Facebook Photos

Uploading photos to Facebook allows you to create digital photo albums that you can easily share with your family or friends. The other big bonus of uploading photos is that Facebook will save a copy of the photos on their servers, so if your computer ever breaks down and you lose the data on your own computer, you can always download them again from Facebook!

Adding Facebook Photos

You can easily share photos with friends by selecting Add Photo/Video on your Publisher, which is located on your Timeline and News Feed. A window will pop up that will allow you to go through your computer’s files to find the photo you wish to share.  Navigate through this window until you find the file that you want, click to select it, and then click Open to upload it to Facebook.

Creating Albums

Not every photo is a stand-alone photo. Sometimes you have a whole bunch of photos from a particular event that should be grouped together. In these cases, you can create an album to commemorate events such as “Summer of 2011” or “Florida Fishing Trip”.

On the left hand menu of your News Feed, click your profile picture at the top to take you to your Timeline. From there, click Photos.

Now, click Create Album.

A window will pop up that will allow you to choose which photos will go in your album.  To select more than one photo at a time, hold down the “Ctrl/Command” key while clicking on each photo. When you’ve selected all of the photos that you want to put in the album, click Open.

From here, you’ll be able to customize your album. The captions below corresponding to the spots we’ve numbered in the screenshot will describe some of the basic functions.

1. Album Title – Click here and type to give your album a name.

2. Description – Click here and type to add a general description for the entire album.

3. Location and Date – If all of the photos in the album were all taken in the same place or on the same day, you can apply a general location and date to all photos in the album here.

4. Added Photos – Any photos that will be uploaded to the album will appear here before you post the album. This gives you time to review, tag, or add a description to every photo before your friends can see them.

5. Tag Photos – Click this button, then click faces in the photo to tag your friends. Simply type in your friend’s name and click on their profile picture to tag them.

For more on what tagging is (with regards to Facebook), see our Facebook Tagging tutorial.

6. Photo Description – Click here and type to add a personal description for each photo.

7. Add More Photos – Hit this button to add more photos to your album. The process is the same as when you first created the album: navigate through the pop-up windows, select the file you want, and then click Open.

8. Audience Selector – Choose who gets to see this album from this menu.

9. Post Photos – When you’re finished, select this option to post the album to Facebook.

Facebook Cover Photo

A Facebook cover photo is the background to your profile page; it showcases your personality.  It is publicly visible, meaning that everyone on Facebook can see it.

To change your Facebook cover photo, go to your Timeline, and then move the mouse cursor over the camera icon in the upper left corner. When the Update Cover Photo button pops up, click it.

Select to upload a photo or choose from photos you’ve already posted to Facebook.

When you’ve selected a photo to use as your cover photo, you can click and drag your mouse to reposition the photo in order to change what your cover photo will display.  Sometimes, this will be necessary if the photo you select is too big for the allowed dimensions for cover photos.  When you’ve selected the area of the photo that you want to use as your cover photo, select Save Changes to save your cover photo.

And those are some of the different types of photos on Facebook, and how to work with them!

Facebook Events

With Facebook events, you’ll no longer have to worry about sending out invitations or calling up all of your friends to be able to get together. A Facebook event allows you to create an event page for your next party, invite your friends, and allow invitees to easily RSVP.

How to join a Facebook Event

Unless it’s public, you’ll need to be invited to a Facebook event in order to join it. If you receive an invite, it will show up in your General Notifications. It will also appear near the top of the left-hand menu, under Events. Click this button to see the entire list of upcoming events you’re invited to. It will also show a list of events coming up this week and which of your friends (if any) are attending.

You can select Join right from the event listings page, or you can click on the event to read more about it before joining. If you don’t want to join, you can select Decline. If you’re unsure if you can attend, select Maybe.  If you’ve selected Join and can no longer attend, you can change it from Going to Maybe or Not Going. If you don’t want any notifications from an event and want to remove it from your list of events, move your mouse cursor over it and click the “X” in the top-right corner.

On a public event, you can invite more people to the event by selecting Invite and then clicking either Choose Friends or Share Event (right onto your News Feed).

How to create a Facebook Event

If you have an upcoming BBQ or housewarming that you’re trying to put together, you can easily create your own Facebook event. Starting at the Event listing page, select Create in the top right hand corner.

