Zoosk Review

Now that we've covered the basics of how Zoosk works, as well as how much it can cost, it's time to review the service.  Will it be your go-to website for finding love, or will it just leave you heartbroken?  Here are some things that we think are good and not-so-good about Zoosk.


  • Free to start — It's free to sign up for a Zoosk account, so you can take a tour of the website and see if you like it before you choose to sign up for a subscription and get invested in it.

  • Different ways to match — Zoosk gives you different options when it comes to how you want to find your matches.  You can search for people in your area based on different criteria, or you can take a chance on the "Carousel" function and see how many "likes" you get from a series of matches.  Or, if you want something more precise, try the "SmartPick" function, which pairs you with people based both on your criteria and your dating habits.

  • Learn as you go — When you create your Zoosk account, you're just asked a few questions about yourself.  You don't have to go through a big questionnaire of what you're into or what your ideal match likes, so you can start searching for love almost right away!  Zoosk will learn about whom you like, as well as who likes you, as you use the service anyway.


  • You have to do the legwork — Unlike some other dating websites, Zoosk doesn't give you a large questionnaire when you first create your account.  While this can be seen as a positive, it also means that you're going to have to use Zoosk a lot — including filling out your profile yourself and a lot of trial and error with people whom you "like" and who "like" you back — for it to get a good idea of whom you are likely to match with.

  • Love is expensive — Most of the main features of Zoosk are locked unless you have a paid subscription, including exchanging messages with other users.  In addition, some features are locked unless you have Zoosk coins, like seeing who has matched with you through the "Carousel" function, or seeing if a message you have sent has been viewed or not.  And Zoosk coins cannot be earned; they must be bought.

The bottom line: 7 / 10

Zoosk is a dating website that fosters discovery as you use it.  The more you send messages, like people, and fill out your profile, the more you will discover about your dating habits and what kinds of people you attract.  To help with that, it's free to start, and you can find matches in multiple ways.  However, this means that you have to get really invested in Zoosk in order to get the most out of it.  This is made difficult by the fact that a lot of its features are locked unless you purchase a paid subscription, Zoosk coins, or both.  This can make Zoosk very expensive to use.

If you'd like to see how Zoosk stacks up to other websites of its kind, such as eHarmony.com and Match.com, here's an overview of Zoosk compared to its competitors from our friends at DatingAdvice.com!


Anyway, that's what we think of Zoosk.com.  If you'd like to take a tour of it yourself and see what it's like, our next lesson will be on how to create a Zoosk account.

Is Zoosk Free? How Much Can Zoosk Cost?

Okay, so we've gone over what Zoosk is and how it works.  Now, how much does it cost?  When is it free?  These are the questions that we'll be answering in this article.

When is Zoosk free?

Zoosk is free to use, but some of its most popular features require a paid subscription.  For example, you need a paid subscription to chat or exchange messages with anyone else on Zoosk.  You also need a paid subscription to view people who have viewed your profile, or matches made through "SmartPick".

In addition, Zoosk has a system called "Zoosk coins" which you can use to get advantages on the website that go above and beyond what you get in a subscription.  These include highlighting yourself and your messages to other Zoosk users, buy virtual gifts for other Zoosk users, viewing the profiles of people you've been matched with through the "Carousel" function, and notifying you when your messages are received by other Zoosk users.

How much does Zoosk cost?

A six-month subscription to Zoosk costs $75 ($12.50 per month).  A three-month subscription to Zoosk costs $60 ($20 per month).  In addition, you can buy Zoosk coins in allotments of 1800, 480, or 180.  The largest allotment costs $100.  The medium allotment costs $40.  The smallest allotment costs $20.

To upgrade your Zoosk subscription, click Subscribe below the main functions pane.

To buy Zoosk coins, click on your profile picture in the top-right corner, and then click Coins.  From there, click Buy Coins.


That's a bit about the cost of Zoosk!  In our next tutorial, we'll review Zoosk's pros and cons.

What is Zoosk + How Zoosk Works

Some say that love is a game.  With Zoosk.com, that thought is more of a philosophy!  Search for people to match with, or take a chance with "Carousel" at finding love at first sight.  Send messages or flirts to other users, or even send virtual gifts to show them how you really feel about them!  And the more you use Zoosk, the better it is at figuring out the kinds of people whom you're into… as well as who is into you!

So what exactly is Zoosk?

Zoosk is a dating website that offers creative ways to find matches.  You can use basic searches, try and find mutual matches with the "Carousel" function, or use the "SmartPick" function to find people whom you're more likely compatible with.  As you use Zoosk, it learns about whom you like and who likes you. Zoosk is a more game-like dating website than competitors like eHarmony.com and Match.com, and so it tends to appeal to a younger audience.

How Zoosk works: 5 steps to using Zoosk

1. Sign up for a free Zoosk account.

Creating an account doesn't cost any money and takes very little time at all.  Just input your gender and what gender of matches you're looking for, your birthday, the general area in which you live, a profile photo, and a few tidbits about yourself.  From there, you're on your way to matching with someone on Zoosk!

2. Search for compatible matches using various criteria.

Are you looking for someone with a particular body build, religion, or ethnicity?  Are you looking for someone with or without children, or who is a non-smoker?  Let Zoosk know, and it will look for people who match what you're looking for in your general area.

3. Try a special way of finding a match on Zoosk.

Are you feeling lucky?  Try Zoosk's "Carousel" function.  Say "yes" or "no" to 100 possible matches, and see who likes you back!  You can also try the "SmartPick" function; based on the kinds of people whom you like and who like you, Zoosk will pair you with people who are likely to take interest in you.  Be quick, though; you only have a limited amount of time to "like" each person (or not)!

4. Communicate with your matches… and even send them gifts!

Once you find someone on Zoosk whom you like, send them a "smile" or a "like".  Better yet, send them a message introducing yourself and complimenting them on something that you like about them.  You can even send them a virtual gift, if you have Zoosk coins, to show them that you're really into them!

5. Learn about your dating habits with "Behavioural Matchmaking".

As you like other Zoosk members, and as they like you, you'll get insights into the kinds of people whom you're attracted to and whom you attract.  For example, they might be looking for a person of a certain religion.  Or maybe they're into a certain music group or celebrity.  Or maybe they like the fact that you don't smoke, or are a social drinker.  So the more you use Zoosk, the better it gets at matching you with other users!


The rest of our Zoosk course will discuss how much Zoosk costs to use, how to sign up for an account, and how to use the different features of the website and app.  We'll even throw in how to delete your account if you don't feel like using it anymore.  Zoosk believes that dating should be fun, so jump on in and discover who might be your soul mate!