SoundCloud Search

If you're looking for something specific on SoundCloud, you're in luck.  SoundCloud's search interface is pretty simple to use, without a lot of clutter.  You don't even have to be logged into SoundCloud to search!

There are four different things that you can search for on SoundCloud: individual songs, song playlists, or other SoundCloud users.

To search SoundCloud:

  1. Go to in your web browser.  (Logging in is optional here.)

  2. Click in the box across the top of the screen labelled "Search" and begin typing in what you're looking for.

    The SoundCloud search bar

    As you do so, SoundCloud will offer you suggestions in a drop-down menu of what you might be looking for.  Beside each of these results is an icon indicating what it is: a song (), a user (), or a playlist ().

    Click a result to go to its page immediately, or click "Search for [your search terms]" or the magnifying glass icon to search for exactly what you typed in.

  3. On the search results screen, if you only want to search for music, click Tracks.

    How to search for music on SoundCloud

    Here, you can click one of the options under "Filter Results" to see only results that:

    – were uploaded in the past hour, day, week, month, or year, or at any time
    – are less than 2 minutes long, from 2 to 10 minutes long, from 10 to 30 minutes long, or over 30 minutes long
    – you can listen to, share, use commercially, or modify commercially

    You can also click one of the options under "Filter by Tag" to show only results that have been designated with specific keywords ("tags").

  4. If you want to search for playlists of songs on SoundCloud, click Playlists.

    How to search for playlists on SoundCloud

    As with songs, you can also search for playlists that are marked with defining keywords by clicking one or more of the options underneath the "Filter by Tag" section.

  5. Finally, if you want to search for users or artists & bands on SoundCloud, click People.

    How to search for people on SoundCloud

    Click the option under "Filter Results" to only display people who joined SoundCloud:

    – this past day
    – this past week
    – this past month
    – this past year
    – at any point in time

    You can also click one of the options under "Filter by Location" to only show users who are based in a certain geographical location.

Those are the different ways that you can search on SoundCloud!

SoundCloud Playlists

What are SoundCloud playlists?

"Playlists" are groups of songs or other audio tracks arranged by SoundCloud users according to a particular theme or taste.  This lets you easily listen to them one after the other, as opposed to having to find and listen to them individually.  You can listen to playlists that other SoundCloud users create, or you can create your own and share your tastes in music with other SoundCloud listeners.  Or you can keep your playlists private… it's totally up to you.

To create a SoundCloud playlist

  1. Go to in your web browser and log in.

  2. Find a track that you want to start a playlist with, either by browsing for it or searching for it.  When you find one, click the Add to Playlist button underneath it.

    Add to SoundCloud playlist button

  3. Assuming that this is the first playlist you've created, a new window will pop up allowing you to set up the details of your playlist.  Click in the box labelled "Playlist Title" and type in a name for your playlist.  Then click one of the buttons below that to decide whether your playlist will be "Private" (i.e. only you can listen to it) or "Public" (i.e. other people can find and listen to this playlist).  When you're done, click Save.

    Creating a new SoundCloud playlist

  4. After this, you can click Go to Playlist to see the page for your newly-created playlist!

To edit SoundCloud playlists

  1. Assuming that you're still logged into SoundCloud, click Collections in the menu across the top.  Then click Playlists, and then click the name of the playlist that you wish to edit.

    Selecting a SoundCloud playlist to edit

  2. Click the pencil icon underneath the header for your playlist to edit its details.

    Button to edit a SoundCloud playlist

  3. Here, you can click and hold the mouse button down on a track name, then move it to another position to reorder the tracks in your playlist.  You can also click the "X" beside a track to remove it from the playlist.  You can also click Add New Tracks to upload your own audio files (i.e. ones that you control the copyright for) from your computer and add them to your playlist.

    Reorder or add to a SoundCloud playlist

  4. Under the "Info" section, you can change the name and Internet address of the playlist.  You can also select a picture to represent the playlist, or type in a description for it.  You can also select if it's a specific type of playlist (such as a demo tape or compilation), or if the songs are from a particular genre. 

