How to Subscribe to a YouTube Channel

Say there’s someone on YouTube who posts a lot of videos that you really like.  Wouldn’t it be great if you were one of the first people to know when they posted a new video?  If you subscribe to their channel, you can do just that!

What is a YouTube channel?

User profiles on YouTube are referred to as “channels”.  They are collections of YouTube-related information about the different people who use YouTube, including what videos they’ve uploaded, what playlists they’ve created, and what other people have said about their videos.  Some channels correspond to private individuals, while others are for public companies.  Some people even have multiple channels for uploading different kinds of videos!

One last thing we’ll mention: you have to be logged into YouTube in order to subscribe to a channel.

How to subscribe to a YouTube channel

  1. Go to in your web browser and log in.

  2. Move your mouse cursor over the name of a video’s creator.  This should cause a pop-up window to appear with some brief information about them.  Click Subscribe.

  3. If you click on the name of a video’s creator, it will take you to their channel page.  You can click Subscribe there to subscribe, as well.

  4. You can also subscribe to a channel while watching a video from that channel by clicking Subscribe below the creator’s name.

  5. Channels that you have subscribed to will show up in the left-hand menu (click the three horizontal bars beside the YouTube logo if you can’t see it).  The number beside each channel shows you how many new videos that channel has posted that you haven’t watched since subscribing.

    Click a channel to see what’s new with it, or you can click the three dots here to sort your channels in different ways, including alphabetically or by how many new videos they have.

How to unsubscribe from a YouTube channel

  1. In the left-hand menu (again, click the icon beside the YouTube logo if this menu is hidden), click Manage Subscriptions.

  2. Move your mouse cursor over the Subscribed button beside the channel that you want to unsubscribe from, and it will change to say Unsubscribe.  Click it.

  3. You can also unsubscribe by repeating any of the three methods used to subscribe, as outlined in steps 2, 3, and 4 in the above section.

Now you know how to subscribe to a YouTube channel, so you’ll never miss a video from your favourite video stars!  Next, we’ll show you how to create your own channel!

Also, don’t forget to subscribe to the Techboomers channel on YouTube in order to catch our latest video tutorials!

How to Make a YouTube Playlist

What is a YouTube playlist?

Many modern music programs have the capability for users to put together a specific collection of songs, based on some common theme, and arrange them in a particular order.  A YouTube playlist is basically the same thing, except it’s with videos instead of songs.

Some playlists are made by YouTube itself, based on videos that you have watched previously.  Other playlists are put together by YouTube users like you!  Create a collection of videos based on whatever you want: stand-up comedy, sports highlights, cute animals, how-to videos, and more!

Note that you must be logged into YouTube in order to create a playlist.

How to create a playlist in YouTube

  1. Go to in your web browser and log in.

  2. There are two ways to create a new playlist.  The first is through your YouTube channel.  Click My Channel in the menu on the left (click the three horizontal bars next to the YouTube logo if you can’t see this menu), then click Playlists, and then click Create New Playlist.

  3. You can also create a playlist while you’re watching a video.  Simply scroll to the information box under the video player, click Add To, and then click Create New Playlist.

  4.  Type in a name for your playlist, and then click the audience selector in the bottom-left corner of the box.

    Your choices are:

    Public: Anyone on YouTube can find and view this playlist.
    Unlisted: Only people who have been given a link to this playlist can see it.
    Private: Only you can see this playlist.

    Click Create to finish creating the playlist.

  5. Now you have a playlist, but you don’t have any (or many) videos in it.  Let’s fix that.  Click Add Videos to the right of your playlist.

    A new window will appear.  You can click the options at the top of this window to search for videos on YouTube to add to your playlist by keyword or by Internet address.  You can even add your own videos to the playlist.

    Let’s try the default option of searching for videos to add by keywords.  Click in the search box next to the YouTube logo and type in what you want to look for, and then click the magnifying glass icon.  Then, click the videos that you want to add to your playlist to select them (or click them again to deselect them).  Finally, click Add Videos at the bottom of the window.

  6. You can also add a video to a playlist while you’re watching it.  Simply scroll to the information box underneath the video player, click Add To, and then click the playlist that you want to add the video to.

  7. There is also a special default playlist called “Watch Later” where you can put videos that you don’t want to watch right now.  You can add videos to it using the method in the previous step, or by simply clicking the clock icon while your mouse cursor is over a video thumbnail, or when watching the video in full-screen mode.

How to edit or delete a YouTube playlist

  1. Click the name of the playlist that you want to edit in the left-hand menu (click the three horizontal bars beside the YouTube logo if you can’t see this menu).

