Top 5 Udemy Alternatives for Online Learning

If Udemy just isn’t for you, then there are several other online learning portals that you can try.  Some of them are well-established, while others are just making a name for themselves (like us at!).  Here are five of the most notable alternatives to Udemy:

1. Coursera

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We mentioned Coursera as an alternative to Udemy in a few of our lessons.  Coursera has far fewer courses than Udemy does, but they are all syndicated from top educational institutions worldwide and taught by official university professors.  For most courses, you can choose to take them for free, or pay to take them and receive a certificate of achievement.  Some of these certificates can even count as credits in academic programs or technical training courses!

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( is another educational website that, like Udemy, you have to pay for to use.  Its courses focus mainly on employability skills for today’s digital workplaces, such as computer programming, audio engineering, graphic design, videography, office software proficiency, and meeting/presentation management.  It’s mainly video-based like Udemy, and has a few neat features like the ability to search video transcripts for something specific that you want to learn about, or add specific videos to your own custom playlists.  It also has a program that makes it available for a reduced cost through libraries or other educational institutions.

Our course has the lowdown on this Udemy alternative!

3. Udacity

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Udacity is a rather small Udemy alternative, only offering about 100 free courses or so (with 9 paid-for “Nanodegree” course packages that can count as technical training program credits).  What stands out about Udacity, though, is that its courses are built in partnership leading technology companies such as Google, Facebook, and Salesforce.  You can start with beginning courses that require little knowledge about technology, and then move on to more complex technical applications as you gain confidence.

4 .Khan Academy

Udemy alternative - Khan Academy logo


This Udemy alternative is the brainchild of Salman Kahn.  Like, it offers miniature lectures (through YouTube) that you can engage with by generating and completing practice assignments.  Khan Academy will track your progress and adjust the difficulty of the exercises that you get based on your skill level.  Available in over 20 languages, Khan Academy is free to use for both students and teachers alike.

5. Skillshare

Udemy alternative - Skillshare logo


If you like to learn things by doing them, then try out this Udemy competitor.  Skillshare features courses in creative fields such as marketing, design, photography, music production, and fine art.  What’s more, these courses are taught by professionals in their fields who make a living from the subject matter that they teach.  Notable Skillshare instructors have included real estate entrepreneur Barbara Corcoran, fashion designer Marc Ecko, and social media consultant Gary Vaynerchuk.  You can get some courses for free, but the rest can only be accessed with a monthly or annual subscription.


Have you learned with any of these websites like Udemy before?  Did you have a gold-star experience, or did you feel like dropping out?  Are there other massively-open online course portals that you’ve received a good education from, and would like to recommend to us and our followers?  Leave a note in our comments section or our social media feeds; we’d love to hear from you!

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