How to Search

If you want to find something in particular on, the "search" function can help you with that.  Find a specific video or group of related videos, or get more information on a presenter whom you like.  You can also look for written articles on about topics that you're interested in, or even seek out information about independently-run TED conferences that might be happening in your area!


  1. Go to in your web browser and log in.

  2. Click in the box labelled "Search" in the upper-right corner and type in what you want to look for.  Then click the magnifying glass icon.

  3. You will be taken to your results.  Here, you can use the options in the bottom-right corner to navigate the different pages of results.  Previous will take you back one page of results, Next will take you forward one page of results, and clicking on a number here will take you to a specific results page.  The number in red font shows you what results page you are currently on.

  4. You can also use the options on the left-hand side to filter what kinds of results you see.  The number beside each category of results tells you how many of that type of results found with your current search.

    Click on a category to only see results that are:

    Talks: video lectures and presentations from technology, entertainment, and design experts
    People: information about presenters featured in videos and articles
    Playlists: groups of related videos put together by
    Blog posts: written articles contributed by TED presenters and other experts
    Pages: general web pages on that have to do with your search terms
    TEDx Events: information on local, independently-run TED events that you can attend

  5. Usually, you can simply click on a result's name, preview picture, or Internet address to go to it.

Those are the basics of searching on!

Other Ways to Use

Most people come to to watch the video presentations, but that's not all there is to!  Here are some other interesting things that you'll find on the website.

TED Ideas Blog

If you move your mouse cursor over the Discover menu across the top and click on Ideas Blog, you can access written articles from contributors that contain all the kinds of insights that you expect to see in TED video presentations.  Because let's face it: not everyone prefers public speaking to writing a conversational piece (including yours truly). 

Simply click on an article to read it.  From there, you may be able to find TED videos featuring the author, or other related articles to get you thinking.  You can even search the articles for something that you specifically want to see (have a look at our How to Search tutorial).

TED Newsletter

Want to keep up with what's new on through the convenience of your email client?  Move your mouse cursor over Discover and select Newsletter from the drop-down menu.  Then, click the check boxes in the bottom-right to decide whether you want's daily or weekly newsletter (or both).  Then click in the box labelled "Your Email Address" and type in your email address, and then click Submit.  Enjoy having new food for thought arrive right in your digital inbox every day or week!

TED Books

Move your mouse cursor over Discover and click TED Books.  This will show you a series of books by contributors that expand upon their TED videos (or at least a specific one); you can purchase these books through Amazon.  You can also click The Bookstore to see more books written by contributors, which can also be purchased through Amazon as well.

TEDx Events

TED conferences are difficult to get into; you need to fill out an application to attend.  TEDx conferences, however, are independently-run events that you can (usually) get tickets to.  If you move your mouse cursor over Attend and click TEDx Events, you can find information on previous and upcoming TEDx conferences around the world… including maybe near you!  Search by the date and location of the event, whether or not there are still spaces available, or whether or not the event will be broadcast online.

TED Live

If you can't make it to a TED conference in person, you can still watch it online with your friends and family!  Move your mouse cursor over Attend and click TED Live.  From there, you can select a purchase option and watch the latest TED conference however you want!  Pause and rewind, view exclusive question-and-answer sessions, read the conference's program guide, and more!


Those are just some of the other things that you can do on! 

How to Watch Videos

Now that you’re all signed up for, it’s time to get to the good part: watching the videos!  All of the videos on are condensed versions of lectures from live TED (Technology, Entertainment, and Design) conference events.  Some are funny.  Some are alarming.  Some are astounding.  Some are inspirational.  But they’re almost always thought-provoking.  And this tutorial will show you all of the neat stuff that you can do with them.

Watching videos on

  1. Go to in your web browser and click Log In in the top-right corner.

  2. When the log in box appears, if you signed up for with your Facebook account, click Log In With Facebook.  This will allow you to log into through logging into your Facebook account.

    If you signed up the old-fashioned way, click in the box labelled “Email” and type in the email address that you used to sign up for  Then click in the box labelled “Password” and type in the password that you picked to protect your account with. 