  2. To change the order of a video in your playlist, move your mouse cursor to the left-hand edge of the video, until your cursor becomes a cross of four arrows.  (It won’t look exactly like this, but you get the idea.)  Click and hold the mouse button down, then drag the video to the position in the list that you want it to be in, and then release the mouse button.

  3. If you move your mouse cursor over a video, you will see additional options for that video.

    Click More for options like adding personal notes to a video, or making it the cover picture for the current playlist.  Or, click the “X” to remove the video from your playlist.

  4. In the upper window for the playlist, click the playlist’s name to edit it, or click Add a Description to be able to type in some notes about this playlist that those who can view the playlist can read. 

    Or, click Playlist Settings to show extra options for the playlist.  These include:

    – Changing the audience of the playlist (between Public, Unlisted, and Private)
    – Changing the sort order of the playlist (manual, by popularity, by publish date, etc.)
    – Allowing or disallowing videos on this playlist to be posted on other websites
    – Creating rules to automatically add new videos to the playlist

    Click the three dots in the top-right corner for a few more options.  Click Add All To if you want to copy all videos in this playlist to another one, or click Delete Playlist to get rid of this playlist.


That’s pretty much everything you need to know about playlists on YouTube!  What kinds of playlists will you create?

How to Search on YouTube

Looking for a specific video on YouTube?  Or perhaps a playlist of videos related to a topic that you enjoy?  Or even the channel of a friend or a YouTube user that you like?  Then you're in luck, because searching for something on YouTube is as simple as it is fast!

How to search YouTube

  1. Go to in your web browser.  (You don't have to log in if you don't want to.)

  2. Click in the search box at the top of the screen and type in some search terms.  As you do so, YouTube will show you a drop-down menu with suggestions on what you might be looking for.  Click a suggestion to make those your search terms, or click the magnifying glass icon (or press the "Enter" key on your keyboard) to search for exactly what you typed in.

  3. Your search results will appear on the next page.  At the bottom of the page, click on a number to go to a specific page of results (the one with a grey tint is your current page).  You can also click Previous to go to the previous page of results, or Next to go to the next page of results.

  4. If you want to sort or narrow your results, click Filters in the top-left corner.  This will display several categories of filters that you can use to modify your search results.

    UPLOAD DATE: You can choose to only see videos uploaded within the Last Hour, Today, This Week, This Month, or This Year.

    TYPE: You can choose only to see results that are Videos, Channels (user profiles), Playlists (user-generated collections of videos), Movies, or Shows (a sequence of episodes from a series program).  Note that movies and shows are uploaded by YouTube's corporate partners and may cost money to access.  See our How Does YouTube Make Money article for more details.

    DURATION: You can choose to only see videos that are Short (Under 4 Minutes) or Long (Over 20 Minutes).

    FEATURES: You can choose to only see videos that have 4K or HD resolution (they look clearer), have Subtitles/Closed Captioning options, have a Creative Commons license (no copyrighted material), are in 3D, are being recorded Live, or are shot with a 360-degree panoramic camera (which you can control somewhat!).

    SORT BY: You can choose to sort your results by Relevance (how closely they match your search terms), Upload Date (how recently they were posted on YouTube), View Count (how many times people have watched them), or Rating (number of likes versus number of dislikes).

  5. You can do different things with different types of results.  For example, clicking on a video will take you to its page so that you can play it, and clicking on a channel will take you to the user's profile page. 

    You can also click the three dots (More Options) beside a video to add it to a playlist (see our how to create a YouTube playlist tutorial), or click Subscribe beside a channel to get the latest updates on that user's videos.

That's how to search on YouTube!  We hope you find what you're looking for!

How to Comment On and Like YouTube Videos

Has a video on YouTube got you thinking?  Want to let people know how you feel about it?  You can leave a comment on a video, or like or dislike it.  In addition, if someone else has commented on a video, you can reply to their comment, or like or dislike their comment.  Other YouTube users can also do the same thing for you.

Note that you must be logged into YouTube to leave a comment or like/dislike, either on a video itself or on another person's comment.  Also note that some videos will not allow you to post comments or ratings, as per the preferences of the people who uploaded them.

How to comment on a YouTube video

  1. Go to in your web browser and log in.

  2. Find a video that you wish to watch, either by browsing or by searching for it.  (See our How to Watch Videos on YouTube and How to Search on YouTube tutorials, respectively.)

  3. Scroll down to the comments section, where you'll see a box labelled "Share Your Thoughts".  Click inside it.

  4. From here, simply type in what you want to say about the video.  You can also click the check box below the text box to share this comment on your Google Plus page (if you have one).

    Click Public to decide who can see this comment.  Instead of having it viewable by anyone, you can have it viewable by your connections on Google Plus, people who are subscribed to your YouTube channel (see our How to Make a YouTube Channel tutorial), or specific people whose names or email addresses you type in.  Click the "X" beside an item in the list to remove it.

