plan for $24.92/month. Each upgrade unlocks one to three additional features, such as upgraded bandwidth and additional memory storage.  These can help make your website more complex, and potentially target a larger audience.

Wix price plans: what do you really need?

If you decide the free plan is not meeting your needs, you may be considering subscribing to a premium plan to get more features. If this is the case, there are four main things you need to consider before choosing a plan.

1. What is your target audience?

One of the most basic concerns when designing your website should be: who are you trying to reach with this information? This will significantly affect which price plan you need, as reaching a smaller or less diverse audience will not require the same features on your website that reaching a larger audience may require.  In this case, the free or basic plan would probably suffice. If you are trying to target a large audience, or are thinking about selling goods or services, you may want to consider a premium subscription.

2. Is this for business or personal use?

You'll probably only need the free version if you're thinking of building a personal website, blog, or informative website.  Similarly, if you're just building a website for fun or as a hobby, the free option would likely facilitate your needs. Once you start thinking about creating a website to promote your business (or, by extension, to earn revenue), you may want to consider an upgraded plan. Think carefully about the monthly cost of using Wix, and consider whether or not you can earn more than that off your website. If the answer is no, there is really no need to upgrade your subscription.

3. How much do you have in your budget?

Starting a new business can be difficult, and your budget is often very tight. In addition, if you are using Wix for fun, you probably don’t want to invest a lot of money into developing your website. Make sure you have the money to continue your subscription — potentially for years to come — if you upgrade. If you run out of money and have to downgrade your subscription, your website could take a substantial hit.  Furthermore, this hit could be unnecessary when a less costly or free plan may have been sufficient in the first place.

4. Which features do you absolutely need?

Make sure to check out our table below that compares all the features of each price plan. This will help you decide which features are essential to your website, and which ones you can live with out. Try creating a list of what features you need, and then see which plan most closely matches that list. To give you a hand, we've also listed suggestions of what type of website would be best for each plan.

Comparison of Wix price plans

Wix price plans: how to make a decision

We’ve given you a lot to think about, but when it comes down to it, how do you actually make a decision on which plan is right for you? Our advice is to really think beforehand about what your needs are, and start out small – not big. With a service like Wix, it is always better to only pay for what you need rather than what you want, and nothing more. In fact, in most cases, paying for a lower-cost plan that gives you less than what you think you may need could be a good place to start.

We would even recommend that you use Wix’s free service first to create a practice website.  That way, you learn what features are already available to you.  From there, determine whether or not you need more features, and if so, decide which of those features are absolutely essential to creating your website. You can always upgrade your service and add features easily, but starting out big and then trying to downgrade your subscription is much more difficult.


That’s our analysis of the Wix pricing plans, including when they will be most useful to you.  If you’re ready to get started with Wix, check out our step-by-step tutorial on how to use Wix here.

If reading this article has made you unsure if its pricing plans are right for you, you may want to consider using one of its competitors instead, like Weebly.com or Jimdo.com. You can see what they have to offer you in this article on Wix's top competitors.

What Wix is and How to Start Your Site Today

These days, it seems that if you want to be found by lots of people at once, then you have to be on the Internet.  People need the ability to access information about you (or your products/services) in a matter of seconds, no matter where you are.  One of the simplest ways to have the online presence that you need is with your own website.

However, buying a domain name (that uniquely identifies your website on the Internet) can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. Add to that the expenses associated with running your own server computer to host your website on (or paying someone else to host it on theirs), and the cost of running your own website can really add up. So how do you get a custom website if you don’t have the funding to support it?

There are some websites out there that help you create your own website using their templates, and then host the website for you absolutely free! You can also typically manipulate the website's pages to get them to look exactly how you want, so you can customize your website for nearly any purpose! One of the most popular websites for doing all this is Wix.

Wix homepage

What can we tell you about Wix?

Wix.com is an online development platform that allows users to create websites that are compatible with both desktop computers and mobile devices. Users select a template to start their own website with, and then drag, drop, and edit different elements to build a website as big or as small as they want.

How does Wix work?

When you first visit Wix, you can select a template for your website (and Wix has many free templates for you to choose from). From there, you can alter every aspect of each page on your website to meet your needs. You can add text and images anywhere, and customize each page down to the last detail. And rather than needing to write the code for each page, you simply drag and drop each element onto the page, and then use individual toolbars to customize them.

Wix drag and drop technology

The platform's menus are so easy to use.  You can easily add text, images, videos, buttons, forms, menus, backgrounds, social media tools, and so much more to any page on your website. Simply click the Add + button, and then choose what kind of element you would like to add to the current page. Wix prompts you to make decisions at every step of the way until you’ve created exactly what you want. Then simply drag and drop your finished product wherever you like on the page.

