How to Reset Your Twitter Password

If you can’t get into your Twitter account because you forgot your password or think that someone else is using your account against your will, try resetting your password.  Here’s how to do it.

Steps to Reset Twitter Password

  1. Go to in your web browser.  In the log in box, click Forgot Password?

  2. On the next screen, click in the highlighted box and type in your Twitter user name, or the email address or phone number (if you have provided the latter) associated with your Twitter account.  Then click Search.  This will let Twitter find and identify your account.

  3. Once Twitter finds the information associated with your account, you will have a choice as to how you want to get the information required to reset your password: by text message on your phone, or by email.  Click the button beside the choice you want, and then click Continue.

    (NOTE: If the information for your phone or email doesn’t match up with what Twitter has found, click Click Here If This Isn’t Your Account to go back to step 2, and try a different piece of information to search for your account with.)

  4. In this case, I chose to get a link for resetting my password through email.  If you did, too, then log into your email account and open the email from Twitter titled “Reset your Twitter Password”.  Then, click Reset Your Password, or click the link highlighted in blue a little further down the page in the email.

  5. You will be taken to a screen where you will be able to enter a new password.  Click in the box labelled “Type Your New Password” and type in the new password that you wish to use for your Twitter account.  Then, click in the box labelled “Type Your New Password One More Time” and type in a copy of your new password.  (Both will appear as bullet points to keep others from seeing them over your shoulder.)  Then click Submit.

Great!  You can use your Twitter account again, and your password is reset!  Make sure to write down the new password so that you can remember it, and store it someplace safe so that only you know how to get to it!

How to Change Your Twitter Password

If you’d like to change your Twitter password to something that’s a little more secure or easy to remember, you can certainly do that.  Read on to find out how.

Steps to change a Twitter password

  1. Go to in your web browser and log in.

  2. Click on your profile picture in the top-right corner and select Settings from the drop-down menu.

  3. Click Password in the left-hand menu to make the password change screen appear.

    Click in the box labelled “Current Password” and type in the password that you are using for your account now.  Then click in the box labelled “New Password” and type in the password that you would like to use for your account.  Then click in the box labelled “Verify Password” and type in a copy of this password.  (All will appear as bullet points so that other people can’t see what you’re typing).  Finally, click Save Changes.

That’s all there is to changing a Twitter password!  Now, remember to write your new password down so that you won’t forget it, and be sure to store it someplace safe so that nobody else can find it!

How to Tweet with Twitter Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are a way for you to redirect to another page or window quickly by pressing one or two buttons. For some, this may be much quicker and easier than reaching for the mouse and finding where you want to go within a website.

Why use Keyboard Shortcuts?

Keyboard shortcuts are an easy way to navigate Twitter. For example, you can start composing a new tweet simply by pressing the “N” key on your keyboard while Twitter is open in your web browser. There are plenty of other keyboard shortcuts that are available on Twitter.

Keyboard shortcuts may take a little while to remember, but once you’re used to them, it will be make composing tweets and browsing Twitter much easier and faster.

Finding Twitter’s List of Keyboard Shortcuts

  1. Go to in your web browser and log in (if you haven’t already).  When you get to your home page, click the settings button () in the top right corner and select Keyboard Shortcuts.

  2. You will now see a graphic table of what keys on your keyboard will do what things on Twitter.

Once you get used to using these shortcuts, you’ll nearly never have to use your mouse – or track pad, if you’re on a laptop – on Twitter again!

How to Organize Your Followers with Twitter Lists

Now that you know how to tweet on Twitter, you may be feeling overwhelmed with all of the information you see on If you’ve hit it big and have a lot of Followers on Twitter, you may be wondering how you’re going to keep track of everything, or make a distinction between different types of Tweets you send. Luckily, Twitter has a way for you to sort your followers, and it’s called Twitter Lists.

Twitter lists are a way for you to keep all your followers organized. You can organize them into categories: one for sports, one for news, one for music, one for friends, etc.  You can also subscribe to other people’s lists if they make one that is public – though you do have the option to create private lists.

Creating a Twitter List

  1. Go to and log in (if you haven’t already). When you get to your home page, click the gear icon in the top right corner and select Lists.

    Twitter list settings

  2. On the right hand side, click Create New List.

    Twitter lists menu

  3. In the new window, you can click in the boxes labelled “List Name” and “Description” and type in, respectively, a name for your list and some information about it. You can also choose if this list will be public – a list that anyone can subscribe to – or private – a list only you are able to access. When you’re finished, click Save List.

