Best Websites like BuzzFeed

Buzzfeed isn’t the only website that wants to cash in on the social media and entertainment-based trend. Take a look at five alternatives to Buzzfeed and what they offer.

1. Gawker

Gawker ( is a news-based site that focuses mainly on celebrities and media-based news – typically revolving around the Manhattan area. Founded in 2003 in New York City by Nick Denton, Gawker is a great sources for media and entertainment gossip, as its name implies.

Why it’s Similar: News articles and videos focus on the entertainment and news industries.

Why it’s Different: Not as interactive, and no humorous intention in its videos or articles.

UPDATE: As of August 22nd, 2016, Gawker has shut down.

2. College Humor

Want to know what 20-somethings find interesting and funny? Take a look at College Humor ( College Humor is a comedic website that creates original videos and articles, and also has user-submitted content. The site consists mainly of pictures and videos, but there are some articles.

Why it’s similar: Intentionally funny with some interactive components (such as “choose your own adventure” games).

Why it’s different: Not very “word-heavy” and hard to find articles that aren’t accompanied by comics.

3. Cracked

Cracked ( is another humor website that consists of articles, online journals, and videos on topics ranging from video games and television to science and history. was founded in 2005, but was first a magazine that began in 1958. Cracked also has forums that allow users to discuss its articles with each other.  They also have weekly contests.

Why it’s Similar: A comedy-based website that consists of articles and videos. A lot of articles are also based on lists.

Why it’s Different: Not interactive in the same way – there are no quizzes or games available to users.

4. Funny or Die

Funnyor Die ( is another humor-based website that consists of original videos from comedians, whether they’re established pros or up-and-coming jokesters. The website was founded by actor/comedian Will Ferrell and producer/comedian Adam McKay under McKay’s production company, Gary Sanchez Productions.

Why it’s Similar: Comedy-based website with a lot of humorous videos.

Why it’s Different: The site’s main focus is comedy and it is delivered mainly in video format, with little emphasis on pictures or articles.

For more on Funny or Die, take a look at our Funny or Die tutorials here on Techboomers.

5. Reddit

Known as “the front page of the Internet,” Reddit ( has every topic imaginable. From animals to history to technology to things that are only mildly interesting, Reddit is composed purely of user-submitted content. Nearly all of the submitted content starts an anonymous conversation in the comment section.

Why it’s Similar: Users interact – albeit in a different way – with each other.  The content is a variety of videos, pictures and text-based posts.

Why it’s Different: Reddit is known for being anonymous – no email address is necessary to make an account, and Reddit will never ask you to connect to social media to participate.

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