    SoundCloud playlist information settings

    You can also add "tags" to your playlists, which are descriptive keywords that make your playlist easier to search for.  In addition, you can click Change License to choose between "All Rights Reserved" and various "Creative Commons" licenses to change how other people can use the music in your playlist (again, though, only with music that you control the copyright for).  Clicking Show More Options allows you to add additional information, such as publishing company or year, or a link to a third-party website where users can buy and/or download the songs on this playlist.

  5. Under the "Settings" section, you can select to change whether your playlist is "Public" or "Private".  You can also choose whether to allow tracks on your playlist to be downloaded or not (again, this is only for tracks that you control the copyright for, and it may require you to get a paid account), or choose whether or not to publicly display the code that lets other people paste a copy of your playlist into their website.

    SoundCloud playlist privacy settings

    If you click Quiet Mode, you can also choose to not allow people to comment on your playlist, or hide existing comments and statistics.  However, you will need a paid account to select these options.

    When you're done making changes to your playlist, click Save.

  6. To add new tracks that are already on SoundCloud to an existing playlist, simply follow step 2 in the "How to Create a SoundCloud Playlist" section above.  This time, however, an option to Add to Playlist will appear instead of Create New (if you want to create another new playlist, click Create New and follow step 3 in the "How to Create a SoundCloud Playlist" section).  Simply click the Add to Playlist button beside the playlist that you wish to add the song to.

    Add a song to a SoundCloud playlist

How to delete playlists on SoundCloud

  1. Assuming that you're still logged into SoundCloud, click Collections in the menu across the top.  Then click Playlists, and then click the name of the playlist that you wish to delete.

    Selecting a SoundCloud playlist to delete

  2. Click the trashcan icon underneath the playlist's header to delete it.  Click Delete to confirm that you wish to delete the playlist.

    Button to delete a SoundCloud playlist

Those are the basic ins and outs of playlists on SoundCloud!

How to Listen to Music on SoundCloud

If you're taking our course on SoundCloud, chances are that you're just going to be using it to listen to music.  And that's perfectly fine.  Though we showed you how to sign up for a SoundCloud account in our previous tutorial, you don't actually need one to listen to most of the songs and other sound bites on SoundCloud.  However, logging into your account does allow you to do some other neat stuff when you're listening to music on SoundCloud.  Some of it will be covered here, while some of it will be explained in detail in later tutorials.

To listen to music on SoundCloud

  1. Go to in your web browser and log in.

  2. Once you're on your home page for SoundCloud, you can either browse for new music that you might want to listen to, or search for something in particular.  To learn how to search on SoundCloud, head over to our SoundCloud Search tutorial.  For now, we're going to stick with browsing, so click Explore.

    How to browse SoundCloud music

  3. Tracks on SoundCloud are split into two categories: "music" and "audio".  "Music" is pretty self-explanatory, while "audio" includes things such as comedy skits, news programs, lifestyle advice, audiobooks, and recorded sports broadcasts.

    Browse categories of SoundCloud tracks

    If you click the drop-down menu beside "Category", you can choose to browse Trending Music or Trending Audio to see the most popular music or audio tracks right now.  You can also click a particular genre of music or audio to filter your browsing that way.

  4. When you find a track that you want to play, click the big orange button beside it to start or stop the playback.  You can also click the track name to go to an information page for that track, or click the user/artist to go to their profile page.

    Playing music on SoundCloud

    The waveform beside the track will change colour to show where you are in the track; you can click it at any point to jump to a particular part of the track.  This is useful when you're using the commenting function; we'll explain how to use that in a minute.

  5. When you begin listening to a track, you will notice that a miniature player will appear at the bottom of your screen, too.

    An alternate SoundCloud music player

    Click the three leftmost buttons to skip to the previous track in the list, play or stop the current track, or skip to the next track in the list (respectively).

    You can also click the "1" inside the arrows to have the current track play again once it's finished, or click this icon again to turn off the repeat function.

