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Now that you know how to follow people on Instagram, you may ask: “who should I be following?”  Well, that depends on what you’re interested in. Can’t get enough of celebrities? Or maybe you’re a sports fan? Is there a certain brand or organization that you like? Or maybe you just appreciate photographs and not necessarily who is in them or who takes them? Whatever your tastes, Instagram can help you find more people that you may want to follow.

How to find the best people to follow on Instagram

1. Launch the app and log in to your account.

Launch the iOS or Android app on your mobile device and log in. Then, tap the Explore icon at the bottom of the screen.

Instagram Explore icon

2. Look at Instagram’s suggestions for accounts to follow. Follow any of the users who you find interesting.

Instagram will come up with a collection of interesting photos that you may like. Some are picked based on their similarity to photos from people whom you already follow, while others are photos that are popular within the entire Instagram community.

Instagram Followers suggestions

Simply tap a photo to enter a scroll mode where you can see who posted each photo, and what has been said about each photo. While here, you can tap Follow beside the name of a photo’s poster in order to start following that person.

While you’re at the top of the screen, you can also tap in the section labelled “Search” and look for something specific on Instagram. You can also tap Discover People if you just want to look for certain people whom you may want to follow.

3. Check out their “Discover” feature to find other interesting people to follow.

If you tap Discover People, you will be taken to a list of interesting people on Instagram whom you may want to follow. Some of them will be popular as a whole, while others will be selected based on their similarity to people whom you already follow. 

(For example, since I follow Marvel Comics, Instagram is suggesting that I follow people such as Hugh Jackman and Robert Downey Jr., who both star in movies based on comic books).

Instagram suggestions of users to follow

Tap a person’s name to go to their profile page, or tap one of their pictures for more details (such as a caption and comments). If you’d like to follow the person, tap Follow. Or, if you want to go back to exploring photos instead of people, tap the arrow icon in the top-left corner.

4. Search for and follow celebrities and popular users.

Tap in the Search Bar and type in the name of one of your favorite celebrities. There are tons of celebrities, politicians, athletes, etc. that have accounts.

Instagram search bar

Check out our Instagram search tutorial to learn more about how to find specific people to follow on Instagram.

To give you some ideas of people to follow, let’s go over a list of some of the most popular users.

Popular Instagram Users

Instagram is so easy to use that many celebrities and other public figures have accounts.  Some of the more famous ones include:

  • TV talk show host Ellen DeGeneres
  • soccer player Lionel Messi
  • Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg
  • “Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon
  • model Kendall Jenner
  • singer Beyoncé Knowles
  • fashion designer Vera Wang
  • comedian Kevin Hart
  • actor and former wrestler Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

You can find a list of these and other notable Instagram users here.

If you’re just interested in who are the most popular people on Instagram, statistics website SocialBlade has a list of the 100 people and organizations on Instagram with the most followers.


That about wraps up what you need to know in terms of how to find whoever you want to follow! Was your favorite celebrity on the list? Let us know about some of your favorite Instagram users in the comment section.

Our next tutorial will teach you how to delete followers on Instagram. Be sure to check out the rest of our course to learn more, including how to add photos to your Instagram!

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