CNN Go: What It Is and How to Use It

What is CNN Go?

CNN Go is CNN's online on-demand video streaming service.  Using your computer, you can watch live CNN broadcasts or repeats of CNN programming on  You can choose a program (segment) to watch based on its scheduled air time or the show that it belongs to (or if it's a special presentation).

How do I get CNN Go?

When you first use CNN Go, you are given a free trial period of about 10 minutes.  After that, if you wish to use the service again, you must log into it using your credentials for your television service provider account.  Your television service provider must also have CNN as part of its basic channel bundle.

Further help with this service can be found in this help article from  Also note that CNN Go is not available outside North America.

To use CNN Go:

Go to and click Live TV, then log in with your television provider account credentials.  You can pause and restart the video, skip to certain sections, or adjust the volume, closed captions, or screen size.  You can also switch CNN channels, or look for programs to watch based on shows or schedules.

That's pretty much everything that you can do with CNN Go, but you're probably wondering: "how exactly do you do it all?"  Wonder no more!  Our detailed walkthrough below includes instructions and assisting screenshots that will have you using CNN Go like a pro in no time!

Detailed instructions for how to use CNN Go

  1. Open your web browser and go to  In the top-right corner, click Live TV.

    Button to access CNN Go

    (NOTE: You will be asked to log into your account for your television service provider at this point.  See the help article that we linked to above, or contact your television service provider for more information.)

  2. This is the interface that you can use to watch CNN programming on CNN Go.

    The CNN Go video interface

    From left to right, you can:

    – Click Play/Pause to start or stop the video feed.

    – Click part of the progress bar(s) to go to a certain point in a recent segment.

    – Click the Restart button to go back to the beginning of the current segment.

    – Click the Volume button to mute or unmute the volume, or move your mouse cursor over it and click the slider that appears to adjust the volume.

    – Click the Closed Captioning button to enable or disable closed captions, or move your mouse cursor over it for more options related to closed captions.

    – Click the Full Screen button to make the CNN Go player take up your entire computer screen, or shrink it back down to a manageable size.

  3. If you click Channels on the side bar, you can switch what CNN network you are currently watching.  Click a channel to switch to watching that network live.

    How to switch CNN Go channels

  4. Clicking Schedule shows you a miniature schedule of your current CNN channel's programming.  Click on a program to view segments of the program that are available to watch, and then click on a segment to begin watching the program from that point.

    How to view the CNN Go schedule

    You can also click Go Live to go back to watching a live feed from your current CNN channel.

  5. Click Shows to browse special programs and episodes of regular CNN shows.  In the top part of the screen, you can cycle through special CNN programs (use the arrow icons at either end) and click on one to start viewing it.

    How to select a CNN Go program to watch

    You can also scroll down for a list of CNN shows.  Click one to see available episodes for that show.  Click on an episode to start watching it.

That's all we can tell you about using CNN Go!  Happy watching!

How to Search

Usually, when you're on a news website, it's fun just to browse the headlines and discover articles and related pieces.  But sometimes, you may be looking for a particular news story, perhaps one that was written at a specific time.  That's when you can use the search function to help you find it.

To search

  1. Go to in your web browser and click the magnifying glass icon.

  2. Type in your search terms, and then click Search.

  3. Use the available functions to filter or sort your search results.

  4. Navigate through your pages of search results until you find the result you're looking for, and then click on its title.

It's a pretty simple process, but some parts of it as we described it above are a bit ambiguous.  If you need a full explanation (and screen captures for visualization purposes), then read on.

Detailed instructions for how to search

  1. Open your web browser and go to  Then, click the magnifying glass icon in the upper-right corner.

    The search icon

  2. A search box will appear.  Type in your search terms, and then click Search (or press the "Enter" key on your keyboard).

    The search bar

  3. When your search results appear, you can use the "Sort By" drop-down menu in the upper-right corner to sort your results by Relevance to your search terms or by publishing Date. search filtering and sorting options

    You can also use the top options on the left-hand side to filter your results by media type; with the exception of "Everything", you can select more than one option at a time.  You can also use the lower options on the left-hand side to filter your results by publishing date: Any Time, within the Past Day, within the Past Week, within the Past Month, or within the Past Year.

  4. At the bottom of your search results, you can click Previous to go to the last page of results that you looked at, or click Next to go to the next one in order.  You can also click one of the numbers here to go right to a specific page of results; the bolded number shows your current page. search results

    Click on the title or thumbnail image for an article to view it.

That's how easy searching on is!  If you need more information or help with searching on, see this help article.

How to Use

We've given an introduction and review of, so it's time to start using it!  There are lots of things to see on the website, but it's relatively simple to use.  This lesson will go over basic functions such as selecting news editions and categories, selecting articles to read, and sharing or commenting on articles.

A tour of how to use

  1. To start using, open your web browser of choice and go to

  2. In the upper-left portion of the screen, you can click on one of the sections listed to see more stories specifically from those sections.  You can also click the CNN logo to go back to the website's home page at any time. news categories

  3. There are further options in the upper-right corner.

    Additional options

    Click Live TV to access CNN Go and watch video clips of CNN programs, or live CNN broadcasts.  See our CNN Go tutorial for more information.

    Click US Edition to switch between the American edition of the website and the international, Arabic, or Spanish version of the website.

    Click the magnifying glass icon to start a search of  See our How to Search tutorial for more information.

    Click Menu to access news sub-categories, edition settings, and links to CNN's social media pages.

  4. To read a news story, simply click on its title.

    Selecting a article to read

  5. Some news stories on have picture or video accompaniments.  For pictures, you can click on the arrows beside them (or the pictures themselves) to cycle through them; you may even get more to the story! 

    A video accompaniment to an article

    Videos can be controlled by using the video player interface (shown here) to (from left to right) skip to a certain point, pause or resume the video, adjust or mute the volume, enable or disable closed captions (if available), set closed captioning options, or enable or disable full screen mode.  If you scroll past the beginning of the article, the video will shrink to the upper-right corner and follow you as you scroll (as seen here).

  6. If you like this article, you can share it with your friends over various social tools. article sharing options

  7. Click one of these icons in the upper-right area of the article (they will appear on the left-hand side instead if you are scrolling through the article, like they are shown here) to log into your account for email, Facebook, or Twitter and share this article (with certain people) over that network.  Clicking the three dots icon gives you the option to log into more accounts (including Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Reddit, or LinkedIn).

  8. At the bottom of certain articles, you will see the comments section. article commenting options

    At the top, you can sort comments by Newest, Oldest, or Hot Threads (i.e. conversations that have a lot of activity).  You can also click Sign In to log into your account in order to post or reply to comments.  (Information on accounts can be found here.)

    Also (though not shown here), you can click Flag and send a message to about why you feel the comment is trivial, offensive, or off-topic; click Share to share this comment over social networks (as described in the previous step); or click Like this comment to show appreciation for it (though you must be logged into your account, as described above, to do so).

That's it for our brief tour of!