    Click Post when you're ready to submit your comment, or click the "X" in the top-right corner of the text box if you think better of it and want to cancel your comment.

  5. To respond to someone else's comment on the video, find their comment and click Reply below it.  A text box will appear that will allow you to type in your own comment.  Then click the Reply button below that, or click Cancel if you change your mind.

  6. Finally, if you believe that someone's comment is purposely offensive towards others or completely irrelevant to the current video or discussion, move your mouse cursor over it until a small arrow appears on the right.  Click this arrow, and then click Report Spam or Abuse.

How to like a YouTube video

  1. Below and to the right of the video player, you will see the total number of times that this video has been watched.  Below that is the number of times the video has been liked or disliked, with the coloured bar above providing a proportional visual depiction (i.e. blue = like, grey = dislike).

    If you enjoyed watching the video, click the "thumbs up" icon on the left to "like" the video.  If you didn't, click the "thumbs down" icon on the right to "dislike" the video.

  2.  You can also like or dislike individual comments, too.  Simply click the "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" icons below a comment to like or dislike it, respectively. 

    The number next to these icons is how favourable this comment is, measured by how many times it has been liked versus how many times it has been disliked (so, in this example, this comment has received 20 more "likes" than it has "dislikes").

That's a brief overview of how commenting and "likes/dislikes" work on YouTube!

How to Watch YouTube Videos

Watching videos on YouTube is easy as can be, and you don’t even need to create an account to do it!  This tutorial will give you a basic overview of how to select a video on YouTube to watch, and how to control the YouTube video player.

How to watch a video on YouTube

  1. Go to in your web browser.

  2. Click on the title of a video that you wish to play, or click the video itself.  If you can’t find one that you want to watch right away, consider searching for one.

  3. Now we’ll look at some of the YouTube player’s main functions. Most of them can be accessed from the control bar at the bottom of the video player.

    YouTube video player with controls

    From left to right, you can:

    – play or pause the video
    – skip to the next video in your queue (see step 5 below)
    – adjust or mute/unmute the volume
    – enable or disable closed captions (if available)
    – change advanced settings, such as caption/subtitle language or video quality
    – enter or exit theater (widescreen) mode
    – enter or exit full screen mode

    You can also click a point on the progress bar above the control bar to skip to a particular point in the video.

  4. If you want to watch a different video that’s related to the one you’re currently watching, click on its picture or name in the menu to the right of the current video.

  5. One last thing we’ll mention is a feature called “Autoplay,” which will automatically play a video that is similar to the one you are currently watching when it finishes.  Said video will appear at the top of the right-hand menu, under “Up Next”.

    Click the switch here to turn Autoplay off or on.  You can also enable or disable Autoplay with the Settings button on the YouTube player (see step 2 above).

Those are the basics of watching a video on YouTube!  See?  We told you it was simple!

How to Make a YouTube Account

Now that you know a little bit about what YouTube is and how it works, it’s time to get your own account on the website.

YouTube is currently part of a collection of websites owned by Internet giant Google.  So, if you have an account for another Google-owned service, such as Gmail, Google Maps, or Google Plus, then you basically already have a YouTube account!  Just sign in using the credentials that you already have!

If you’ve never signed up for YouTube or another Google-owned service, that’s okay.  This tutorial will give you a primer on how to create a YouTube account from scratch.

How to create a YouTube account

  1. Go to in your web browser and click Sign In in the top-right corner.

  2. Click Create Account at the bottom of the screen.

  3. The sign up box is a little large, so will break it into two parts. 

    In the first part, click in each of the boxes highlighted here and select or type in (from left to right, top to bottom):

    – Your first and last names
    – Your email address
    – A password that you would like to use for your Google account
    – A copy of the password that you just typed in
    – The month, day, and year of your birth
    – Your gender
    – Your mobile phone number (click the flag to change your country code)

    (NOTE: you can click I Would Like a New Gmail Address if you want Google to set up a free Gmail account for you with a Gmail address, in addition to setting up the rest of your account.)

  4. In the second part, under “Prove you’re Not a Robot”, type the numbers that you see in the picture into the box labelled “Type the Text”.  Then, click the drop-down menu under “Location” and select what country you live in.  Then, click the check box highlighted here to say that you agree to Google’s rules for using your account.  Finally, click Next.

  5. The next screen will show you what your profile picture will look like, and ask you if you want to set up your account profile in detail.  If you want to skip this and just go right to YouTube, click No Thanks.

  6. The new screen will confirm your account creation.  Just click Continue to YouTube to proceed.  (We know it says Gmail here, but it will say YouTube for you.)

You will be taken back to the main screen on YouTube.  Congratulations on setting up your YouTube account!