    Twitter Save List button

  4. When you create a list and click on it, you’ll be taken to a Twitter feed that consists of only those in your list. It’s a great way to keep track of your favorite Twitter users and keep up-to-date on what they have to say without individually searching each user.

Adding Users to a Twitter List

  1. 1. Once you’ve created your Twitter list, you’ll be redirected to the search page where you can start looking for users to add to your list.  Click in the box that says “Find Users by Name,” type in who you’re looking for, and click Search.

    Search for Twitter users

  2. Find a user that you’d like to add and click the gear icon next to their name. A drop-down menu will appear. Select Add or Remove from Lists.

    Add or Remove from Lists button

  3. A window will pop up with all of your lists, and you can add that user to as many of your lists as you’d like. Just click the check box beside the list’s name to mark it and add that person to that list. When you’re finished, click the “X” in the top right corner of that window.

    View of your personal Twitter Lists

Removing a User from a Twitter List

  1. Go back to your home page on Twitter, click the gear icon in the top right corner, and select Lists.

    Twitter list settings

  2. Click on the list that you’d like to remove a user from.

    Twitter list

  3. On the left hand side, select List Members to see all of the members in that particular list.

    View of who belongs to a Twitter List

  4. Click the gear icon next to the list member’s name and select Add or Remove from Lists.

    Add or Remove from Lists button

  5. Twitter will show you all of your lists – the ones that are checked off are the lists that this user is included in. To delete them from a list, simply click the check box next to the list to uncheck them. When you’re done, click the “X“.

    Delete Twitter lists

Edit or Delete a Twitter List

Sometimes the theme of your list will change. Or sometimes you’d rather just not have the list. Rather than making a new list or deleting all the members of a list – and still having a list with zero members – you can edit the list or delete it entirely with the click of a button.

  1. Go back to your Twitter home page, click the gear icon in the top-right corner, and select Lists.

    Twitter list settings

  2. Click on the name of the list that you’d like to edit.

    Edit Twitter List

  3. On the left hand side, click the Edit button. This will allow you to change the name of the list, its description, and whether it is public or private.

    Edit button for Twitter Lists

  4. Next to the Edit button is the Delete button. Click the Delete button and confirm you want to delete the list by clicking Yes.

    Delete Twitter Lists button


And that’s how to create, edit, and delete lists on Twitter!

How to Change Your Settings on Twitter

We’ve already covered security and privacy settings for Twitter, but there are some more settings that you might find useful, like knowing where to change your password or the types of notifications you receive.

To access your settings, click the settings button () in the top-right corner of the header and select Settings.

Here is where you’ll be able to change all of the settings for your Twitter account.  We’ll explain a bit about each of them in order below the screenshot.

Account – Change your basic account settings. Change the email you’re using for this account, your user name, the primary language that Twitter displays in, and your time zone. You can also filter your content settings based on the country you live in – so you’ll get more relevant tweets – and request a Twitter archive (a downloadable email that contains all of your Twitter history, right up until the first tweet).

Security and privacy – Change security and privacy settings. For more information, check out the Twitter Privacy tutorial.

Password – Update your password quickly and easily here.

Mobile – Add your mobile phone number to be able to connect to Twitter and receive notifications with your phone.

Email Notifications – Twitter can email you for various reasons, from when your tweets are retweeted to when you’re mentioned to when news and features are updated on Twitter. Simply click the check boxes beside the types of emails you’d like to receive to mark them.

Web Notifications – You can receive notifications in your Internet browser when you’re on Twitter. As with email notifications, you can click the check boxes beside each option to mark or unmark them, depending on whether or not you do or do not want to receive those notifications.

Profile – As with the setup, here you can change your profile photo, header photo, name, location, website, and bio. You can also choose to connect with Facebook so that you have the option to post to both Twitter and Facebook at the same time.

Design – Customize Twitter to your liking by choosing a premade theme for your Twitter page.  You can also create your own theme by using a photo that you upload, along with a theme colour and a background colour that make your Twitter page unique to you.

Apps – Some phone app(lication)s are able to connect with Twitter. If you have done this for any of your apps, a list of them will show up here.

Widgets – A widget is a little piece of software that can be installed into Twitter that performs small, limited functions. Widgets can help keep a page or information neatly organized. Twitter does not come with any widgets.

And that’s a quick overview of some of the settings you can change on Twitter!