Wunderlist Review

Now that we've told you what Wunderlist is and how it works, and told you about how Wunderlist's subscription pricing is set up, it's time to have an in-depth look at the strong and weak points of Wunderlist.  Will it be your miracle app for keeping yourself organized?  Or will it leave you wondering why you ever thought it would be useful?  We'll break down a preview of it below.


  • Free gets you far — Most of Wunderlist's features can be used with a free account.  This is opposed to some of its alternatives, where entire functions (such as the ability to upload files to tasks or create subtasks) can be locked unless you have a paid subscription.

  • Very accessible — The Wunderlist interface is pretty clutter-free and easy to figure out.  In addition, Wunderlist can be used in many different places — the website itself, on your desktop computer, or on your tablet computer or smart phone.  And, unlike some of its competitors, your information synchronizes seamlessly between all of your Wunderlist apps whenever you need it, without needing a paid subscription!

  • Collaboration is a cinch — You can use Wunderlist just for yourself, but it's great for small groups, too!  Wunderlist is rather flexible when it comes to using it with multiple people, offering more functionality for free than some of its rivals.


  • The filing system is largely do-it-yourself — Though one of Wunderlist's strengths is its simplicity, it doesn't have some of the rich organizational features of certain other apps like it.  In particular, its searching and sorting capabilities are rather weak.

  • Get more, pay more — Although Wunderlist gives you a lot of features for free, if you need to remove the limits on those features, its subscription fees are rather expensive compared to similar apps.

The bottom line: 8/10

Wunderlist is a relatively easy-to-use task management tool that gives you quite a bit of functionality without you having to pay any money.  While other apps like Wunderlist require you to pay subscription fees to upload files to tasks, create sub-tasks within tasks, comment on tasks, or share lists and tasks with others, Wunderlist lets you use all of that without paying a dime.  It's also available pretty much wherever you need to get at it, whether that's the Wunderlist website, your desktop computer, or your mobile device.

Wunderlist has some shortcomings, though.  The first is that its internal task search and organization functions aren't that great compared to some of its competitors, which have rich features based on real-world workflow theories.  So, you're going to have to work out a filing system on your own.  The second is that Wunderlist's few limitations are expensive to remove, costing you upwards of $50 a year for a subscription.

Overall, Wunderlist is a simple, effective, and functional task management tool that is good for individuals or small work teams.  If you're looking for an organization app that's more suited for a larger business, though, you should probably look at some of Wunderlist's alternatives.


That's our verdict on Wunderlist, so now it's time to make your own!  Our next lesson will show you how to use the basic functions of Wunderlist.

Wunderlist Pricing

Is Wunderlist free?

Wunderlist is free to download and use, but some of its features are limited unless you get a paid subscription.  For instance, you can only upload files of a certain memory size to Wunderlist, delegate a limited number of tasks in a shared list, and break an objective down into a limited number of sub-tasks.

Wunderlist pricing

Wunderlist Free

Cost: free!

File size limit: 5 megabytes per file

Delegation limit: 25 "to-dos" per shared list

Sub-task limit: 25 sub-tasks per "to-do"

Background limit: 20 wallpapers for customizing Wunderlist

Wunderlist Pro / Wunderlist Business*

Cost: $4.99 per month, or $49.99 per year (save about 20%)

File size limit: none

Delegation limit: none

Sub-task limit: none

Background limit: 30 wallpapers for customizing Wunderlist

*Wunderlist Business offers basically the same features as Wunderlist Pro.  However, it allows you to group the subscription costs for each employee in your business who uses Wunderlist into a single invoice (instead of each employee having to pay for their own subscription).  It also allows you to add or remove team members as necessary, and downgrade the subscriptions of all employees to Wunderlist Free at once, if your team or its needs change (respectively).


That's a breakdown of the costs associated with using Wunderlist!

What is Wunderlist?

Keeping track of the important things that we need to do in life, beyond our day-to-day routine, is a seemingly never-ending challenge.  That's especially true when you're working with a group of people and need to split responsibilities between the different members.  Fortunately, there are plenty of tools and strategies out there to help people manage their priority to-dos, and one is a computer program from Germany called Wunderlist.  You can use it on Wunderlist.com, or download it to your desktop computer or mobile device so that you can be on top of your appointments and errands on the go.

So what exactly is Wunderlist?

Wunderlist is a task management tool available for multiple platforms.  It allows you to create checklists of related tasks, and then customize your tasks with various features.  You can write notes and comments about a task, set due dates or reminders, add sub-tasks, or even upload supplementary files!

How does Wunderlist work?  4 ways to use Wunderlist

1. Customizable task categories

You can create multiple different task categories, called "lists", in Wunderlist to keep track of different types of responsibilities.  For instance, you might have one list for special assignments from work, and one for family events and errands.  You can even share lists so that your family members or work partners who use Wunderlist can see them and the tasks within!

2. Richly interactive "to-dos"

Within each list, you can create a series of tasks called "to-dos", and check them off as you do them.  But there's so much more to to-dos than that!  You can set due dates or reminders for them, break them up into sub-tasks, add additional notes, discuss them with other people who have access to the list, or even upload files or voice recordings to them that can be shared with list invitees!

3. Simple search functions

Need to find something on Wunderlist?  Just type a word or phrase in the search box, and Wunderlist will search through all lists and to-dos for what you're looking for.  That includes notes, sub-tasks, and comments.  If you want to make searching easier, you can even use "hashtags"!

4. Available on the go

Wunderlist can be used from its own website, but if you need it to be more portable, you can have it that way!  You can download and install Wunderlist on your desktop computer, or get a version for your tablet computer or smart phone.  All of your Wunderlist apps can link to the same account, so there's no need about doing work in one place and not being able to access it in another!


Okay!  That's a brief introduction to what Wunderlist is and what it does.  Next, we'll go over the potential costs of using it, and then review its pros and cons.  Then, we'll show you how to use it on your device of choice!