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As we mentioned in our What is StumbleUpon article, StumbleUpon is one of a number of what are known as “social bookmarking” websites, which allow people to save, share, and review or comment on things that they find all over the Internet.  Here are some other popular social bookmarking websites and alternatives to StumbleUpon.



As one of the hottest social bookmarking websites on the Internet, Pinterest is all about the pictures.  Every bookmark put on Pinterest has to have a picture, video, or short animation to go along with it.  Though it has much more powerful search features than StumbleUpon, some of its functions are similar. You can search for or explore content based on your interests, and sort what you find into custom lists called “boards”. 

You can also “favourite”, comment on, or share content that you (or other people) find and put on Pinterest.  One of the unique features Pinterest has that StumbleUpon does not is that it allows you to create bookmarks using pictures, videos, or animations right on your computer (though you can also create bookmarks out of other things you find on the Internet, too)!

Oh, and if this all sounds interesting to you, then we can teach you how to use Pinterest!  Head over to our Pinterest tutorials on Techboomers and start learning!



Delicious is another well-known social bookmarking website.  It allows people to save and share links to content that they find on the Internet.  Like in StumbleUpon, you can comment on different websites that you find, and also add “tags” to them, which are user-made keywords that let you organize your collection of bookmarks.  (These “tags” are the primary way that you’ll find related content on Delicious, as opposed to formal categories.) 

You and other Delicious users can also search for new bookmarks based on the “tags” associated with them or who posts them, and follow people who bookmark content that they’re interested in.  You can also choose whether your bookmarks can be seen by anyone other than you.  Delicious makes it simple, without a lot of fuss.



Pearltrees is a rather unique social bookmarking website.  Somewhat like Pinterest, it allows you to add pretty much anything that you want to your account of bookmarks, whether it’s found somewhere out on the Internet, or just on your computer at home.  This includes pictures, videos, songs, office documents, notes, and other websites.  Its interface is also very professional-looking and super easy-to-use; it functions very much like common windows-based desktop explorers, allowing you to drag-and-drop content into custom-made categories, or categories into other sub-categories. 

You can explore other categories that share bookmarks that are the same as or similar to ones that you have in your own categories, and follow the activities of the people who created those other categories.  You can even team up with them and work on a shared category together!  The main drawback of Pearltrees is that everything that you put on it is visible to anyone, unless you have a paid account.  So don’t put anything on it that you consider too private for anyone else to see.



A social bookmarking website that calls itself “The Front Page of the Internet”, Reddit is a website where the content is almost completely supplied by the website’s users.  The content is usually in the form of a link to a website or other piece of content on the Internet, or a text diary entry.  Like many other social media websites, Reddit allows users to comment on anything that anyone else posts, as well as “like” or “dislike” any piece of content or any comment that someone makes.  Content on Reddit is organized into categories called “sub-reddits”, with popular ones including “Today I Learned” (where people share an interesting fact that they learned that day) or “Ask Me Anything” (where a celebrity guest answers questions posed to them by users). 

We must warn you that Reddit has a bit of a reputation as an “anything goes” website, so some of the content on it is of questionable taste.  However, the people who run Reddit (and several of Reddit’s users) are staunch civil rights supporters, and several philanthropic efforts have been organized over the website, so it’s not all bad.



Despite being run primarily by only one person — founder Maciej Ceglowski — Pinboard continues to hold its own in the social bookmarking arena.  This is mainly due to the fact that many users of Delicious who were dissatisfied with the website’s redesign in late 2011 started using Pinboard instead.  Like Delicious, Pinboard allows you to store and organize content that you find on the Internet by using keywords called “tags”, and allows you to find and follow the activity of other people who have made their bookmarks public.  However, Pinboard prides itself on its functionality and speed, without the need to be overly flashy, so it includes other features like being able to copy bookmarks and content from other websites (such as Delicious and Twitter), and to save a list of your bookmarks as a spreadsheet. 

It’s also great for people who value their privacy, since the website has no advertisements or tracking features of any kind.  The downside is that you have to pay for Pinboard to use it, although at $11 per year (plus an additional $25 per year for additional features like automatically saving a copy of all of your bookmarks and throwing out ones that don’t work anymore), it’s not that expensive.


Have you used any of these other social bookmarking websites that are similar to StumbleUpon?  Did you like them or dislike them?  Do you think our users could benefit from knowing how to use them?  Are there any social bookmarking services that we haven’t listed here that you think would be useful to our users?  Drop us a line in the comments section below!

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