Wix editing menus

3 reasons why you should start using Wix

1. You need a free host

Don’t have the money to buy a domain name or run your own server? Wix fixes that problem, allowing you to use most features of the website for free. Even if you want to set up a payment plan, or invest a small amount of money into additional templates, the platform will likely still end up costing you much less than hosting your own website on your own server.

2. You have little or no training in web development

Even if you can afford to host your own website, what do you do if you have no formal training in web development? You usually need to either learn how to do it yourself (which is very time consuming and likely expensive), or pay someone to develop your website for you. With Wix, though, working from templates requires much less knowledge of web development, and just a little of your own creativity!

3. You want an introduction into website development

If you just want to learn about web development and hone your skill in it in your spare time, without investing money or a significant amount of time, then Wix may be for you. You can practice editing and developing as many website pages as you want, and it's all for free! It can also be a great way to test out templates for your own website, in the event that you have already bought a web domain name or are paying to host a website.

When is Wix free, and how much can it cost?

Wix is free to sign up for and use, and gives users access to hundreds of templates and features for free. Users can also purchase premium plans to gain more and more features to the website, including more storage space, advertisement vouchers, and customer service. There are currently five plans to choose from.

Anyone can sign up and use the service for free by going to www.wix.com. If you want to purchase a premium plan for your website, you can visit www.wix.com/upgrade/website. The five Wix plans available for purchase (from least expensive to most) are “Connect Domain,” “Combo,” “Unlimited,” “eCommerce,” and “VIP.” Each plan adds additional features to try to suit your specific needs.  Plans range in price from $4.08/month to $24.92/month (with prices in U.S. dollars).

Wix price plans

To learn more about the costs associated with using the platform, and to see a detailed breakdown and comparison of each plan, visit our article on Wix pricing.

The pros and cons of Wix

If you’re interested in trying it out, there are a few things you should consider first. To start, Wix is mostly free to use. It also comes equipped with many free templates, so you don’t need to start from scratch when you begin building your website. It also requires no knowledge of code, so almost anyone can use it to build a website, even if they aren't that tech-savvy.. Even the free basic Wix website suits the needs of most people, and has helped thousands build their personal or business-related websites.

Though the basic website is free, you are limiting your features unless you pay for a premium plan. Some of the benefits of upgraded plans — such as increasing your file storage space or connecting your already-existing web domain to the platform — may be important to you, depending on your situation. You are also stuck with one template; after you choose it at the start, you cannot change it (unless you delete your website and start a new one), nor can you use different templates for multiple pages. It can also be a time-consuming and complex process to shut down your Wix account, should you decide to.

The history of Wix, and why it’s so popular

Wix is an Israel-based company that was founded in 2006 by Avishai and Nadav Abrahami, along with Giora Kaplan. When it first launched, it used Adobe Flash technology to help its users create their websites. Its service switched to an HTML5-based system in 2012, which attracted millions of additional users and (thus) helped increase the company's revenue significantly. By 2014, the service had over 51 million registered users in 190 countries.

Afterwards, Wix began exploring new avenues for potential revenue, including selling premium feature packages to users looking to build specific types of websites.  Examples include the Wix App Market for users to build and sell Internet or mobile device applications; Wix Hotels for businesses looking to facilitate online vacation accommodation bookings; Wix Music for musicians who want to sell their music online; and their newest development, Wix Restaurants, for users who want to build a website for their food service business.

Wix is so popular because it allows users with very little technical knowledge to build a website to promote themselves. By providing users with templates to work from, creating a custom website becomes easy.   Best of all, it does not require the complex process of hosting a domain, or the expense of hiring a web developer.

How hard will it be to set up my own website? And how long will it take?

Using Wix is easy because of the hundreds of templates it provides. It also has a toolbar that is similar to most word processors, so you can easily change fonts and backgrounds, or add images and videos to your web page. It is also simple to sign up for an account, so in a matter of minutes you can begin creating your website.

Using Wix to create your website can be time-consuming, however. It all depends on how complex you want your website to be, including how many pages it will be comprised of. However, in almost all cases, using it will be substantially faster than developing an HTML page from scratch, and significantly less expensive than paying a web developer to do it for you. The platform's editor is much simpler than learning to code in HTML.

Wix alternatives

There are quite a few websites like Wix out there, all with slightly different features to offer you. The most popular alternative is Weebly.com, which has the same concept and basic payment structure. Another popular alternative is Jimdo.com, which offers an online store option with its free service; this is different from Wix and Weebly, which require you to pay for a premium plan to unlock this feature. Another option is Shopify.com, which focuses on helping users set up an online storefront (and offers a free trial!). To learn more about these and other competitors, check out this detailed article


That’s our introduction to Wix. In the rest of our Wix course, we'll show you how to put together your very own website, from signing up for an account to picking the right template for your website to how to work some of the basic editing functions.