    Lastly, you can click the speaker icon on the right to mute or unmute the sound, or move your mouse cursor over it to make a volume slider appear.  Click a point on the slider (or click and hold the mouse button on it and move your mouse around) to adjust the volume of the SoundCloud player.

  6. If you'd like to say something about a track that you're currently listening to, click in the box below it labelled "Write a Comment" and type in what you want to say.

    How to comment on a SoundCloud track

    The unique thing about SoundCloud is that comments about a track are tied to a specific part of that track.  For example, you can comment on what some particular lyrics in a song make you feel, or on a point made in a news program or advice seminar that you find interesting. 

    Your profile picture will appear at the point in the track where your comment will be made; click and hold the mouse button on it, and then move your mouse around to change where your comment will be placed.  Press the "Enter" key when you're ready to post your comment.

  7. There are a few other things that you can do when listening to music on SoundCloud.

    Other options for SoundCloud tracks

    Click Like to show appreciation for this track; this will also add this track to your Collection, so you can quickly find it and listen to it again whenever you like.

    Click Repost to place a copy of this track on your profile page, and on the home page of anyone who is following you.  This is an easy way to bring more attention to tracks that you like!

    Click Add to Playlist to add this track to an existing playlist, or to create a new playlist that includes this track.  Our SoundCloud Playlists tutorial will go over this process in more detail.

    Click Share to spread this track to other people.  You can post a copy on your social media accounts (such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Google Plus), embed a copy into a page on your website, or send a copy to someone you know on SoundCloud.

    Depending on the track, there may be an additional link here that allows you to download the track, either directly from SoundCloud or from a third-party service.  We'll explain more in our How to Download Music from SoundCloud tutorial here.

That's how to listen to music on SoundCloud, and a few different things that you can do while doing so.  Happy listening!

How to Make a SoundCloud Account

While you don't necessarily need to create a SoundCloud account to listen to music on SoundCloud, you do need one if you're going to be uploading music to SoundCloud.  Plus, having an account lets you "like" songs, re-share them on your SoundCloud profile, or add them to a playlist, among other things.  In other words, you need an account if you want to get the most out of SoundCloud.

To make a SoundCloud account

  1. Go to in your web browser and click Create Account in the top-right corner.

    Button for creating a SoundCloud account

  2. A window will pop up where you can enter your sign-up credentials.  If you have a Facebook or Google account, you can click the respective button to log into that account and use it to sign into SoundCloud.

    The SoundCloud sign up form

    Otherwise, start by clicking in the box labelled "What's Your Email Address?" and type in your email address.  Then, click in the box labelled "Choose a Password" and type in a password that you'd like to use to secure your SoundCloud account.  Click in the box labelled "Re-Type Password" and type in the password you chose a second time.

    If you want to receive promotional updates from SoundCloud, click the first check box here to mark it (or just skip it if you don't).  However, be sure to click the second check box to say that you agree to SoundCloud's rules.  When you're all done, click Create Account.

  3. Once your account is created, you will be asked to sign in.  Click Sign In in the top-right corner (either of the main SoundCloud page or the sign in pop-up box).

    The SoundCloud sign in form

    If you signed up with your Facebook or Google account, click the appropriate box and log in from there.  Otherwise, click in the box labelled "Your Email Address" and type in the email address that you used to sign up for SoundCloud.  Then click in the box labelled "Your Password" and type in the password that you picked to secure your SoundCloud account with.

    You can also click the check box beside "Remember Me" if you want SoundCloud to remember your email address on this computer, so that you can log in quicker (though we suggest only doing this if you are the only one who uses your computer).  Then click Sign In.

  4. One more thing you should do before you start using SoundCloud is verify your email address for them, so they know that there's a real person behind your SoundCloud account and not just some computer program looking to cause trouble.  Log into your email account and click on the email from SoundCloud titled "Please Confirm Your Email Address" to open it.

    Email and link from SoundCloud to confirm your email address

    Once you have the email open, click the Confirm My Email Address button.

That's about everything you need to do in order to get started on SoundCloud!