How to Unsubscribe from Unwanted Emails and Newsletters in Gmail

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Getting tons of junk newsletter emails can get annoying really quickly. Whether it’s a newsletter from a store you’ve shopped at, or updates from websites you use, mailing list emails can make your inbox fairly crowded.

If you’d like to stop newsletters or mailing list emails from cluttering your Gmail inbox, we’re here to help you. We’ll be showing how to unsubscribe from a newsletter in Gmail. We have four different methods you can use to stop promotional emails or mailing lists from appearing in your inbox, including:

The first method is the easiest, but only works if the sender of the email wants to make it easy for people to unsubscribe. Let’s talk about exactly how that works.

Method 1: The Easy Way

1. Launch your favorite browser and go to

Using whichever web browser you like to use, navigate to the Gmail website. in web browser

2. Then, sign in to your email account.

Now, enter your Gmail email address and password to log in to your account.

Gmail sign in screen

3. In your inbox, open an email from a newsletter you want to unsubscribe from.

Once you’ve signed in to your Gmail account, scroll down through your inbox and find an email sent to you from a mailing list. Click on it to open the email.

Newsletter in Gmail Inbox

4. Beside the address the email was sent from, click Unsubscribe.

At the top of the email, you’ll see the email address that you received the email from. Beside the email address, you may see a button that says “Unsubscribe.” If you see this on your screen, click Unsubscribe. If you don’t see this button appear, check out the other methods we’ve recommended below.

Unsubscribe button in email

5. Then, click Unsubscribe in the window that appears to confirm it.

After clicking the Unsubscribe button, you’ll need to confirm that you want to go through with it. You’ll see a small window pop up on your screen. Click the Unsubscribe icon in the small window to finalize your request.

Confirm unsubscribe

That’s all you need to do to unsubscribe from an emailing list in Gmail if the sender has indicated an address for unsubscribing. However, there is another really easy way to unsubscribe that some email newsletters include as an option. We’ll go through this method next.

Method 2: Find an unsubscribe link within the email

If you don’t see an unsubscribe button beside the email address you’re receiving a newsletter from, you may still be able to find a link to unsubscribe in the body of the email. These kinds of links are generally found at the very top or bottom of emails.

Unsubscribe link within email

Once you click on the link, you may be taken to a URL where you can enter your email address to remove yourself from the mailing list, or give a reason why you don’t want to receive the emails anymore.

List of reasons for unsubscribing from newsletter

If you’re unable to find an unsubscribe button beside the sender’s address or within the email itself, there is still another way to remove yourself from an email mailing list.

Method 3: Contact the sender

To unsubscribe from a mailing list without a link, you can try getting in touch with the company or website that’s sending the newsletter to you. To get in touch with them, you can try replying to the email you received saying something like “Please unsubscribe me from this newsletter.”

If you received the email from a “no reply” address, you can look online for information on how to contact the sender. Open in your Internet browser and search for the name of the company whose mailing list you’re subscribed to.

Google Search for contact information

When you find the company’s website in the Google search results, open their site and look for a link to a contact page.

Contact Us link on a website

Once you’ve found the company’s contact information, send them an email or call their phone number to speak with one of their representatives about being removed from their mailing list. While this may sound like a pain to do, if you don’t have any other options for ways to unsubscribe from the mailing list you’re getting emails from, this is a good way to take care of it.

Sample email

If you still have trouble after speaking to a representative from the company, you can block the sender so you don’t receive their emails anymore.

Method 4: Block the sender

After reaching out to the company and exhausting all other methods, the last way you can stop newsletters from showing up in your Gmail inbox is to block the email address they’re being sent from.

To do so, sign in to your Gmail account and open an email from the sender you’d like to block. In the email window, you’ll see the reply button and a smaller downwards arrow in the top right corner. Click the downwards arrow button.

Down arrow on email message

Then, click Block [name of sender].

Block sender in Gmail

Even if you are not able to remove yourself from a mailing list or unsubscribe from the newsletter you’re receiving, blocking the sender will effectively stop you from receiving the emails you don’t want anymore. Be sure to block the sender and not report the emails as spam or phishing unless the emails you’re receiving were actually spam emails and not just a newsletter you signed up for and later decided you didn’t want anymore.

That’s all you need to do to remove yourself from a mailing list through your Gmail account. Regardless of who is sending you unwanted newsletter emails, you’ll be able to remove them from your Gmail account with one of these four simple methods. If you’d like to learn more about how Gmail works, check out our free Gmail course.

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