Enter a name, description, location, date, and time for your event, and then select how visible you want your event to be:

  • Public – Anyone can see this event, even if they’re not on Facebook.
  • Open Event – Friends of anyone going to this event can see this event, as can anyone invited to this event by a guest.
  • Guests and Friends – Only people invited by a host or a guest can see this event.
  • Invite Only – Only people invited by the host can see this event.

In the bottom left corner of the window, select Invite Friends to invite people to your event. Scroll through their profile pictures and check off the box next to their name, or click in the top search bar, type the person’s name (Facebook will help narrow it down), and then click their name. Repeat either of these processes as necessary, then click Save when you have selected all of the people you want to invite.

When you’ve finished, click Create.

Once your event is created, you’ll still be able to invite more friends by typing their names into the “Invite Friends” search bar on the right-hand menu.

A Facebook event page is set up just like your profile page is. The captions below the screenshot will explain what the functions labeled by each number does.

1. Add Event Photo – Select this to add an event photo. Choose from Event Photos, My Photos, or Upload Photo. Navigate through the explorer window that appears, click the photo you want to use, and then click Open.

2. Guests – See how many people have been invited and whom has RSVP’d as “going,” “maybe going,” or “not going.”

3. Invite Friends – Click here, type in a friend’s name, and then click on them to invite them to the event.

4. Publisher – Write a status update for the event, add a photo/video, or ask a question about the event that others can vote on. It works pretty much the same way that it does in your Timeline.

5. Edit – Selecting edit will take you back to the pop up you saw when you first created the event. Here you can change the event’s date, time, name, details, location and privacy settings (Public, Open Invite, Guests and Friends, or Invite Only).

6. More – Here you can copy the event (creates the same event twice), export it to your email or contact guests. The last two options are useful if your friends prefer using other forms of communication over Facebook, but you still want to use Facebook to make planning the event easy.


And that’s how to join an event — or create an event and invite people to it — on Facebook!

Facebook Groups

What is a Facebook Group?

A Facebook group is an easy way to connect with people across the globe that share similar interests as you. You can be a part of a book club, or join a group that’s dedicated to supporting a worthy cause. You can even create your own group. As part of a group, you’ll be able to plan events and share information with other group members, even if they aren’t on your friends list.

Types of Facebook Groups

There are three types of Facebook groups:

  1. Open – Anyone can see the group and its posts, and anyone can join.
  2. Closed – Anyone can see the group name, but its posts can only be seen by members.  To join this group, you must receive and accept an invitation from a group member, or send a request to join the group and have it approved by a group member.
  3. Secret – You can only join this type of group if a current member invites you. Only current and former members can see the group’s name, and only current members can see posts.

How to join a Facebook Group

On the left-hand menu of your News Feed, under “Groups”, select Find New Groups.

Here you can groups that Facebook suggests based on your interests, groups your friends are in, or groups that are based in your geographical area. Simply click Join Group to join an open group or ask to join a closed group.

If you couldn’t find a group that suits you, but have an idea of a type of group you’d like to join, simply click on the main Facebook search bar and type in what you’re looking for.  Then, select See More Results in the drop down menu.

Select Groups to filter your search results. You can search for any type of group, from book clubs to music lovers to movie fanatics.

Why create a Facebook Group?

Facebook groups is a great way to connect with a specific group of people:

  • You can create a family-specific group to communicate privately with people in your family.
  • Create community groups to keep in touch with friends from the same geographical area.
  • Create an interest-based group to connect with people who have similar interests and hobbies as you.

How to create a Facebook Group

  1. Create a Facebook group by going to the left-hand menu of your News Feed.  Under “Groups”, select Create Group.

  2. Here you are able to set your own group name, select the type of privacy for the group, and invite as many of your friends as you want. To invite friends to the group, click the Members box, start typing in their name. and then click the full name of the person with the mouse (or press the “Enter” when they are highlighted).

  3. To remove someone you’ve already added in the “Members” section, click the “X” beside their name.
  4. When you are done, click Create.

Once you create your group, you’ll be redirected to the group homepage. You get to personalize it just like you did your profile. You can create a description and upload a cover photo.

You can also add more friends by clicking in the search box in the right-hand column, typing in their names, and then clicking to select them. You can also click Invite by Email to invite them by email.

Facebook Group Settings

When you’re on your group page, you’ll be able to change the settings for it by going to clicking the options button () and selecting Edit Group Settings.

From here you can change the name of your group, edit the description, change the type of group it is (open, closed, secret), and more.

And that’s a brief introduction of how to join, create, and edit groups on Facebook!