How Does Reddit Make Money?

As we outlined in our article on how many people use Reddit, Reddit is a rather large website that is pretty busy almost all the time.  So how does get the money to host all of its content and handle all of that Internet traffic?  We’ll explain below.

Reddit makes money by selling advertising space and affiliate hyperlinks on their website to qualified parties.  They also sell a premium subscription service called Reddit Gold, which offers users enhanced website features.  They have also earned money from investors such as Jared Leto and Snoop Lion.

Less prominently, Reddit has also made money from selling branded merchandise & third-party apps, posting sponsored content (such as its “Formative” series, done in collaboration with Google Cloud Platform), and being bought out by companies such as Condé Nast and Advance Publications.


That’s a bit of information about how Reddit makes (and has made) their money!  For more on Reddit’s premium subscription service, see our Reddit Gold article.

Next, we’ll introduce you to some alternatives to Reddit if you’d like to try a different website that’s similar to Reddit.

How Many People Use Reddit?

Reddit is a very large website, bringing together people from all over the world in communities discussing all sorts of topics.  But just how big is Reddit?  How many people use it, and how often is it used for certain functions?  This article will take a quick look at some of the numbers on Reddit.

Reddit website visitors and traffic statistics

According to Reddit themselves and SimilarWeb, as of 2015-2016:

  • Reddit has over 234 million unique registered users.
  • Reddit has almost 1.14 billion monthly visitors (both users and non-users) on average.
  • Reddit has almost 90,000 active message forums.
  • Over 8 billion pages on Reddit are viewed worldwide every day on average.
  • About 200,000 new topics are started on Reddit every day on average.
  • Almost 2 million comments are posted on Reddit topics every day on average.
  • On average, Reddit users collectively vote on topics and comments almost 25 million times daily.
  • Visitors to Reddit usually stay on the website for at least 13 minutes on average.
  • Reddit is the 12th most-visited website in the U.S.A., and 26th most-visited website worldwide.


Those are some quick facts about how many people use Reddit, and what they use it for! If you want to become one of Reddit’s users, check out our tutorial on how to create a Reddit account.

Next, we’ll take a look at how Reddit makes their money.