Buzzfeed Search

Sometimes you just want to know what Buzzfeed has on cats. Other times, a friend may have mentioned to you something they found on the site that you’d like to look at too. This is when the Buzzfeed search bar comes in handy.

To access the search bar, click the search icon (i.e. the magnifying glass) in the top right corner.

The magnifying glass will disappear and the search bar will appear. Click on it, type in “cats” (for example), and press the “Enter” key on your keyboard to search.

Your results will appear from most recent to least recent, and will consist of everything from quizzes to videos to articles. Unfortunately, there are no advanced search functions on BuzzFeed – so there is no way to search for only videos, or sort content from least recent to most recent.

Another quick way to search for something is to search by the reaction you want to have. You’ll notice at the top, across from the BuzzFeed logo, there are yellow circles with “LOL,” “omg,” “cute” and more.

Click one of them to see results that have been marked most often with that reaction by BuzzFeed’s users.

And those are some ways to find what you’re looking for on BuzzFeed!

Buzzfeed Videos

BuzzFeed videos are not your typical videos. They aren’t tutorials, they aren’t newsl, and they definitely do not plan to educate. What they are is entertaining and hilarious – and some are even hilariously true.

How to Find Buzzfeed Videos

At the header of the BuzzFeed website, you’ll see the tab for Videos. Click on it.

You will be taken to BuzzFeed’s video page. At the top, you’ll notice a featured video – it’ll be hard not to notice since this thumbnail image is the largest on the page.

Underneath will be a small selection of the most watched videos…

…and under that will be a list of All Videos in no particular order. Or you can click the BuzzFeed Originals tab to see videos made by BuzzFeed’s staff.

Watching a Buzzfeed Video

Take a look around the Buzzfeed video page to find a video that interests you. When you’ve found something you’d like to watch, select it by either clicking the thumbnail image – the snapshot or still photo of the video – or the title of the video.

This will redirect you to the video’s page. Click on the Play button (the triangle) in the middle of the screen to begin watching the video. When you’re done, you can share the video with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or email at the click of a button.

You can even rate the video by scrolling down to the “Your Reaction” section. Click the word that best describes your reaction or click the arrow on the right to see more reaction options.

NOTE: To prevent over-voting by a single person, you must be logged into Google Plus or Facebook to submit a reaction.

And that’s a quick introduction to BuzzFeed’s videos!

Buzzfeed Quizzes

Buzzfeed quizzes are a great way to pass the time, and you can share them on your social media pages and see what your friends get. Buzzfeed quizzes consist of a dozen or so multiple choice questions that give you answers to “What is your vacation destination?” and “What animal are you?”

How do Buzzfeed Quizzes Work?

Buzzfeed quizzes work by asking you a series of multiple-choice questions that will then determine the answer you get. Take this quiz for example:

You’ll be asked a question and given four answers to choose from. Click the answer that applies to you most. You’ll be able to know which one you’ve chosen because there will be a check mark in the bottom left of your answer, and the answers you didn’t select will have faded colours.

Continue doing this for all the questions and you’ll be redirected to your result. Here, you’ll be given the option to share this quiz and your result on your social media page – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and even via email.

Most Popular Buzzfeed Quizzes has the most recent quizzes, but for some of the most popular quizzes right now, check out Take a look at how many responses each quiz has receive to see how popular it’s been.

And that’s a quick overview of quizzes on Buzzfeed!

How to Use Buzzfeed

BuzzFeed is very easy to navigate, and it only takes a minute or two to get acquainted with the layout.  The numbers on the screenshot below, along with the legend beneath the screenshot, will show you some of the highlights.

1. Content Tags – Click one of these to see results with that tag that got high ratings. The red circle is for “Trending” overall popular articles and videos. Some of the other terms and acronyms you may not be familiar with include:

LOL – Stands for “laughing out loud.”  Content in this category is usually funny.

WIN – Content in this category usually has to do with someone succeeding at something unique, difficult, incredible, etc.

OMG – Stands for “oh my gosh.”  Content in this category is usually shocking or surprising.

FAIL – Content in this category usually has to do with people embarrassing and/or hurting themselves accidentally or due to poor judgment.

WTF — Stands for “what the f**k.”  Content in this category is usually weird, unbelievable, or otherwise difficult to describe.

2. Categories – Browse the website by category when you click one of these tabs. Choose from News, Buzz, Life, Entertainment, Quizzes, Videos, and More (Politics, Animals, Beauty, etc).

3. Search – Click here to make a search bar appear, then click in that and type in something you’re looking for on the website.  Then press the “Enter” key.

4. Main Featured Article – The largest (thumbnail) image shows a recent article that BuzzFeed wants to feature, with a smaller featured article next to it.  Click to view it.

5. More Featured Articles – Take a look at the featured article or posts from different categories around the website. Move your mouse cursor over each picture for the title of the post.  Click one to view it.

6. Recent Posts – This column is for the most recent posts. If you stay on this page long enough, you’ll see “[X] New Posts” at the top.  Click this to reload this column and see new posts without having to reload the entire page.

7. BuzzFeed News – Find what news websites would be talking about most by taking a look at the BuzzFeed News section.

8. Trending – What’s being looked at the most? Find the top trending videos, articles, and quizzes. Move your mouse cursor over the picture of the post for the title.

BuzzFeed Tags

Another part of BuzzFeed is tags. Each post has tags attached to it from the original poster, so that BuzzFeed knows which categories to sort each post into. It works much like the search function. To search for a tag, type[whatever tag you’re looking for].

You’ll be taken to the results site that will show you all the posts with the tag you’ve searched.

To learn how to use the regular search bar, take a look at our Search BuzzFeed tutorial.