    If you’d like, you can also click the check box labelled “Remember Me” to mark or unmark it.  If it’s marked, will remember your email address the next time that you log in while using your current computer.  You may want to unmark it if someone other than you will be using the computer that you’re currently on.

    When you’re ready, click Log In.

  3. Now that you’ve logged in, you need to find a video to watch.  You can do so by searching for one (our How to Search tutorial has more on that), or by browsing for videos in various places.  For example, the home page has several new and popular videos that you may want to watch, or you can move your mouse cursor over the Watch option in the top menu and click on one of the browsing options that appear.

    Click on a video to go to its page.

  4. Once you’re on a video’s page, click on the video to start playing it. This will bring up the video player, which looks something like this.

    The main controls are on the bar at the bottom of the video player that we’ve highlighted. From left to right, you can use them to:

    – play our pause the video
    – adjust or mute/unmute the video’s volume
    – see more information about the current video you’re watching
    – enable or disable subtitles for the video, and choose what language they’re in
    – view a transcript of the lecture (click a line to skip to that point, or click Back to Talk to return to the video)
    – enter or exit full screen mode

    We’ve also highlighted additional options on the right side of the screen. From top to bottom, they let you:

    – add or remove this video from your “Saved Talks” menu so you can watch it later
    – add or remove this video from your “Favorite Talks” menu
    – download the lecture, either in audio or video format (with or without subtitles)
    – rate the video by selecting up to three words that best describe it

  5. Under “Share This Idea”, click one of the buttons here to share this video with one or more people whom you know through:

    – Twitter
    – Facebook
    – Email
    – Your own website (through an embedded link code)
    – Google Plus, LinkedIn, or Pinterest (all under the button with three dots)

    You can also click on the presenter’s name or picture to see more information about them, including a short biography and any other contributions that they’ve made to

  6. You can also scroll down to the “Discuss” section in order to have a conversation about what you see in the video.  Simply click in the big text box at the top of the section and type in what you want to say, and then click Submit.

    You can also see what other people have said about this video below; click the buttons beside “Newest” or “Upvotes” to sort comments by how recently they were posted, or by how popular they are.

    If you want to address your comment specifically to another person and what they said, click Reply below their comment.  Likewise, if you appreciate what they said, click Upvote below their comment. 

    Conversely, if you think that the person’s comment is offensive or otherwise inappropriate, or isn’t relevant to the video at all, click Report.  Then click the button beside whether the comment is “Spam” (i.e. completely unrelated) or “Inappropriate”, and then click Flag.

Those are the major ins and outs of how to watch videos on!

How to Sign Up for

You don't have to sign up for an account on in order to watch videos.  But there's no cost to doing so, and it gives you access to certain other functions, such as leaving comments on videos or adding them to playlists or your "Favourites" list.  Since it might be worth your while, we'll show you how to do it here.

To sign up for a account:

  1. Go to in your web browser and click Sign Up in the top-right corner.

  2. If you have an account on Facebook, you can click Sign Up with Facebook, log into your Facebook account, and use your information on that account for your one.

    If you want to do things the old-fashioned way, click in each of the boxes to the right and type in:

    – Your first name
    – Your last name
    – Your email address
    – A password to protect your account with (it has to be at least 6 characters long)

    You can also click the check boxes here and mark them if you want to receive email newsletters from

    (NOTE: You may be asked to complete a security check before continuing.  If you are, click in the box labelled "Type the Text in the Image Above" and type the numbers or words that you see in the picture that appears.)

    When you're all set, click Create Your Account.

  3. You will be asked to verify your account, and be informed that you have been sent an email that will allow you to do so.  Go to your email client and log in, then find the email from TED labelled "Please Verify Your Email Address" and click it to open it.

    Simply click the blue hyperlink inside the email (blurred out here for privacy reasons) to confirm your account.

  4. After you've verified your account, click Continue.  You will be taken back to the home page.

There you go!  You're all set to use