Netflix Profiles

What is a Netflix profile?

A Netflix profile is a way to separate what you watch from what another member of your family watches. If, for example, you have a young child who watches mainly shows for children on their profile, they will get recommendations for children’s shows. That’s why it’s a good idea to have everyone who uses your Netflix membership make and use a separate profile.

You’ll learn more about how useful Netflix’s recommendation engine is in our Netflix Recommendations tutorial.

How to Add and Edit Netflix Profiles

  1. Go to and log in.  When you get to Netflix’s home page, click the drop-down meu in the top-right corner next to your user name, and select Manage Profiles.
  2. Here you will see a list of your existing profiles, along with the option to add a profile.  Select Add Profile to add another person to your account or click Edit beside whichever profile you’d like to edit.
  3. If you click Add Profile, you can add the user’s name to the profile and select if they are a kid (this will restrict what they can watch to shows suitable for their age). When you are finished, click Continue to add the new profile.
  4. If you click Edit Profile, you can change the profile name and their avatar. An avatar is an image that represents the user, similar to a Facebook profile picture. To change a person’s avatar, move your mouse cursor over their current avatar, and then select a new one from the list that appears.
  5. You can also change the user’s age group from the drop down menu. This will filter the types of movies and films they are able to watch based on their age. Choose between Little Kids, Older Kids, Teens, and Adults.Click Done when you are finished for the changes to take effect.

And that’s a quick rundown of how to add and edit Netflix profiles!

Netflix Settings

Your Netflix settings page is an easy way to change certain aspects of Netflix, including who you share what you’re watching with, the default language for your shows and movies and even the colour of text for subtitles.

To access settings on Netflix, go to, log in, click the drop-down menu next to your user name, and select Your Account.

Here you can change your Netflix plan, cancel your membership, and even change your billing details, among other things. See a description of the most important settings below the screenshot.


Cancel membership – Immediately cancel your subscription to Netflix. You will get to continue watching Netflix until your month is up (i.e. your month is dependent on on the day you begin your Netflix membership, not on the actual date on the calendar).  See our How to Cancel your Netflix Account tutorial for more information.

Update email and password – Change the email associated with your Netflix account and change your password by clicking here.

Email preferences – Change the types of emails you get from Netflix. You can get emails on Netflix updates, new shows on Netflix, messages from friends, surveys, and email offers.  You can decide to subscribe to all, some or none of these types of emails.

Update Payment Method – Change how you choose to pay for your membership. Use another credit card or switch to PayPal.

View billing details – See which day of the month each month Netflix bills you for your membership, and how much you are billed


Change Plan – Change your streaming plan to one screen with standard definition, two screens with high definition, or four screens with high definition. Keep in mind that the latter two plans cost slightly more money, and you will be billed accordingly


Social settings – Decide where and with whom you share what you watch. If you’re logged into Netflix with Facebook, you can choose to share your Netflix activity on Facebook, so your Facebook friends can see what you’re watching.

Language Preferences – Select the default languages that you want your movies and shows to play in. Note that not all movies are available in languages other than English.

Playback Settings – Choose whether or not to play the next episode automatically (for TV shows), and select how much data Netflix will use while you’re watching movies and shows. Note: the less data you use to stream, the lower the video quality you will receive.

Subtitle Appearance – Change the font, font colour, and outline of how the subtitles will appear when watching shows and movies.

Taste Preferences – Let Netflix know the types of movies and shows that you like to watch, and how often you like to watch them.  This will help Netflix give you recommendations for what you might want to watch next.

What You’ve Rated – When you watch a movie, you’re able to rate it.  The list of movies you’ve rated will be appear here.

Your Reviews – If you write a review on a movie or show, your review will show up here.

Viewing Activity – Shows you what you’ve watched and when you’ve watched it.

Activate a Device – Here you can enter a code that Netflix gives you, which will allow you to use Netflix on certain devices.

Sign out of all devices – Automatically sign out of Netflix on any devices that you’re logged into it with.

Manage Profiles – For more information on this, see our Netflix Profiles tutorial (here).

Microsoft Silverlight for Netflix

What is Microsoft Silverlight and why do I need it?

Microsoft Silverlight is a program that you can add on to your web browser to deliver rich media experiences on the Internet. It’s a plug-in, downloadable software that gives a program extra features. In the case of Netflix, Microsoft Silverlight allows for smooth streaming of your movies and shows.

How to Install Microsoft Silverlight for Netflix

To install Microsoft Silverlight, go to this page on Netflix and follow the instructions for whichever web browser you use: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Internet Explorer. These instructions involve selecting any Netflix title where you will be prompted to Install Now.

How to Create a Netflix Account

Creating a Netflix account is easy. Keep your credit card on hand, because you’ll need it.

  1. Go to in your web browser and select Start Your Free Month from the homepage.

  2. You can sign up through your Facebook account (the advantage to this is that you’ll be able to discover new shows by seeing what your friends are watching) or by entering an email and password. Select Register.

  3. Select the type of subscription you want (one screen, two screens or four screens) and the method of payment you’ll be using. Netflix accepts all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX) as well as PayPal.

    Enter your credit card information (NOTE: though it’s not shown here, you may need to provide your mailing code if you are using Netflix in the United States and certain other countries).  Then, check off that you are over 18 and agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Then click Start Membership.

  4. Once you click Start Membership, you’ll be redirected to the homepage, where you can browse TV shows and movies to instantly begin streaming.

Whether or not you intend to continue your subscription, you’ll still get the first month of your subscription free, and will not be billed for that month.