How to Make the Most of World Productivity Day

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Do you struggle with staying on track and getting things done in a timely manner, but want to improve? Or do you enjoy crossing things off your to-do list and completing tasks as quickly and efficiently as possible, and find joy in being productive? In 2017, American workers estimated that their productivity was 11% higher than the average person – are you one of these people? Do you constantly feel like you struggle with really getting things done?

In any case, World Productivity Day might be a holiday that interests you. In this article, we’ll be explaining a bit about what World Productivity is, and some ways you can celebrate it, including:

Since World Productivity Day isn’t one of the most talked-about or major holidays out there, you may never have even heard of it before. To help you get familiarized with it, let’s start with some basic information about what it is and why it exists.


What is World Productivity Day?

World Productivity Day 2018 falls on Wednesday, June 20th. It’s a celebratory day encouraging people everywhere to boost their productivity. It’s also an opportunity for productivity-related companies to promote their products and services, and show people how they can help them be more productive.

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What is the purpose of World Productivity Day?

The purpose of World Productivity day is to remind people how being productive is important to leading the best possible life. Being more productive, getting more done in a day, and making the most of your time allows you to have more time for the fun stuff, and who wouldn’t love more of that?

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Now you know what it’s all about, you need to learn about how you can mark the day and start bringing some goal-setting and resolving practices into your life.


5 ways to celebrate World Productivity Day

1. Set new goals for yourself to work on.

Whether you’re focusing on improving the productivity of your business life, personal life, or both, setting goals that relate to the things you want to improve can help give you something to work towards and keep you motivated. Setting realistic goals for yourself can help you stick with your productivity improvement plan.

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2. Download an app to help boost your productivity.

If you need some help improving your level of productivity, you can try downloading an app that will help you out! In the next section, we’ll talk about a few of our favorites, but you can always search your device’s app store for other options as well.

3. Get yourself and your space organized.

Getting and staying organized is an important part of being productive. If you aren’t organized, getting things done can take longer than it normally would. Whether you need to organize your home, your desk, or your to-do list, try to get it all in order. This helpful guide can help you organize your home room by room.

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4. Test out your newly learned productivity tips!

Of course, a great way to celebrate World Productivity Day is to be as productive as possible! If you’re all organized and have a productivity app installed to help you on your way, you’re ready to get cracking.

5. Join in on the social conversation with #WorldProductivityDay.

Whatever way you choose to celebrate this day, you can share your productivity activities of choice on your social media accounts, like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Add the hashtag #WorldProductivityDay to your posts to associate them with that topic. Check out other posts with the same hashtag if you’re curious to see how other people are celebrating!

Need some help picking out a productivity app that can help you get going? We’ve rounded up our top five favorites, and next, we’re going to tell you a bit about each one, how much it costs, and why we like it!


Best 5 sites and apps to boost your productivity


1. Evernote

Screenshot of a checklist in Evernote

Evernote is an app that allows you to keep all of your lists, notes, and reminders in one place. You can use it to take notes, make checklists, and keep track of all the things you need to do. It’s an all-in-one organization tool! Download it on all of your devices to keep yourself organized wherever you go, and use the collaborative features if you need to get your work done with other people.

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2. Wunderlist

Sorting tasks in Wunderlist

Wunderlist is another organizational tool, similar to Evernote. Use it to create checklists and organize them into different categories, and add notes/comments with related information about the items in your list. You can also set a due date for each task, and add reminder notifications to keep yourself on track. You can even upload any files related to a task, like photos and other documents

Wunderlist button


3. Trello

Tasks organized by cards and boards in Trello

Trello is a task management tool that you can use to keep track of things you need to get done, make checklists, and collaborate with your colleagues. You can create cards for different tasks, and add a checklist of subtasks for each task to help you remember what needs to be done. If you want to use Trello for work purposes, you can share access to your Trello boards with your colleagues.

Trello button



Adding tasks to an list is another productivity app you can use to organize tasks, lists, and reminders. It has a calendar feature to help you plan your schedule. also has an assistant that can help you with groceries, making reservations, doing laundry, and more – working with you throughout the day to make sure you get everything done. button


5. Remember The Milk

Adding a reminder tag to a task in Remember The Milk

Remember The Milk is a “to-do” app that you can use to help you remember all the things you need to do. Rather than trying to keep track of everything in your head, put them into the app so you don’t forget anything. It sends reminders when you’re in a certain location, like the grocery store. You can also share your to-do lists with others, to have them help you get everything done quicker. With the “Smart Add” feature, Remember The Milk can even predict what you might be adding to your to-do list!

RememberTheMilk button


Productivity apps comparison table: cost, best feature, and available platforms


AppBest FeatureAvailable PlatformsCost
square Evernote logoCreate and organize notes and checklists combined with file storage and collaborative features with others

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Web | Desktop | iOS | AndroidBasic: Free – (60MB/month + 2 devices)
Plus: $46.99/year – (1GB/month + unlimited devices)
Premium: $89.99/year – (10GB/month + unlimited devices)
square Wunderlist logoUpload related files for your tasks, which is great if you need files and images for your work
Read more
Web | Mac | PC | iOS | AndroidFree: – Free (25 tasks/list, 25 sub-tasks/task, 5MB/file size limit)
Pro: - $49.99/year (no limits)
Trello logoMultiple boards and columns to organize your tasks in a visually-appealing way

Read more
Web | Mac | PC | iOS | AndroidFree: – Free! (10MB file size limit)
Business Class: $9.99/month (250MB file size limit, more privacy options, personalization, custom backgrounds, customer support)
Enterprise: $20.83/month (business class features + 2-step authentication security, priority service, legal contract reviews) logoThe assistant helps you throughout the day, keeping you on track

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Web | Mac | iOS | Android | ChromeFree: Basic service
Premium: $2.99/month (unlimited devices, location-based reminders, unlimited attachments, customizable themes, and more)
Logo for Remember The Milk appLocation-based reminders that notify you when you enter a place you need to complete something

Read more
Web | iOS | AndroidBasic: Free (multiple devices, reminders on email, text, and instant message, share lists with up to 2 people)
Pro: $39.99/year (unlimited sharing, subtasks, advanced organization/categorization, work offline, and more)


That’s all we have on World Productivity Day. If you’re looking for more tips on ways to improve your life, check out our post on the best sites and apps to organize your life!

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